Tips for Improving Number of Blog Visitors

Below are some Tips for Improving Number of Blog Visitors on your Website

Operating a blog is very rewarding especially if you know that there are people who are enjoying, reading as well as sharing the writings that you have. If you have a blog, probably you want people to find it and buy the products that you have as well. That is why it is important to increase the number of your blog visitors.

Below are some of the simple ways that you can have in order to boost the number of Blog Visitors for your WordPress blog:

Lower the Bounce Rate of Blog Visitors

You should not make complicated and fancy navigations as well as assisted research. Just make the first couple of your paragraphs interesting as well as engaging. You should also avoid copying because it is a hard try for the hard sell. Always remember that your main goal is get blog visitors that are going to click the web content, that you have in your website.

In order to improve the bounce rate that you have in your blog, the first thing that you need to do is to maintain the top ranks for the branded terms. Yu should also provide relevant contents; build a clear path and navigation. Link a page of glossary that defines the terms of the industry and place the search function in a prominent way. Speed up the page load with the use of the speed plugin of Google page, get rid of the most popular ads and reduce the external links or you can have them in a new window open.

Make Use of a Pop-up In Order To Catch Blog Visitors Email Addresses

Adding pop-up in order to capture email address is very easy as what most of the email newsletter as well as blogging platforms services are providing. Yu can just easily search on the Google an ‘email lightbox +’ wherein the name of your blog host can be found. You can have this at WordPress.

Optimize the Loading Time That You Have

Users don’t want to wait especially if they are very eager to read a content that captures their attention. The slow loading time is an easy way in losing the visitors that you have in your blog before they will be able to read the content that you have. There is a survey that says that a one second delay of loading in the page response can be equal to the 7 percent of reduction in the conversions.

Every seconds counts that is why it is very important to make sure that your site have an excellent loading time in order to allow your readers to enjoy the things that you have written in your blog as well to gain more visitors that will benefit from the writings that you have.

Therefore, if you want to make the number of your blog visitor’s increase, you should follow the tips stated above. They are very helpful for you as well as for your blog to gain a lot of visitors so try for your blog.