Turning Blog Visitors into Blog Readers

readers1Bringing traffic in the form of blog visitors to your website is really only the beginning when it comes to creating an effective blog. Many of these visitors may only be stopping by once, never to return again. There are a number of different little things that can be done to make it easier for these blog visitors to find reasons to return. Consider the following methods for turning single time blog visitors into long term blog readers.

- * Highlight the availability of your RSS feed, asking your readers to subscribe. Make sure to mention on your front page and in each of your blog entries that an RSS feed is available, making it easier for people to keep reading. Many people become long time readers of blogs specifically because RSS capabilities make them easy to read and keep up with, so do not pass up this opportunity to let your readers know about your blog’s RSS feed.

- * Add an option for RSS by e-mail, because this will make it possible for more people to read your RSS feed. Some people do not understand how RSS feed readers work, but by using the RSS by e-mail option, they can get your posts delivered directly to them for easier reading.

- * Add bookmarking capabilities. By adding a bookmark button will encourage your readers to book mark their favorite posts so that they can easily return to them. Even if your readers only book mark one of your blog posts, that is typically incentive enough for them to return to your blog at a later date.

- * You need to reply to the comments that are being posted in your blog as soon as you possibly can. Many people will leave comments in your blog to ask a question, and they will likely return in the same day to find the answer to that question. If you take too long to respond to their comment, they likely will not return as often on the second day, third day and so on. If you can turn on e-mail notifications when you receive comments, do so, so that you can respond promptly.

- * Add an option to subscribe to comments for your readers. There are plugins that allow this in most blogging platforms, including Blogger and WordPress. What it does is provides an RSS feed specifically for comments that allows people to be notified about new comments that are added to your post after the user’s comment is posted. This is a great way to make sure that people return to your blog to keep reading even after they comment.

Keeping your visitors coming back for more really is not difficult, but it does take a few steps on your behalf. Do not be afraid to implement these processes in order to keep your visitors returning after their first visit to your blog.

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#2 Clara James on 07.30.09 at 9:11 am

Picture a blogger add in the the post also does matter because it attract the reader most and give a bird view on the content of the post or blog.

#3 IT Stuff on 02.17.10 at 7:45 am

It is a great art to make your visitors into readers and keep them permanent on your website. They need something so they will come daily, like sharing, good informations, like intractive chats. you name it..i bealive that blogs are a good business!

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