Twitter Hashtag Introduction

Blogs are everywhere in the Internet today. With several bloggers who post any trending topics or news, you can say that the power of social media is fast evolving and the advancement in technology plays a very important role in it.

What is hashtag?

Hashtag (#) is not just a plain and simple symbol that can be used anywhere and anyhow. It has a purpose. Hashtag is a kind of metadata tag, which is mainly used on social networks and microblogging amenities. Through a hashtag, a user can locate easily and quickly messages with a particular note, content or theme. With the use of the hashtag sign (#) before the message, a phrase or even a word, the reader can identify the theme of the post.

Function of Hashtag

There are several functions associated to hashtag but most commonly, it is used for discussions and forums in different social networking site such as on Twitter. In introducing a trending topic, Twitter users very fond of using hashtag which attract other users to join the discussion no matter what the topic is about. As a rule, a single user or even group of users cannot manipulate the hashtag. Using hashtag is not limit, meaning no one can never retire from using it for any purpose.

Twitter Hashtag, which is intended for a particular discussion sometimes, tend to use ambiguous wordings. This is to prevent the users from being caught up with general dialogues about the same subject. In some cases, instead of making the statement clear, it becomes more complicated as some make changes in the spelling.

Hashtags as they are newly introduced to the public are symbols that are colloquially referred as pound signs that serve a significant purpose. What people think about hashtag is that it will excellent perform its function on social media specifically in Instagram, Tumblr and other social media sites. Even on Facebook, the effort of integrating hashtags to its system and code is extensive. Actually, based on some news, that this particular cyber appendage (hashtag) can be used as an introduction for a major keyword in content. This is why one needs to acquire the right knowledge of using hashtag to his benefit either in their professional and personal life.

Introducing Hashtag on Twitter

Tagging is an effective way of organizing and sharing of online information to other Internet users. Simply by putting a hashtag sign before a word or a phrase, you can now join in the conversation of some trending topics on Twitter. Hashtag is a community driven approach, in this case, its ability in delivering to its users the thing that they are seeking is identified on the way the people effectively selects the use of tag. Say for example on Twitter, using of hashtag by a particular Twitter group tracks a news of a major happenings while it mobilizes people who are affected by the catastrophe.

At first, hashtag wasn’t really in use in Twitter but since it has been introduced to other social media sites, every Twitter user also went into the flow and started using it as well. As there are several reasons for using hashtag either for social, personal and most especially for business, people are getting all the advantages they can get out of using it.

Twitter Hashtag for personal use can help you connect to your family and friends while knowing the things they are most attracted and which matter to them most. You will know several important details about them and out of the information you learned about them, you can get them closer to you. Updating your profile will play a vital role in knowing the information you want to extract from them. In this case, hashtag is an efficient method of grouping particular aspects of your personal life. Say for example, one of your friends is interested in distributing a word about a specific cause that you have been involved, hashtagging the cause can keep him in getting the newest news immediately.

Today, companies and large firms are getting the most out of the popularity of hashtag as they use it in promoting their products and services. Meanwhile, small companies are creating a record in integrating trending hashtags into their online presence such as in social media. This way, they not only participate to a conversational topic but they are creating a new dialogue at the same time.

In some case, companies and businesses are incorporating hashtag to their product and service promotion in order to keep an eye on the marketing techniques of their competitor while learning the things that generate and those that do not draw interests. Hashtags may be used for talking about a campaign or spreading a buzz about an arriving occasion or event.

The Disadvantage of Incorporating Hashtag to Twitter

While there are advantages of using hashtag both for personal and business purposes, we cannot deny some of the drawbacks out of using this meta tag. The first disadvantage here is that there aren’t any regulations or guidelines in using it. This means that once you use the symbol anywhere in your post whether before or after a word or a phrase, anyone may use it for any purpose.  This situation is detrimental to businesses as it can cause trouble when it’s hijacked and exploited for self-interest.

Twitter Hashtag etiquette is on its way of letting good social behavior be the guide of many Twitter users in using this simple symbol.  A rare “tweet” doesn’t all have to be incorporated by a hashtag, only those that deserve the sign must use it. A responsible hashtag user will only have to use it to updates that the hashtag can add significance to the conversation. You must limit the number of hashtag that you use in the tweet because it will serve its purpose the best once you use it responsibly. Just use hashtag sparingly and cautiously because you don’t know, someone is already intimidated of you for using excessive hashtag. Everything must be used in moderation and that, you will not be wrong.