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hashtagIf you are looking to increase your awareness on Twitter, one of the best things that you can do is to explore the capabilities of Hashtags, which are capable of helping you to add significant value to your brand while quickly expanding your visibility at the same time. On Twitter, a hashtag is a fun little tool that makes it easier for readers to track conversations, topics, communities and other events. An example of a popular hashtag and what is being achieved with it is #followfriday, which is a hashtag used for people to recommend other people that are fun to follow on Twitter. For example, you might say. “Hey, check out [@Userid]. #followfriday”

While some people do not go out actively looking for hashtags, they are easy to find in popular conversations and can take you on quite an adventure through Twitter. If you are looking for a way to expand your horizons on Twitter, or if you are looking for a way to expand your own visibility, then these hashtags are absolutely a solid proposition worth considering. Here are some great Twitter and hashtag related resources that you should be checking out, bookmarking and more than likely frequently visiting:

- * is the first place that you should head when you are looking to see what hashtags are currently hot or just the most recent, as this site tracks popularity trends as is jam packed with good information.

- * is another exceptional resource for when it comes to discovering new hashtags and then tracking them once you’ve found them. There is even a hashtag cloud, which is a nice feature as well.

- * is a wiki of hashtags generated by those using them. If you are still learning what hashtags are or how they work, then this is an excellent resource for you to check out.

All kinds of people are using hashtags on Twitter in order to connect with other people that have to do with their topic, niche, challenge, club or group. Hashtags are making viral marketing around a specific subject easier than ever. It has become simpler than ever to find buzz around a specific topic, and this can pay off for people looking for certain topics just as well as those who are talking about them.

You can make it really easy for other people within your niche to communicate with one another through the use of hashtags. If you have a group or a niche, you can create a hashtag for it, and then when other people are talking about it, they can use the hashtag to make sure that their buzz is linked back to the campaign that you are running. This way, all of the participants in the niche can share with one another, creating some truly viral collaboration. This is an excellent example of how Twittering can work to your advantage in many different ways.

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