The Key to a Successful Blog

So, you have decided to start your own blog. What’s next? Perhaps try different methods for a successful blogging. Literally, there are millions of them out there, each with an imaginable topic. So, how will you make your blog stand out? How will you develop a sizeable and loyal readership?

Blogging is a self-expression and online publishing platform that allows comments and feedbacks. It’s a collaborative communication channel. But, it has never been easier. Since blogging has changed a lot, there are different ways for you to get noticed and acquire wide variety of audience.

The Blogging Challenges

Sometimes, starting a blog is a challenge and some of the most common excuses that you will hear are:

  • I cannot write
  • My ideas aren’t original
  • It should be perfect
  • How do I find the inspiration and ideas?

However, DO NOT let these hitches stop you to have a successful blogging. Follow these practical tips to help you get started.


Initially, make a plan before you put up a blog. Having a good plan is one of the most important elements to make anything successful. Think of the blog essential and thoroughly craft a blog site, making up a complete package. When it comes to site structure and design you need to:

  • State what your blog is all about using the design of your site.
  • Choose your themes and colors wisely.
  • Make an organized blog.
  • Use videos, images and other media.
  • Stuff your homepage using the essentials (e.g. search box, tab linking to the About page, tag and category clouds, blogroll and links)
  • Choose a WordPress hosting. Web hosting is among the main component for a successful website. It can improve your search engine optimization as well as increase sales. There are many different WordPress Hosting option types such as Shared, managed WordPress, Dedicated, Free and VPS hosting. There are also many companies that provide WordPress tutorial especially for the beginners. So, choose the best website builder to easily start and manage your blog.

Create Your Content

It is recommended that bloggers should not just write blog entries, but write compelling articles. Yes, blogging means using specific words, but a successful blogging involves using the right words effectively. It needs proper and enough knowledge of your viewers to know the information and entries they want and need. Study them by keyword search, pay attention to the posts they read, share and comment and ask them things they want to know using posts, threads and forums.


You should engage with your readers. How will you acquire reader engagement?

  • Make them feel that you care.
  • Give them something informative.
  • Stay in the topic or area of your blog.
  • Publish frequently to keep your blog fresh, updated and active.
  • Keep track of what the readers are most attracted in.
  • Give your readers something they won’t forget.

Expand your Outreach

Use social media to reach millions of viewers around the world. Since many people are using social media as part of their daily activities, you can take advantage of it. Create and maintain relationship as well as attract and acquire followers to make your blog get noticed.

Join the Community

Linking to other blogs, participating in blog events, writing guest posts for other bloggers and others are great way to make you the successful blogger that you desired.