Types of Popular WordPress Blog Posts

Do you need more ideas about WordPress blog posts? Are you wondering what should be the type of blog posts you need to engage your visitors? In this article, you will learn different types of WordPress blog posts that you can use to help you kick blogger’s block to the curb and keep the audience come back for more.

If you are working to create your blog’s audience, you cannot afford wasting your time to write mediocre posts that do not assist your readers or say anything valuable, right? In that case, you will need a type of WordPress blog posts that will entertain and encourage your audience to stay on your site for a longer period of time.

Give more focus on what really works as well as learn from the techniques of other bloggers who are very successful and have used to establish huge followers. So, why spend your precious time on the things that doesn’t work? For each blog post that you will write, you need to ask some important questions such as:

  • How will your WordPress blog posts convey, unmissable value to your audience?
  • How can you present the information best so that it will be shared and read by lots of people potentially?

Here are a few Types of Popular WordPress Blog Posts

So, here are some types of blog posts that you can utilize for inspiration. Keep this in your favorites. Using this several ideas, you will never run out of blog posts idea again.

Tutorials and How-to’s – It is considered that how-to’s is the most powerful among the entire blogging prime example. You need to think about it. Why do people go to web? Maybe because they want to catch up with their old friends, discover the newest sports scores, or even visit IMDb to get some latest news about their favorite celebrity. However, most of the times it is to find out how to achieve a certain thing such as connecting webmaster tools to Google analytics, getting debt in hand, etc. Your customers and prospects are the same. They have a problem and you can absolutely help them through creating a stage by stage post to get the best solution.

Lists – The list posts restructure information in a numbered list that is easy for the audience to read, share and put into practice. Although some bloggers dislike list posts, but it has proven to be effective.

Link Lists or Resources – Very similar, if not overlaps with, list post is the resource post. The only difference is that, resources posts curate other content of individuals. List and resource post are perfect if you are only learning regarding a category. Why not share your gathered resources to your readers? If you don’t have enough time to research, you can hand off your resources post to your visual assistant or intern to carry out the research for you.

Reviews – The two kinds of reviews are straight product review and compare-and-contrast of various related products. Many blogs posts are using a straight review of their products and services. You can find post review of software, books, local restaurants, cars and everything in between.