WordPress Plugins

Beginners that are new in using WordPress plugins often get confused in trying to make use of the plugins that are available. That is why we provide you the top WordPress plugins list that you can have for your blog.

WordPress Plugins Available

Old Post Promoter (OPP) Plugin by Blog Traffic Exchange

OPP gives new life to your dead old WordPress Blog Posts, by re-posting the posts automatically. It makes your evergreen blog posts, valuable again.

Blog Copyright (BC) Plugin by Blog Traffic Exchange

This WordPress Plugin creates Copyright Notice in footer of your WordPress Blog. The plugin has so many options and will renew your notice automatically.

The w3 Total Cache

This WordPress plugins is design in order to increase the load speed of the page for each WordPress website that can improve the overall experience of your visitors. It also helps in increasing the performance of the server by reducing the times of downloads. Moreover, w3 helps in the improvement of the performance of the web server during the periods of high traffic that is very crucial for the larger websites.

The Jetpack

Jetpack provides a number of powerful features for the WordPress website that you have. It enhances the security, improves the performance of the site, and provides a lot of content tools and engage visitors to all the features of this plugin. In addition, this feature also includes social sharing, comments that are spam free, post by emails, related posts and a lot more. Jetpack also provides an option of mobile theme that is responsive and lightweight that is especially design for tablets and phones.

The Akismet

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that helps you in filtering any kind of comments on your WordPress blog that seems to be a spam. This plugin automatically check on the comments that are against the web service of Akismet. All the comments that you have will get a history in order for you to show the comments that are flagged and cleared by Akismet. Moreover, the comments that are marked spam by Akismet and unmarked by the moderator will be highlighted in the comment history.

The Google Analytics +

The Google Analytics + WordPress plugin allows each users to easily view and track their search stats for those individual websites as well as for the collection of the site even without leaving WordPress. This plugin will bring the data in your dashboard. The dashboard will allow you to have an easy navigation when you are viewing a single and a multiple site.

Google XML Sitemaps

This is a must have WordPress plugins for WordPress users because it will automatically generate the XML sitemaps for their website. By having an XML sitemap, it will help the bloggers in searching engins that are a good index for their blogs.

The iThemes Security or the WP Security

iThemes security is helping in fixing the common holes in the WordPress website from the automated potential attacks. There are a lot of WordPress administrators that generally don’t have the idea that they have this vulnerabilities and holes and iThemes Security will be able to help them. Because of the fact that there are several unknown vulnerabilities that come from the installed plugins, the WordPress sites that bloggers have are at risks of attacks and iTheme Seurity is working on it in order to identify and protects the holes in the site.