WordPress as a Website 4 Great Reasons

Most beginners usually ask why they need to use WordPress though they already have their previous websites. Some are also asking for reasons why they to switch to WordPress, or is their previous website not enough? If you are also asking same question just like some beginners do, then you came in the right place. Upon reading this, you will discover the reasons why almost everyone is switching to WordPress and why most users use WordPress.

WordPress is considered as the most popular CMS or content management system in the world. Almost 60% of the websites are using CMS and so, WordPress is the one responsible for it. Below are the reasons why most websites are using WordPress and why you need to switch on it today:

Here are – WordPress as a Website 4 Great Reasons

  1. WordPress is an Open Source

This only means that thousands of WordPress developers all over the world are working hard, both day and night just to enhance the system. All the things that they perform do not even cost you a penny, right? You are allowed to download this for free, install, modify and use it as long as you want. Users can use WordPress as a Website, if they want to create different website. As mentioned, this is an open source so it only means that the software’s source code is always available to be studied, modified and used.

  1. WordPress can be learned and used easily

Millions of people are using WordPress and every day, new people are encouraged to join and be part of the WordPress community. This is done by means of developing or creating WordPress powered websites. Since it is very much easy to use, people have quickly adapted WordPress.

  1. It comes with extended plugins and themes

WordPress is equipped with lots of themes and plugins that you will surely love. It has thousands of free themes or templates that will surely give your website the look that fits best with your preferences. The WordPress themes are suitable for everything. You can have magazine theme, photography theme, ecommerce theme or portfolio theme. You will surely find the perfect them for your website.

WordPress can be extended and super flexible because of using plugins. The same with themes, there are also lots of premium and free plugin available. These plugins will not only provide extra functionality to WordPress but it can also add the entire new and innovative platform to your WordPress website.

  1. WordPress is secure and safe

WordPress has been developed with safety and security in mind, meaning it can run your website safely. However, the same with the real happenings in the world, internet can also be an uncertain place because of lots of intruders out there who wants to steal websites. With this, make sure that you will be very much careful.

These are just 4 of the most important reasons why you need to start using WordPress as a Website. Doing this will surely give you lots of benefits and reasons to continue blogging, what you have started.