WordPress Backup

WordPress Backup is an essential plugin for all WordPress blog administrators by the Blog Traffic Exchange. It performs regular backups of your upload (images) current theme, and plugin directories. Backup files are available for download and optionally emailed to a specified email. Don’t get caught without a recent backup of your theme or images or plugins.

If you get a blank screen please make sure…

  1. You are using the latest version: Plugin Zip.
  2. You are using php5 (php4 has reached end of life and is no longer supported).
  3. Modify the permissions of the bte-wb backup folder to be 755 (switch the permissions from 777 to 755 or visa versa)

You can adjust the interval between backups and the email address to which the backups are sent.

Please note that as the size of the zip files increase, it may not be possible to email the files due to limitations of email servers.

It is also essential to backup your wordpress database. There are many excellent options for wordpress database backup… Blog Traffic Exchange recommends: WP DBManager


  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload Folder to WordPress Plugins Folder
  4. Activate Plugin — If you get a blank screen please see instructions above.
  5. Adjust Options if needed.
  6. Add an htaccess file to you backup folder (bte-wb folder). Here is what I have in mine. This is simply a filename “.htaccess” with the following contents (hat tip to Wendy).

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .*bte-wb/.*
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !^.*wordpress_logged_in.*$ [NC]
    RewriteRule . - [R=403,L]
    Options All -Indexes


  • If you get a blank screen please modify the permissions of the bte-wb backup folder to be 755 (switch the permissions from 777 to 755 or visa versa)
  • Upgrade to 1.8.0
  • If you have trouble using the automatic plugin upgrade feature, please deactivate plugin prior to upgrading.
  • If plugin causes memory error please make sure php.ini set memory to 64M in wp-admin folder.
  • If plugin options page to make sure directory locations and permissions are set correctly.
  • If you have any other problems please email me at kevin @ blogtrafficexchange dot com.

The zip process is memory intensive and will fail if there is not enough memory allocated to php. Make sure you have enough memory allocated add this line to your php.ini files in the blog root and the wp-admin folders.

memory_limit = 64M

I have it installed and tested on Bluehost.com, DreamHost.com, Midphase.com, Hostgator.com, 1&1, and GoDaddy.com across 30+ sites… The only problems I ran into were not enough php memory to email the file via the chunk_split(base64_encode(file_get_contents(....

If you run into errors with 1.8.0 or higher please email me at kevin @ blogtrafficexchange.com with as many details as you can.

If your screen goes blank or you notice other irregularities after activation delete the plugin folder via ftp. This will remove the plugin.


  • Interval — The interval between backups.
  • Email — The email address to which the backups are sent.
  • Delete File — Remove File after email sent.
  • Backup Directory — The directory to store the backups. Must exist and be writable.
  • Backup URL — The url to the directory where the backups are stored.
  • Uploads Directory — Path to uploads directory.
  • Plugin Directory — Path to plugin directory.
  • Theme Directory — Path to theme directory.



Recovering from Disaster

So the worst has happened, but since you use this plugin you have a backup of your database, plugins, themes, and images folder. Now what? How do you get your blog back?

  1. Make sure you are comfortable with your current host. Since you are going to go through the effort to restore your site, if you were contemplating a move to a different hosting provider now is the time to act.
  2. Download the latest copy of wordpress.
  3. Copy the worpdress files into the desired folder location on your host. (I use the domain root, but subfolders are sometime appropriate depending on your desired setup.)
  4. Copy the theme, plugin, and images backup files into the correct locations. Respectively, the defaults are wordpress_root/wp-content/themes, wordpress_root/wp-content/plugins, and wordpress_root/wp-content/uploads
  5. Restore your database to a new database using your hosts appropriate tools. I usually use cpanel and phpmyadmin, but sometimes the database is too big and I need to use bigdump. Take note of the database location, database name, database user, and database password.
  6. Edit the file wordpress_root/wp-config.php and enter the values from the previous step.
  7. Is everything working? Do your victory dance.
  8. Donate
  9. Still having problems? I am available to help. If it is something easy or something I left out of the above instructions then I will help for free. Otherwise, assuming you have valid backups I can restore your site for $400 given the proper access.
Wordpress Backup Options

Wordpress Backup Options

Change Log

  • 12/31/10 – 1.8.0 – Fixed 2 WSOD issues. 1. Do not backup if a backup is in
    progress, which limits the WSOD to the thread creating the backup. 2. If not running in safe mode. Extend the timeout of the backup thread. This will allow for large directories to be backed up.Adding closing php brace and setting link.
  • 12/29/10 – 1.7.1 – Adding closing php brace and setting link.
  • 5/17/10 – 1.6.4 – Added option to delete the file from Server.
  • 7/12/09 – 1.5 – Tested and Confirmed on WordPress 2.8.1
  • 01/07/09 – 1.4.5 – Better Reinsituted automatic backup folder creation.
  • 01/07/09 – 1.4.4 – Better Handling of file and directory permissions.
  • 01/07/09 – 1.4.3 – Fixed location of pclzip lib in wordpress hierarchy.
  • 01/07/09 – 1.4.2 – Added bakup url option exposure. If plugin/upload/theme directory doesn’t it will not be backed up.
  • 01/07/09 – 1.4 – Added the various folder paths as options and check their existence and permissions via the options panel.
  • 01/06/09 – 1.3 – Using the worpdress pclzip class from wp-admins/includes. If it doesnt exist then using the packaged version. This fixes upgrade issues noticed from 1.1 to 1.2.
  • 01/06/09 – 1.2 – Added Plugins Dir. Fixed some memory issues. Release to wordpress plugin dir.
  • 01/05/09 – 1.1 – Release to public.

Originally posted 2009-02-05 20:30:06. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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#1 Lazy Man and Money on 01.05.09 at 10:55 am

This looks great. One idea with images that could be nice is the option to choose an incremental backup. I can see the image e-mail getting huge as you mentioned.

If each update gave me just the last month’s images it may be easier on the file size. If I had to restore, I’d have to go through a dozen e-mails for each year my blog has been up, but that’s not bad.

Another idea here might be a monthly “archive-all” and a daily “archive-current-month.” I’m getting picky here, though, it’s really great to have something like this available.

#2 Pinyo on 01.05.09 at 11:32 am

If you also back up the plug-ins folder, it would be a more complete back up.

#3 kevin on 01.05.09 at 3:05 pm


There is something to your comment. I need to stew a bit more. Personally I am already overwhelmed with email, but if you send it to a separate email account just for the purpose of archiving then it might work. Anyone else have an opinion?


Good idea. When wordpress.org let’s me into the plugin directory I will implement that feature.

#4 Tadd on 01.06.09 at 8:35 am

Awesome plug. I installed it on our corporate web site today as well as three other sites I run. I’m not going to get stuck!

#5 baron on 01.07.09 at 9:33 am

hi. Thanks for plugin



#6 jeff on 01.28.09 at 10:52 am

How would one go about restoring the images, themes, etc, that have been backed up?

#7 Louie Alvarez on 01.28.09 at 5:04 pm

How to activate a manual backup. I installed your plugin on the 25th, now 3 days later the original zip dates haven’t been updated, hence, no backup has automatically been performed. What can I do to initiate a manual backup for instances such as this?

#8 kevin on 01.29.09 at 8:54 pm


these are just zips of the directory… To restore a blog you would need the db and these folders.

Install a new blog.

Over write the db

Overwrite these folders


#9 kevin on 01.29.09 at 8:56 pm


are there any other red warnings on the options page?

What backup interval did you set?

And to answer your question… at the moment there is no manual button. I will be rectifying this oversight shortly with a new release.

#10 Free Ads portal on 02.04.09 at 10:09 am

thank for plugin

#11 neogrey on 02.10.09 at 5:39 am

Will definitely value the option to select what I want to backup, since I don’t exactly care about uploads folder…but thank you indeed.

#12 Yashni Marad on 02.13.09 at 9:51 am

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?

#13 Sunny on 02.15.09 at 2:25 pm

Thanks to you and all of the developers working with wordpress.org I’ve just started my site and you’ve made it possible to progress with such ease. Thank you!

#14 faryl on 03.05.09 at 12:15 pm

Looks interesting! I just had to do a reinstall from backup and used WordPress Database Backup. That one doesn’t include themes and images, however.

I’ll check this one out!

#15 bill ross on 03.05.09 at 3:00 pm

Excellent. This would have saved me alot of time when my sites had database issues due to my host. Thanks for the introduction.

#16 EMM on 03.06.09 at 11:40 am

Before I try this, I have one question: Will this send me a copy of my theme files AND theme settings? I had an issue with a recent update of WordPress where I lost all the customized settings for my current theme… I don’t want this to happen again. Yikes! :-)

#17 Landscaping NC on 03.09.09 at 5:09 am

Great post. We use this on our landscaping website that we built in wordpress. Thanks for the great tool.

#18 nitin on 03.09.09 at 11:37 pm


are there any security reasons I must concern. As the bte directory is writable, anyone can write anything into it.


#19 mclord on 03.19.09 at 11:14 am

Excellent plugin! I would also like to be able to backup folders of choice, for example the gallery folder that NextGEN Gallery stores images in.

#20 Chung Bey Luen on 03.26.09 at 5:56 am

This is what I want. Thanks for creating this plugin.

#21 RaiulBaztepo on 03.28.09 at 2:30 pm

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

#22 Brett on 03.29.09 at 12:15 pm

Nice work Kevin. I plan to use this for my sites.

#23 James Schend on 04.15.09 at 6:12 pm

Seems to fail on a Windows server– it looks like you’re auto-generating paths, and they have the wrong slash. No matter what I do to the configuration, I can’t get this:

Backup folder does NOT exist. Please create ‘bte-wb’ folder in ‘C:\HostingSpaces\blakeyra\blakeyrat.com\wwwroot/wp-content’ folder and CHMOD it to ’777′ or change the location of the backup folder under DB Option.

To use the correct slash for a Windows server. If it’s something I did wrong when typing in the paths, please let me know.

I understand that open source users don’t like Windows, but this is the first thing I’ve encountered in WordPress that hasn’t worked flawlessly on a Windows server, so it’s very disappointing.

#24 kevin on 04.15.09 at 7:03 pm

@james schend

sorry to disappoint. but the admin section of the plugin has all the paths which are being backed up…

Adjust those values as needed.

#25 James Schend on 04.16.09 at 5:49 pm


I’ve tried adjusting the paths, but the incorrect slash keeps coming back. I don’t know, maybe I’m being retarded or something, but I just can’t get it to work.

Oh well, thanks anyway.

#26 Chim Kan on 05.10.09 at 9:37 pm

Thanks for the plugin! It is working fine.

#27 Barb Snyderman on 05.20.09 at 9:01 am

Hi -

I just installed this on a client site. I filled in the email address field. I was emailed the plugins & themes zip files. The upload.zip file was not emailed. I had to download it from the WordPress Backup under settings in the admin. Is this correct? Was the file not sent because of its size approx 71mb?


#28 Phil on 06.06.09 at 12:31 pm

I can’t seem to get this to work on my site. Using WP2.7.1 – every time I install the files (done it manually and automatically through WP) and then activate the plugin I get a blank screen – also shuts down the site. If I delete the plugin everything goes back to normal (thanks for that pointer, by the way…). Do you have any ideas why that might be happening? I’d love to have your plugin working on my site – it is a great idea and a great service to the WP community. Thanks again. Phil.

#29 Chris on 06.12.09 at 7:42 am

Stupidly, I just deleted all my legit comments rather than the spam comments i wished to delete.

Is there any way i can get these comments back either using WordPress Backup or just via WordPress that you know of?

Regards, Chris

#30 BdF on 06.13.09 at 3:13 am

Good plugin. Suggestion: add date of backup to the file names (as in Chester Lan’s WP-Backup plugin), so files dont get overwritten, so u can go back to a specific backup. Cheers from London!

#31 John on 06.13.09 at 6:56 am

I’ve just had the same problem as Phil above… I think the plugin may need looking at (or, has some other conflict with something else)… Cheers, John.

#32 Neto on 06.21.09 at 9:07 am


I love your plugin and have used it for several months without problem with WP 2.7.1 – since upgrading to 2.8 the plugin has caused a problem with WP-SpamFree plugin.. if one is activated and I try to activate the other I get a server 500 error.. has anyone else reported this or do you know of any fix?

Thanks for any info or advice

#33 Neto on 06.22.09 at 9:49 am

The plugin worked great in WP 2.7.1, when I upgraded to 2.8 and activate the plugin I get server 500 error when I try to go to admin panel.. the blog (front end) still works.. but no admin access.. when I delete the plugin it’s OK… I think it has to do with overall memory used by 2.8 vs 2.7.1 – if I deactivate several other plugins.. wordpress backup works..

#34 Lazaro on 06.22.09 at 4:35 pm

You should add an option to also make the backup of the database automatically, eg: every 1 day … That sends to the email… They should also be optional to make backups of each directory, example, if someone does not want to make a backup of ”Plugins” but if you want to backup ”Uploads”… You should add these two new options for the next version.

It’s easy to say”should”jaja … no?

Any way… I wanted a plugin with the options I’m looking for, I tried this and no that’s not helped me, so I recommend that … I am not the only thing I wish that … :)

#35 bestofboth on 06.29.09 at 12:55 pm

Hi, I have a question regarding backup of the “uploads” directory – how does one associate the attachments with their original contents? Does one have to reinstall wordpress on a new computer (let’s assume the first one melted) in order to make any use of this data backup? Thanks

#36 Sunny on 07.30.09 at 3:00 am

I am newbie for wordpress can you guys tell me or mail me how do i change the options of this plugin. i have checked everywhere but cant find the options. i am using wordpress 2.8.2

please help

#37 Adrian on 08.04.09 at 12:31 pm

Thank you, works fine on Ubuntu server 9.04.

#38 Mark on 08.05.09 at 8:39 am

Silly question possibly but if this plugin backs up image, plugin and theme data what about other content like text for posts and pages?

#39 Predrag Supurović on 08.12.09 at 11:59 pm

Nice plugin, but it goes to memory error pretty fast.

You should consider option to make backup in smaller chungs, for instance, to backup separately each subdirectory of choosen source (uploads, themes, plugins…). That would make more backup files but they would be smaller so memory and email attachment limitations would be less problem.

Incremental backup would aslo help a lot to solve resources issues.

Backup of database is required(also in smaller chunks, each table separately if needed). Without it, files backup does not mean a lot.

#40 Jani on 08.16.09 at 10:52 pm

I agree, memory errors (PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 100663296 bytes exhausted) can be seen quite fast. It would be great to be able to send backups in smaller pieces. Otherwise this plugin is not so useful when your blog grows.

#41 dzengal on 08.18.09 at 6:13 pm

Having memory issues on ICD Soft hosting and WP 2.7.1 even after increasing memory to 64M.

#42 Catherine on 08.21.09 at 8:45 pm

Just thought I would mention….

I tried to get into my dashboard this evening only to be greeted by the BIG WHITE PAGE.

Found a great site


suggesting that I rename my plugins folder and try to log in to determine if it was a problem with a plugin and of course it worked.

As I started to activate my plugins one at a time, when I reached your plugin, I had the BIG WHITE PAGE again and I had to start again by renaming my Plugins folder.

I when ahead and upgraded this plugin, but I still kept getting the BIG WHITE PAGE.

I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but I would like to hear from you if you know how I can fix it and continue to use your plugin

Thanks Catherine

#43 Dennis Foreman on 08.28.09 at 7:27 pm

Do you suppose that BTE could write a word or two about RESTORING one of the backups?

Just an arrow or pointer or 10 seconds about how to actually recover from one of the events we’re backing up for?

I would find it useful and I suspect other swould as well.


#44 kevin on 08.31.09 at 5:23 pm


Good Idea I added a section to the main post.

#45 Steve on 09.03.09 at 11:26 am

This looks like a must have plug in.
One thing that would be cool- the ability to specify times between backups. Weekly is good, but for some sites, a monthly backup would be preferred, since it’s not updated that much, so it’d be less stress on the server doing something not really needed.

But thanks, this looks cool.

#46 kevin on 09.03.09 at 11:58 am


The time between backups is configurable.

#47 纹身 on 09.06.09 at 11:30 pm

this page is very Important
thank you with wordpress plugins

#48 chodorowicz on 09.14.09 at 7:37 am

I have a strange problem with this plugin – the uploads and themes folders are backed up properly, but the plugins folder not – of around 15 plugins that I have installed only 7 are included in the zip – I use the latest version of both WordPress Backup and WordPress itself

#49 Robert Simpson on 09.20.09 at 11:56 am

Hi Kevin,

I’m experiencing a strange effect while your plugin is active. Basically it seems to mess with the CSS of the admin page titles, it appears to have added either padding or margin to the top of them. Any ideas?

I haven’t noticed any other strange bugs like that but if I do I’ll post it here.


#50 Bill on 10.23.09 at 5:52 am

I’m getting the “big white page” just like Catherine. It’s only after I install this plugin. It could be conflicting with other plugins, of course, but I’ve tried all ways to install this thing, always with the same outcome!

Weird thing is, I have another blog on this same host with all the same plugins and theme…oh well.

#51 hostpapa on 10.29.09 at 2:39 am

just add another useful plugin for wp! work perfectly on my site. u did a great job though. thanks a bunch.
i stumble this!

#52 David Bone on 11.04.09 at 9:02 pm

I’m stumped after finding this plugin very reliable…

The site was moved and afterwards on the settings page, it doesn’t recognize any of the settings (giving me red warnings for all). I’ve deleted and re-installed but not sure what else to do to get it working again. Any suggestions?

Thank You for your dedication!

#53 Dennis Foreman on 11.17.09 at 3:03 pm

A minor problem caused me to restore a “theme” backup to this site http://wellnesscarechiro.com. I should say attempt to restore as it was not possible to do so.

The zipped backup file, one of a series I download every week, bore no resemblance to the theme folder it originated from on the website. It would appear that the plugin is flawed regarding creating the theme backup file (only).

All of my WP sites now use this form of backup. I’ve checked three of the twenty-one and all exhibit the same problem – the theme backup file is incorrect in a major way.

This is a serious situation for me. What is your response regarding the plugin?

Dennis Foreman

#54 Bob Davis on 11.23.09 at 7:07 am

I have used this plugin with no problems before. But on one web site it locks up the web site and shuts it down until I delete this plugin using cpanel. It has something to do with the site having about 100 meg in images, and backing that up takes all the processor power shutting the web site down. I cannot get back in to change the configuration without reinstalling and activating it, but then the web site goes down again!

#55 Steven Vachon on 12.11.09 at 1:36 pm

Hi. I’ve posted a bug on the WordPress plugin page. Please look into it. Thanks for the hard work thus far :)

#56 WordPressZen on 12.22.09 at 9:46 am

I have been utilizing this great plugin on many sites with great results….until I did the 2.9 upgrade. I will post details on the WordPress Plugin Page…

#57 Ari Salomon on 12.25.09 at 10:37 pm

i have the same problem as bob davis. everything was fine and after loading a bunch of big video files the site locked up. renaming the WordPress Backup directory deactivated it and everything was fine.

so having a more sophisticated way to deal with big files or lots of files would be great. maybe as simple as skipping large files? or maybe/also some kind of incremental backups ?

thanks for an excellent plugin… it’s appreciated…

#58 nikeasyanzi on 01.14.10 at 12:19 am

i have a problem that i uninstall this plugin one day,but it still mail a backup to my mailbox. Moreover,even i turn down my wordpress , it’s still remains the same situation .
what should i do to solve the problem?
it’s appreciated

#59 INDIMAG on 02.06.10 at 10:35 pm

We have a horrible problem. For reasons unknown a week ago this plug in started mailing 25-30 files daily. Nothing was changed and all of a sudden it seems to have gone crazy. I login to my mail to see 30 messages, all backups and in my inbox.

I’m disabling it unless there’s a fix/solution..

#60 Heike Riefler, Hebamme Raum Tübingen, Reutlingen, Mössingen on 02.08.10 at 7:58 pm

Great Plugin and desperately needed.

Perhaps the problem with ever increasing uploads could be solved by splitting the zip file into smaller packages and then sending them individually.

No clue whether that would be possible.



#61 Stephen Jeske on 02.09.10 at 9:05 am

Are you going to test it with WP 2.9.1 (the latest wordpress upgrade)? Haven’t downloaded the plugin because it warns me that it hasn’t been tested with this version of WP that I’m running.

Not sure if that’s a big deal or not.

#62 Mike Wittmann on 02.10.10 at 3:36 pm

There is definitely an issue with this plugin and WP 2.9.x. Any ETA on a fix?

Thanks for this great plugin. You don’t realize how valuable it is until it stops working. :(

#63 Ed Health on 02.21.10 at 4:37 am

Whoa! one hell of a software. Without lifting a finger, all my files are backed up and sent to me daily.

cheers mate!

#64 Keith on 03.13.10 at 11:25 pm

I have been backing up my database but never my files. Then my friends server crashed and he lost everything. He had the database backup but no files or data to work with. I better start backing my files 3 years worth of hard work. Thanks for the plugin.

#65 HighTechDad on 03.30.10 at 1:31 pm

What would really make this a killer plugin (not that it isn’t already) is to be able to do timestamped backups in a directory (or FTP site) and then be able to say, delete certain backups that are xx days old or after xx amount of backups!

#66 Valerie on 03.31.10 at 11:31 am

Hi, thanks for the great plugin! Definitely a need for a good comprehensive backup plugin like this.

It seems to be working fine, except that it won’t email me the plugins backup. I get the themes and uploads, but not the plugins one.

I’m on WP 2.9.2, hosted on Hostgator. The zip file is only 5.75mb, so I don’t think it’s a memory problem.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

#67 RickA on 04.08.10 at 8:50 am

I just installed “WordPress Backup” on two of the many WP sites that I manage. I downloaded the three backup types (Upload, Theme and Plugin) for each. The Theme and Plugin zip files contain the theme and plugin folders, just as there are suppposed to, but the Upload folder contains the entire WordPress installation. The Upload Directory path is correct to the uploads folder. I tried changing the path but no matter what I do the zip file contains the entire website. Have you seen this before? Any suggestions?

#68 Kelli on 04.08.10 at 10:49 pm

We’re having the same problem as a number of other posters here… the BIG WHITE SCREEN. Installing totally wipes out our site, and we have to FTP in to delete in order to get the site back up and running. Ironic, since the thing wiping the site out is a backup plugin :)
Any help or advice on why it’s causing the site to white screen? We’re using the latest version of the plugin.


#69 Deborah on 04.17.10 at 6:33 am

Help – I have used this plug-in on several sites recently and it works like a charm. Today I installed on http://www.tech-talk.com and when activating it went to a blank screen. I was able to delete the plugin file through ftp and get my site back up again, but I love this plug-in and want it to work. Any suggestions?

#70 Vladimir on 04.26.10 at 6:16 am

Is there somewhere this review plgin in Russian? The plugin works with version 2.9.2?

#71 Tay on 05.02.10 at 9:31 pm

Is anyone else getting a wp_get_current_user wp-capabilities.php Fatal Error upon trying to activate this plugin?

#72 michal on 05.18.10 at 12:36 am


didn’t understand how and where to add the htaccess file. pls explain.

#73 Nick Wingfield on 05.20.10 at 1:47 am

Forgive my ignorance, but I’m confused about your instruction to create an htaccess file.
I use TextWrangler. Do create a new text document, name it htaccess.txt and paste your code into it? And then where exactly should I put it? ‘WordPress Back-up’ has created a folder in my ‘wp-content’ folder called ‘bte-wb’ which contains 3 zip files for my plugins, themes and uploads. Do I put it in there or somewhere else?
Thank you

#74 Kevin Gillett on 05.20.10 at 8:39 am

@michal and @Nick

I updated the post but here is what you need to do…
in the bte-wb folder add a file (filename= “.htaccess”) with the following contents

<Files ~ ".*\..*">order allow,deny
deny from all

#75 Nick Wingfield on 05.20.10 at 9:53 am

Thanks Kevin
I now understand
I really appreciate you getting back to me

#76 michal on 05.25.10 at 11:05 am

hi Kevin,

forgive my ignorance, but where is exactly located this bte-wb folder?

#77 Hans on 05.28.10 at 6:23 am

After installing the plugin, and following all steps suggested, I get a blank site until I CHMOD the bte-wp folder back to 755. Changing back to 777 gives a blank web page.

#78 Dax on 06.17.10 at 8:29 am

Same problem as many others. After installing the plugin, I cannot access any part of my site. If I delete the plugin directly through FTP, the site returns to normal. The problem seems to occur while the actual backup is processing. The correct folder is created on the server along with an uploads.zip file, but then it stalls.

I use this plugin on several other sites and it’s works very well. Thanks for your hard work.

#79 John on 06.17.10 at 1:33 pm

I see several questions regarding the blank screen issue for the admin interface but no reply from the developer – unless I’m missing it? I too have the same issue – I would love to use this plug-in, but had to delete it because of this issue.

#80 Kevin on 06.17.10 at 1:47 pm


The blank screen issue is addressed in the post itself. It seems to happen only with certain host/theme/plugin combination. It is happening in less than 10% of sites.

I have heard that on some hosts changing the directory permissions from 777 to 755 (or visa versa) fixes the problem. I do not know why that would be the case, but it is something you can try.

I run it on a lot of hosts and with my themes and plugin combinations it always works.

If anyone with a host/theme/plugin combination that breaks wants to share temporary access to the logs and give me temporary ftp access to the site I would love the opportunity to debug this further.

#81 Cherie on 06.20.10 at 1:09 am

For some reason although I can download the zip files from 1 site I cannot download them from a different site, when I click on the links I get taken to a page on the site saying “error page not found”

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

#82 Chad Warner on 07.17.10 at 9:02 am

The backup links only work for me when I don’t have the .htaccess file. As soon as I put the .htaccess file in, the links take me to 403 Forbidden pages. Is there a downside to using this plugin without the .htacess?

#83 Kevin Gillett on 07.19.10 at 10:00 am


If you don’t have the htaccess file then anyone can see download your backups.

#84 Matt Bovell on 07.20.10 at 9:50 am

I haven’t installed your suggested .htaccess file and I’ve used every URL combo imaginable in my browser and I don’t see the backup files listed. I’m on GoDaddy with WordPress 3.0. I have the SEO pack installed.

Could any of these factors make the .htaccess file you suggest unnecessary?

#85 Lauren on 07.20.10 at 4:45 pm

Any advice on how to restore files for someone who didn’t backup before updating to WP 3.0? And who doesn’t have access to the old back-up files?

Help (and yes, I realize I’m a moron)!

#86 Lexx Webster on 07.21.10 at 5:43 pm

Great plug-in I will use it on all of my blogs!


#87 VH on 07.30.10 at 6:43 am

Okay, maybe I’m missing something obvious, usually I’m good at figuring things out, but I’m getting the blank page issue, and I’m looking at the site through ftp trying to find the plugin folder to delete – can’t find it. Can’t find anything named bte-wb, or even any unidentified folders in the plugins directory. Help?

#88 VH on 07.30.10 at 6:46 am

Nevermind. It was in the wp-contents folder, not the plugins folder

#89 Jonny on 08.01.10 at 3:16 pm

Thanks for the plug-in, it’s a really good backup tool. In the future, you could add backup options for the database, that would be awesome!

The only problem I’m having is when I try to download the zip files, I get a 403. I’m not sure if it’s the .htaccess file or what. Any ideas?

#90 gwmbox on 08.08.10 at 4:33 pm

A good start to what could be a great plugin. The following is provided as feedback on issues I have come across while testing, please take them on as feedback rather than just a negative view.

1. I am unable to download the zip files via the settings page, it just goes to my sites homepage instead? The backup files are there as I can see them listed on the settings page and also on my FTP.

2. There is no way for me to create a backup manually.

3. There is no way to schedule at what time the backup should be run.

4. It does not have an option to backup the database. Without that the plugin is of no real use.

5. There is no setting to delete old backups.

6. It also does not appear to date the backups which it MUST do, as in add the date to today’s backup and then tomorrows date to a new backup etc. That way if I want to I can roll back to a backup a week ago if I wanted to.

7. There needs to be a restore option to make the backup plugin useful. A backup is only as good as its ability to be restored.

I look forward to an update that is fully functional.



#91 Lexx on 08.10.10 at 7:17 pm

Great plug-in looking forward to more! Will most likely use Blog Copyright in the near future as well.

#92 Jso on 08.20.10 at 4:59 am

First couldn’t upload .htaccess, like probably many above. Instead I used an old version of filezilla and with that I could uploade (and see) the .htaccess to the right directory.
However, IN my WP, it still says ‘Please add an .htaccess file to the backup folder’
Is that normal?

#93 TeckniX on 08.30.10 at 2:38 pm

It seems that direct access of the backup file isn’t setup correctly. The htaccess found above simply denies all access to the files, yet the ‘admin’ section of the plugin provides a direct link to the file, which results in a denied request.

Also in Apache 2+ a FilesMatch is preferred to the Files ~
The updated code would be:

order allow,deny
deny from all

But really in order to be able to download the files from a certain IP you would have:

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from

This would deny all access, but would still allow access to the file from ip

Unless I’m missing something?

#94 Ekyo on 09.18.10 at 6:48 pm

Well, i’d like to use the wp plugins “wordpress backup”. but i don’t really understand how to use it well.
Is this plugins is safe to use? and what is the different of backing up my wordpress site through this plugins and by using backup thru the cpanel admin?

Thank U

#95 Kwanti Aging on 09.20.10 at 1:05 pm

One hell of a plugin thats needed by a serious blogger. No one knows what might happen in the future so its safe to back up now…

#96 Cemal Ekin on 10.10.10 at 11:54 am

I have been using BTE WordPress Backup for some time. However, recently, probably after a version upgrade, it kept giving an error message:

[2010-10-10 13:30:54][bte_wb_wordpressbakcup] Error creating zip C:\\inetpub\\vhosts\\keptlight.com\\httpdocs/wp-content/bte-wb/uploads.zip: PCLZIP_ERR_WRITE_OPEN_FAIL (-1) : Unable to open temporary file ‘pclzip-4cb1c00e7c604.gz’ in binary write mode

I asked for assistance from my ISP and they reported that BT WP Backup was trying to create a temporary file in the wp-admin folder where it has no permissions. I am forwarding the message I received. I hope it helps you to fix the bug so your fans can resume using it.

Sequence: 1750535
Date & Time: 10/10/2010 11:27:48 AM
Event Class: File System
Operation: IRP_MJ_CREATE
Path: C:\inetpub\vhosts\keptlight.com\httpdocs\wp-admin\pclzip-4cb1e9845e67d.gz
TID: 43044
Duration: 0.0000270
Desired Access: Generic Write, Read Attributes
Disposition: OverwriteIf
Options: Synchronous IO Non-Alert, Non-Directory File
Attributes: N
ShareMode: Read, Write
AllocationSize: 0

It looks like your plugin tries to create temporary file in the ‘wp-admin’ directory, but does not have access to do this. Please recheck and apply needed permissions on this directory.


#97 Rob on 11.09.10 at 9:02 pm

I use this plugin and its great.

However, my issue is that i dont want my backups in a web accessible location on my site anywhere, even with http basic auth.

I configured my site with a non-web accessible (outside of the sites web root folder), and set up the Backup URL to use ftp://. There is no need for an .htaccess file in this case. Can i get an option button to tell the backup plugin that im backing up outside my web root, so the .htaccess warning can go away?

#98 Rob on 11.09.10 at 9:23 pm

To get a true backup archive on linux servers with cron access at least, for the moment i recommend setting up 2 cronjobs.

1) Make copies of the daily backed up files with an added date to each file name:
find backup-folder/* -type f | egrep -io “(plugins|themes|uploads)\.zip” | xargs –replace=file cp -f –reply=yes backup-folder/file backup-folder/archive/`date +%m%d%y`-file

2) Remove really old backups (in my case 6 months via ctime) to save space:
find backup-folder/archive/* -type f -name “*.zip” -ctime 180 -exec rm -f ‘{}’ \;

Those 2 jobs together will make a rolling 6 month archive of backups from this plugin, something i hope the authors will consider including as a base plugin function.

#99 Kevin Gillett on 11.09.10 at 9:53 pm


Very nice. I will try to digest these in detail over the weekend.

#100 Rob on 11.11.10 at 1:00 am

Oops, one mistake in my first cronjob there. Remove the “–reply=yes”. Thats only necessary with outdated versions of cp and actually causes issues with newer versions. Also, its only used for an automated response to overwriting files, which is not happening here.

#101 Nancy on 11.24.10 at 2:56 am

Very nice plugin….

#102 Hayden on 11.28.10 at 8:39 pm

Thanks for this plugin. I would love to be able to use it. When enalbed it begins to backup uploads.zip and then when it hits around 700mb it restarts uploads.zip over and over again. Each loop takes about 20 seconds of just endless rewrites of the same uploads.zip.

Any ideas?


#103 Zach on 12.13.10 at 9:23 am

FIXED IT! I have multiple domain names pointing to the site, in order to alleviate the permissions issue, you can just enter “../wp-content/bte-wb” instead of the full URL. You should add that as advice for users who have permanent link issues…just go relative :)

#104 Kevin Gillett on 12.31.10 at 10:00 am


Thank you for you comment. Can you please try version 1.8.0. It
fixes a newly isolated WSOD with large directories such as yours.

#105 Gustavs on 01.01.11 at 9:01 am

This is very useful plugin. But can someone explain how can I hide the location wp-content/bte-wb/ so noone could see and download my blog files?

#106 Kevin Gillett on 01.03.11 at 5:50 am

@Gustavs That is what the .htaccess file is for

#107 Pat J on 06.20.11 at 8:15 pm

Is this plugin safe to use on a WP installation with multisite? Will there be separate zip files for each sub-site, or will the last one written be the one that survives?

#108 vita on 06.23.11 at 12:49 am

very useful,
i will try to maintenance my site when i have more time at holiday
thx a lot

#109 jeff on 06.29.11 at 3:43 pm

I’m going to try this out, thanks.

#110 Je Winkel Online on 01.31.12 at 8:43 am

Love the plugin! Thanks a ton!

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