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tipsIf you own and write in a blog, then you probably understand the importance associated with keeping your blog really fresh and ensuring that your blog audience is completely interested in what it is that you have to say. It can be relatively challenging for people to come up with popular blog posts that aren’t going to bore their visitors, and keeping them interesting enough that blog visitors will continue to come back. Here is a look at some types of popular blog posts if you need inspiration on the types of popular blog posts that you can write.

Type #1 – “Quick Tips” Blog Posts

These are between 100 and 250 words and share ideas that are relevant but that do not justify writing a full blog post. Quick Tips blog posts are popular blog posts because they are short, simple and to the point.

Type #2 – “How To” Blog Posts

These blog posts provide more details and an expanded information format in comparison to the quick tips popular blog posts. These blog posts will tell your readers how they can do specific things that relate to your niche.

Type #3 – “Review” Blog Posts

This blog post is pretty explanatory, and involves writing a product or a service review to help your readers make a decision in the buying process. Review products and include affiliate links to give you an opportunity to make commissions on your blog posts.

Type #4 – “Resource” Blog Posts

This is another one of the most popular blog posts, and all that it is, is a resource list. Blog readers tend to really love lists of resources, so make sure that you provide them occasionally.

Type #5 – “Interview” Blog Posts

Blog readers also tend to enjoy interview posts, especially those that interview someone that they admire or care about knowing more about. This is what makes these such popular blog posts. Interview posts are also popular for driving traffic to your website.

Type #6 – “Best Of” Blog Posts

These popular blog posts are great for end of the year wrap ups. If you do a lot of reading, list your favorite articles, guides or books that you have enjoyed over the span of the past year, or highlight your own most popular blog posts in a post wrap up.

Type #7 – “Personal Story” Blog Posts

Every blog reader appreciates a personal story. The people that follow your blog will appreciate these popular blog posts because they relate to you and your niche simultaneously. Talk about new products that you bought, seminars that you visited, mishaps that you learned something from and so on.

Type #8 – “News” Blog Posts

Every single niche has important news and related happenings that you can post about. Keep your ears and your eyes open so that you can provide some of these popular blog posts as well.

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