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insertarticlesOne of the most popular things on the Internet today is blogging. In fact, if you notice the trends over the past few years, bloggers have gotten a bit of notoriety and attention even in the news. Bloggers are becoming quite an influential group in the news category and for a business, it has become very profitable.

Article marketing was once a way for people to bring information about a product or even for writers to bring attention to their other work. Today, many savvy bloggers are using article marketing online to direct traffic to their blog and reap the rewards that come with more web traffic.

This type of marketing is perfect for bloggers because there is already a lot of content on your blog that can be transformed into marketing articles. Just get some of the themes or topics that you have on the blog and extend them into longer articles that can be used on the article sites online.

Any business online that is selling a product must use marketing to get the traffic to the website. It is the same principle for bloggers. If you want the blog to get attention and be read by more people, article marketing is a perfect opportunity to bring traffic in a cheap and effective way.

Bloggers are usually pretty knowledgeable about the web and understand how to use advertising on their blogs to make money from the work that they are doing. Article marketing is just an extension of this knowledge. Creating keyword rich articles should not be a problem for the smart blogger.

The first thing that you should do is create a collection of articles for your blog. The articles should be centered around the content of your blog and a good starting number for articles is between ten and twenty five. The more articles you produce, the better your chances of creating traffic to your blog.

When the articles are prepared, you should submit them to the various article directories online and some of the publishers of ezines to get your work out there. These are the places where your articles will start to get some attention for your blog.

Keep going with your article marketing until you have hundreds or even a thousand articles out there in the various article directories. If you don’t have the time for all of this writing, there are article writers out there who can help you with the content.

Over time, you will see your articles bringing the traffic to your blog. The more articles there are out there the more traffic you will see on your blog. Articles will continue to work bringing in the traffic all year long. Keep putting them out there while you maintain fresh content on your blog.

It might take some time to realize the kind of traffic that you want, but over time, your blog will start to gain attention. Whatever your reason for blogging is in the first place, you will certainly be that much closer when you use article marketing to increase your traffic.

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#1 Morgan at on 07.14.09 at 6:01 am

I’ve been blogging and blogging and only occasionally doing an article. After reading your suggestions I think I’ll try to make it an extension of the blogging-adding articles as I create posts.
Morgan at

#2 Kwanti Aging on 09.20.10 at 1:10 pm

Actually, there’s a thin line btween blogging and article marketing. The contents on blogs can be used for article marketing and vice versa.

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