The 2 Year Blogging Curse

Blogging can be a very enjoyable thing to do especially if you are so fond of doing it. It becomes easy for you to express your thoughts if you love the things that you are writing. However, there are also times wherein you are not able to write anything simple because you are not in the mood to write and you don’t have the idea yet.

If you are new in the world of blogging, there are a lot of difficulties that you will encounter. You will take up to 2 years in experiencing the blogging curse. This 2-year blogging curse in categories by the following aspects that you can experience in the first two years of your blogging experience:

Blogging Is a Serious Hard Work

Blogging is just a piece of a cake if you are a naturally gifted writer wherein you knows how to attract potential customers as well as on how you are going to communicate value to your readers. You should also know how to establish a nurture leads in order for your readers to become your customers.

Building a blog for 2 years seems that you need to take at least additional 6 months in order to figure out the right tone and another 6 months in order to create a good and remarkable content that can start in attracting readers that are interested in the things that you do. There are also additional 6 months wherein you need to have regular researching, planning, writing, editing, promoting and sharing without seeing a significant result of your hard works.

Therefore, it is not a surprise anymore why there are a lot of people who start in blogging and after 3 months they stop. It only shows why the half of the online blogs today is not active anymore. Blogging is really a hard thing to do and if it is easy, then, everyone should be doing it.

Blogging Takes Time

It takes time in order to create a remarkable content on a topic for Google know that you are an expert. It also takes time to create a relevant search results when there is someone who is looking for something.

Blogging Means You Need To Do Your Home Work

People are visiting your blog because they are looking for information. The things that you provide in your blog determine if they are going to come back or if they are going to forget you. One of the best ways in order to keep your posts valuable is by doing research that is why it is hard.

Blogging seems to have a curse for the newbies because of the difficulty that it provides. However, once they already used to it, they will them realize that it is a fun experience to express the things that you wants to share especially you find it very useful for the people. The first 2 years of blogging is hard but when you get used to it, everything is going to go smoothly.