Why is WordPress the Best Blogging Platform?

There are a variety of reasons for why WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the internet. Many people try different blogging platforms, but they end up coming back to WordPress because it offers so much greater functionality. Here are five of the greatest reasons for why WordPress is the best blogging platform to use regardless of whether you are brand new to blogging or have been blogging for years.


1 – The Plugin Functionality –

WordPress has a seemingly endless supply of plugins that can be downloaded, installed and utilized for absolutely free. The installation of these plugins is easy, and involves uploading the plugin to your blog space and simply activating it through the admin section in your WordPress site. Whatever you end up needing in terms of functionality, there is more than likely a number of plugins that can be downloaded and installed to improve the capability of your blog.

2 – The Theme Functionality –

Most people are going to be interested in customizing their blogs. There are literally thousands of completely unique themes out there, offering one column, two columns or three columns, graphics, color combinations and a variety of other details which allow for complete customization of your blog to suit your needs, the theme of your blog and the needs of your readers.

3 – Auto Ping Functionality –

Many scripts may offer this particular possibility, but many free blog hosts do not offer auto ping, meaning that you are going to need to ping yourself after every single post that you make. On the other hand, WordPress can do the pinging for you, which makes your life significantly easier and saves you a lot of time in the process.

4 – The Trackback –

The trackback feature is an important one if you want to know who is reading and responding to your blog, and if you want to be open about who you are reading and talking about in your blog. If you link to a post in another blog using WordPress, WordPress will automatically make a comment in the post that was linked to in order to facilitate communication between the two different blogs.

5 – The Overall Feeling of Simplicity –

WordPress is an extremely user friendly blogging platform. By using cpanel, you can install WordPress in a single click in most circumstances. After the WordPress blog is installed, you are pretty much ready to get going, provided that you do not want to do any tinkering beforehand with stats, themes and other details. You do not have to know anything at all about computers in order to set up a WordPress blog. When it is installed and ready to go, you simply have to log in to your WordPress panel, which is also extremely easy for you to use in most circumstances.

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#1 Douglas Karr on 01.06.09 at 7:43 am

‘Best’ is relevant. The answers you provided are why it’s your ‘favorite’. I run WP and love it because I love to tinker, customize, and run plugins. However, for an Enterprise blogging company, WP is not a perfect solution. It can be weighted down by traffic, it’s got a tough interface for a non-blogger, it is not SEO’d out of the box, and it requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades to ensure security and stability.

#2 kevin on 01.06.09 at 8:19 am


You are correct that it is my opinion… However, I disagree with you interface comment. And I don’t understand what you mean by enterprise blogging. Corporate Blogging works great on wordpress. As with anything blogging related if you hire an experienced editor-in-chief you will reap the rewards. An intern or even full time junior employee is not a good choice for editor-in-chief. Personally I think all companies should outsource their blogging via something like: Buildify

#3 Lazy Man and Money on 01.06.09 at 12:47 pm

I disagree with Doug as well.

I don’t know anyone who started life with the knowledge of blogging – everyone is a non-blogger at some point. If the interface was a barrier to adoption, you’d think that it wouldn’t be by far the most popular blogging platform.

I don’t know any website that can’t be weighted down by traffic. If that problem has been solved, I have missed it.

It might not be SEO’d out of the box, but that’s a one-time cost of less than 5 minutes with the right plugins.

I don’t know any significant piece of software that doesn’t require ongoing maintenance and upgrades security and stability. WordPress makes it easier than anyone else I’ve seen with one-click upgrades that require no downtime. I know my operating system didn’t do that going from XP to Vista.

#4 Sasha on 03.25.09 at 8:21 am

Hi kevin,
It’s Sasha, Keira’s roomie from Phi Mu, I was just asking her about which blog site I should use and she sent me to all of your articles.
I like your reasoning behind WP and I have an account on both WP and BS…it’s just WP seems a bit more complicated to me at the moment.
Any suggestions on where to find templates? And how to really “learn” it better?

#5 Simon Wells on 10.15.09 at 6:23 am

I too have to disagree with Dougs “However, for an Enterprise blogging company, WP is not a perfect solution.” comment.

The flexibility of WP, the themes and plugins available are what makes this platform ideal across a variety of site types, including Enterprise Blogging and even e-commerce too nowadays.

I have used WordPress on three of my company sites and developed 5 sites for other companies. Whilst actively converting others to turn to WP to slash their expenditure on web site fees, I have then turn that around into its own enterprise.

Yes you could argue that SEO is weak out of the box, but the whole framework of WP is so that you can add on features. Once you find a SEO plugin you trust and gives the results, it is then easy to plug them in and configure on the next development.

No software is without glitches, bug, updates etc but this is a positive for WP in my eyes as you can actually see things being done. Developers take pride in their themes and plugins and mostly react quickly to issues that are found, I might be wrong, but I don’t recall the last time a tier 1 software company reacted so quickly to resolve minor problems.

For someone that loves WP . . . .

#6 SEO In London on 11.10.09 at 9:38 am

I agree, WP may be the best arround there in terms of Bloging platform. Even Mattcutt thing it is more than 80% SEO ready out of the box.

If you are looking for amarketable and search friendly Blof or any web present , WP stands at the very top, if not the top

#7 sol on 12.20.09 at 3:56 pm

Ive tried drupal, typo3 and wordpress, and i reckon you could just about do anything on all three. However…

WordPress is the easiest to use by a long way..easiest to customize, largest collection of themes and templates available, loads of plugins and probably the least hair pulling cms experience on the web!

#8 Jacci on 02.06.10 at 11:38 am

Unfortunately, in order to use plug-ins, embed audio, or other important blogging functions, you must pay much more money to have wordpress.org, as opposed to wordpress.com. Even paying extra for CSS customization is not enough – still audio embedding and plug-ins are not an option. For whatever reason, my auto-ping does not work like it should, and I have yet to find where the trackbacks are. I read this article to make myself feel better about buying the URL and CSS Customization through WordPress.com, but I now feel even more frustrated :/

#9 SEO in Edinburgh on 04.19.10 at 1:35 pm

I have only been using WordPress for about 6months and developed a dozen sites, the blog functionality is easy to use at the front and back end. My background is more in SEO and the results i’ve found to date have been great, not to mention quick…

#10 Stephanie on 06.15.10 at 8:40 am

I agree!! Not only is it the best for blogging, you can create any kind of website using it. There is just no reason to go spend loads of money for custom everything when you can access so many plugins on wordpress. To prove this concept, I took a concept to completion in 60 days using wordpress. Check out http://www.groubal.com. It is a consumer advocacy site.

#11 simon on 06.22.10 at 9:24 pm

I fully agree with the author that WordPress is the best choice. Just look at the poll results on problogger.net. You will see that WordPress is leading for the last few years

#12 Marijan Sivric on 07.21.10 at 3:53 am

I agree with you! WordPress is and will stay the best blogging platform (and CMS) for a long time.

#13 Ric on 08.20.10 at 9:52 am

Not only WordPress is the best blogging platform, but can also be the best CMS. Consider all the possibilities on its plugins. It can turn to a forum, directory, social site, microblogging site, e-commerce site, etc.

#14 Carlos Smith on 12.01.10 at 10:22 pm

I use WordPress mostly because I heard good things about so gave it a try as a free one click install from my webhost prior that,my blog were very blank as I struggled to learn Dreamweaver ,Now,I don’t even have to bother with any coding because various plugins make life so easy!!

#15 Kari on 01.01.11 at 3:48 pm

All I know is that I am HATING WP so far. I’ve never tried to use it before today…I’ve only ever used Blogspot and now I’m trying to help my mother with a blog she set up months ago. I think nothing about WP is user-friendly. While I wouldn’t consider myself a computer “expert,” I’m quite knowledgeable about using HTML and setting up websites. So far WP has been very frustrating and irritating, and I doubt my mother would ever be able to figure it out.

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