The Opposite of Successful Blogging

failThere is an opposite to successful blogging, which is blogging that drives your readers in the wrong direction. Take a look at this list of things that you can do to drive readers away so that you will have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to achieve truly successful blogging in your blogging endeavor.

1 – Use navigation that is impossible on your website.

If your readers need to read a user manual to be able to maneuver through your website, then something is wrong. People don’t want to have to learn how to use your site- So make it user friendly and intuitive, or don’t bother.

2 – Use more advertising than actual content.

Advertising may serve a purpose, but if there isn’t as much content as advertising, then you’re doing something wrong. When your readers realize it, they’re not likely to stick around.

3 – Forget or refuse to maintain your website on a regular basis.

If your site features information that is outdated or erroneous, it is going to appear as a site that nobody gives a care about. Why should your readers care about something you don’t care about?

4 – Require too much information from your readers.

If you require personal information to give information to your readers, they may actually be convinced not to stick around to read what you have to say.

5 – Attempt to be too “cutting edge”.

While it is good to take advantage of new and innovative technologies, these are actually capable of causing problems with your readers. If your pages are crashing browsers or are too image or technology intensive, they may scare readers away rather than attracting them.

6 – Crash the browsers that your visitors are using.

This one is pretty straight forward. If your website is crashing people’s browsers, they’re NOT going to stick around.

7 – Use sound or automatically loading video on a professional blog site.

If you want people to take your site seriously, then you need to take it seriously too. Videos and sounds that play automatically are a huge no-no if you want people to think you are professional.

8 – Use too many images in your blog.

Images are going to slow down the loading of your page, so too many images is going to spell disaster no matter how you look at it. If you have to have a lot of images -Make them small!

9 – Do not pay attention to any of your readers.

You need to pay attention to what your readers want, and deliver, if you want them to take your blog seriously. If you don’t pay attention to what readers are saying, then why are you even blogging?

10 – Embed entirely too many tables into your blog, or embed frames into your blog.

These things are messy, they slow down browsers, and they’re completely unnecessary. Find a better way to set up your blog.

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#1 aldo on 09.22.10 at 9:33 pm

Very nice. It is obvious stuff, for the most part, I will be honest. The sad thing is, people don’t seem to understand that.

Such as the automatically playing video and audio… How annoying! Sometimes I open 10+ tabs at a time, and have to find which site is making all the ruckus! If the video looks interesting, I will play it myself ;-)

#2 Raj - SEO on 11.30.10 at 6:42 am

The editing part of the topic is done in a good manner. People fail at one or on the other point you had listed here. While every point is necessary when you want to succeed as a blogger, base points to make a reader to stop by is your blog page’s loading time and its look and feel(design of theme and text) and of course your content. ;)

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