To Advertise or Not to Advertise?

advertiseWhen it comes to creating and writing in a blog, one of the most important questions that a lot of first time bloggers find themselves asking is whether or not they should do any advertising. The truth is, there is never really a situation where advertising is bad, as long as you are advertising in the right way. There are a multitude of different ways that you can advertise on your blog, including advertising to bring people to your blog, and advertising on your blog to generate revenue through your blogging endeavor. Both of these forms of advertising have benefits, but they also have a small selection of drawbacks as well.

Advertising to Gain Traffic –

Advertising for the purpose of gaining traffic may mean search engine optimization, posting content to article submission websites, putting your blog link in your e-mail signature and finding other ways to spread the word about your blog. One of the most advantageous ways to attract people to your blog is to socialize, commenting in other blogs and facilitating conversations in a way that will attract people back to yours.

The Advantage –

The advantage to advertising your blog is obviously, as it will attract an increase in traffic and readership to your content, attracting more people to see what you are writing. There are plenty of ways to advertise your blog, and many of them are inexpensive or completely free.

The Disadvantage -

The disadvantage to advertising your blog is the fact that it can take away from the time you need to keep your blog updated. Luckily, many forms of advertising your blog can be done simply by writing in it and socializing through it, so you should not feel like you are limited in how much advertising you can do.

Advertising to Monetize your Blog –

This is another excellent reason to advertise because it allows you to generate money from your blog through advertising. If you want to make a little money back from your blogging effort, find out more about affiliate marketing, AdSense and other forms of advertising for monetization.

The Advantage –

You can make back the costs for your blog website and can even generate some extra money on the side without doing much work. Simply writing relevant content will do much of the advertising for you.

The Disadvantage -

Some readers are put off by obvious advertisements. If your blog pages are overloaded with adverts, you may be overwhelming your readers, which can chase them away. Make sure that your ads are visible, but not overwhelmingly so.

Once you know the ins and outs of advertising through blogging, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each, you can make smart decisions regarding whether or not your blogging endeavor needs a little bit of advertising.

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Blog Copyright

Blog Copyright is a simple wordpress plugin by the Blog Traffic Exchange. It injects a copyright notice into the blog footer. You can see it in action on this very site.

The copyright notice automatically updates the year range as time goes on removing the need to ever revisit your copyright once the plugin is put in place…

For example, this website was started in 2008. So between the start date and the end of 2008, the copyright notice will look like this…

© 2008 Blog Traffic Exchange All Rights Reserved

Beginning in 2009 the copyright notice will automatically change to…

© 2008-2009 Blog Traffic Exchange All Rights Reserved

and so on and so forth.

You can adjust a variety of options including the starting year and the rights reserved statement.

I would like to thank Tough Money Love for pointing out the need for an accurate and legally binding copyright notice.  For those interested the notice requirement is in Section 401 of the Copyright Act of 1976. While the display on the copyright notice is not required in order to copyright the blog (thanks to the Berne Convention Implementation Act amending the Copyright Act of 1976), failure to use a notice provides an opportunity to an infringer to claim that the infringement was “innocent” and therefore can reduce or eliminate recovery of damages from that infringed by the copyright owner. This is a particular concern in the blogosphere where copying of content is rampant by folks who claim not to know any better. Use of the notice takes that “I didn’t know any better” defense away.

For this reason alone, not using a proper notice is silly.

For more FAQ about copyright see the US Copyright Office FAQ.


  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload Folder to WordPress Plugins Folder
  4. Activate Plugin
  5. Adjust Options if needed.


BlogCopyight Options

  • Copyright Header — Html to start copyright tag.
  • Starting Year — This is the first year the copyright existed.
  • Org Header — HTML to start organization name.
  • Organization — The name of the organization claiming copyright.
  • Org Footer — HTML to end organization name.
  • URL — Link to the organization website.
  • Rights Reserved — The rights reserved.
  • Copyright Footer — Html to end copyright tag.
  • Automatically Add to Footer — If no or your theme doesnt call wp_footer, then you will need to place the tag: <?php if (function_exists('bte_bc_tag')) { bte_bc_tag(); } ?>



Blog Copyright Options

Blog Copyright Options

Change Log

  • 7/12/09 – 1.6 – Tested and Confirmed on WordPress 2.8.1
  • 1/22/09 – 1.5 – Refactored code to incorporate my learning and to ease long term maintenance.
  • 1/1/09 – 1.4.1 – Better displaying of html in the copyright statement.
  • 12/28/08 – 1.4 – Better html handling within options page.
  • 12/22/08 – 1.3 – Added organization header and footer.
  • 12/22/08 – 1.2 – Added ability to change organization and url. Pushed to into WordPress Repository.
  • 12/20/08 – 1.1 – Release to public.

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Using Article Marketing for a Blog

insertarticlesOne of the most popular things on the Internet today is blogging. In fact, if you notice the trends over the past few years, bloggers have gotten a bit of notoriety and attention even in the news. Bloggers are becoming quite an influential group in the news category and for a business, it has become very profitable.

Article marketing was once a way for people to bring information about a product or even for writers to bring attention to their other work. Today, many savvy bloggers are using article marketing online to direct traffic to their blog and reap the rewards that come with more web traffic.

This type of marketing is perfect for bloggers because there is already a lot of content on your blog that can be transformed into marketing articles. Just get some of the themes or topics that you have on the blog and extend them into longer articles that can be used on the article sites online.

Any business online that is selling a product must use marketing to get the traffic to the website. It is the same principle for bloggers. If you want the blog to get attention and be read by more people, article marketing is a perfect opportunity to bring traffic in a cheap and effective way.

Bloggers are usually pretty knowledgeable about the web and understand how to use advertising on their blogs to make money from the work that they are doing. Article marketing is just an extension of this knowledge. Creating keyword rich articles should not be a problem for the smart blogger.

The first thing that you should do is create a collection of articles for your blog. The articles should be centered around the content of your blog and a good starting number for articles is between ten and twenty five. The more articles you produce, the better your chances of creating traffic to your blog.

When the articles are prepared, you should submit them to the various article directories online and some of the publishers of ezines to get your work out there. These are the places where your articles will start to get some attention for your blog.

Keep going with your article marketing until you have hundreds or even a thousand articles out there in the various article directories. If you don’t have the time for all of this writing, there are article writers out there who can help you with the content.

Over time, you will see your articles bringing the traffic to your blog. The more articles there are out there the more traffic you will see on your blog. Articles will continue to work bringing in the traffic all year long. Keep putting them out there while you maintain fresh content on your blog.

It might take some time to realize the kind of traffic that you want, but over time, your blog will start to gain attention. Whatever your reason for blogging is in the first place, you will certainly be that much closer when you use article marketing to increase your traffic.

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Top Blogging Strategies

Top Blogging StrategiesWhether your blog is about general interest topics like how you washed a crayon in your son’s pocket and there’s a new bank going up in town, or you have a niche blog designed to make money, the same basic blogging strategies apply if you want to be a top blogger.

Post Regularly: You don’t have to post every day. But if you can, do it. Post every other day or 3 or 4 times a week. The more regularly you post (especially if you have good SEO optimized titles) the better your blog will look to the search engines.

Post In-Depth: If you post every day and you’re not fond of writing, this might be difficult. But maybe you can do it twice a week, or even once, and have shorter posts the rest of the time. If your post is long and full of information that almost always makes it better than a short post. First, it’ll contain more keywords and probably help your search engine listings. Second, it’ll contain more information that might lead others to different parts of your blog if you’re linking correctly. And finally, a long post just gives you more space in which to connect with your reader.

Post for the Readers: Search engine optimization is important if you want people to be able to find you through search engines. But if your blog post reads like it was written for a keyword-searching bot, the reader will know it. Make sure you write for those real people who will be reading the post, not just for the search engine spiders.

Connect with your Readers: While it’s important to write for them by including actual content and not just sentence after sentence stuffed with keywords, you still have to engage them. If the contest interesting but written in a wholly uninteresting way, readers aren’t going to be that thrilled. If you’re worked up about the idea of writing, just decide to write like you speak. This isn’t a legal document or a literary publication submission. If your language is pompous sounding, you’ll put people off. Just write in a manner like you speak, and leave the formal language to lawyers and people from the 18th century.

Rein in Your Sales Message: If you’re using a blog to sell something, it’s okay to sell it. You can point it out to people, talk about it, hype it up a little. But you can’t do that all the time. If every post is touting the benefits of your new product, then there’s not much point in people coming back unless they’re already interesting in your product. People interested in your general subject will go elsewhere.

Don’t fill your posts with fluff and then try to sell to people on your blog. If you’re selling an e-book about 100 rainmaking techniques, offer up 3 in a blog post and then lead them to your ebook.

Keeping the readers and their needs in your mind is the key in all the best and most successful blogging strategies.

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Niche Marketing and Choosing a Niche

nicheNiche marketing is a type of marketing that falls out of the normal realm of mainstream business, or that involves focusing on one specific product or one specific type of need that allows niche marketing businesses to boom. Niche marketing is capable of meaning different things to different people because the idea of mainstream is something that can have a wide variety of different definitions. If most of the people do not belong to a certain niche, then you can consider it a niche market, and while this is not the general definition among everyone, it gets the job done. So when you are marketing within a niche, you are generally aiming to target a very limited selection of all of the people out there – So why should you do it anyway?

Here are five reasons for why you should choose a specific niche and stick to it!

1 – When you dive into a brand new niche market, you generally will not have a whole lot of competition to contend with. This is one of the biggest reasons for why people choose niche marketing in the first place, because it makes your SEO much more effective and will allow customers to find you much more easily.

2 – Niche markets can really appeal to target customers, and target customers are generally much more willing to drop money when it comes to having their specific needs met, meaning that by catering specifically to a niche market you can generally earn more income through your business.

3 – Some niche markets, despite being small, are actually quite highly sought after which means that identifying a need that no one else has met yet can help you find a literal gold mine. People who have that need will flock to your product if it really does provide a solution for them.

4 – Niche marketing will make it possible for you to really focus your efforts and endeavors as you will become a true expert within your own personal niche, and you will be able to build a name for yourself this way. You can produce a lot better when serving only a single niche rather than spreading yourself too thin.

5 – Most niche markets do eventually become mainstream types of markets, so if you are willing to work at it hard enough you may actually be able to take your niche market to the mainstream, which will allow your business to grow and expand exponentially. You will skyrocket your profits much better this way than if you were to simply jump into a mainstream market from the beginning. Rather than attempt to cover a serious mainstream market where the competition may simply drown you, put your money into a small niche market that you can grow with, and you will be tromping the big guns in the business in no time at all.

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Blogging Business is on the Rise

20000You don’t have to be an analyst to realize that blogging business sites are on the rise and that it has become the latest career choice for a number of people. In just a few years, the amount of blogs that are currently on the Internet has increased dramatically. While this may seem like it is getting harder and harder to get the attention that your blog needs to be successful, it is actually very good news for those who are looking to blogging for their next career. There would not be such a dramatic rise in these sites if it was not effective and profitable.

It also means that if you are going to start a blogging business site, you have to do the work necessary to gain your share of traffic to your site. If you want your blog to earn money, you must do some crucial research before you begin. Prepare yourself for the naysayers in your life who will try to tell you that you cannot be successful with your blogging career. Just remain focused on your research and the work that is necessary to bring your blog to the top.

If you have not already picked out your niche for your blogging business, you should do some research to find a good subject. Focus your blog on the topic that you choose and resist the temptation to vary your topics or post unrelated information. Your loyal followers will be visiting your blog to read the latest on your particular niche.

In the beginning, it is a good idea to focus your topics to a few defined groups of topics. Stay on track with your blog and give your visitors value and fresh content every time they visit your site. This is what will develop a loyal fan base.

Blog every day for the best results from your blogging business. If you are able to blog a few times a day, do that as well. When you have a frequently updated blog, the search engines will respond. This will help your blog to get to the top of the search results.

As you can imagine, coming up with new posts for your blogging business will become increasingly difficult if you are not passionate about the topic. Those who choose a niche based on the amount of money they think will be generated will find it difficult to stay on track and not become bored with blogging. Choose a topic that you are passionate about so that you can stay interested in the work that is required for your blog.

Remain consistent in your blogging business. To get to the top of the search engine results pages, you must keep your blog fresh and relevant. Most people don’t go past the first couple of pages of a search result and some don’t even go past the first page. Your blog will only get these kinds of results if you regularly post useful and relevant information. If you love your topic, this will not be difficult.

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Design Blog Improvement

blogdesignWhen it comes to blog improvement, one of the considerations that you might want to make relates to the design of your blog, as changing up the design of your blog can also have an impact of the quality of your blog and the functionality of your blog as well. Here are some tips for blog improvement in the area of your blog design and blog appearance.

Blog Improvement Tip #1 – Change the theme of your blog.

Do you remember the last time when you changed the theme of your blog? If you are using WordPress for your blog, then you probably know that there are thousands of different themes that are available for you to use for free. You can give your blog a fresh and new look simply by improving upon the theme of your blog.

Blog Improvement Tip #2 – Consider purchasing a premium theme for your blog.

If you really are interested in upgrading the theme of your blog and you are willing to spend a little bit of money in the process, consider buying a premium blog theme. With a premium theme, what you get is a highly functional and well designed theme and typically support from the theme designer as well.

Blog Improvement Tip #3 – Pay someone to help you with a custom design.

Stepping things up just a bit from the previous tip, you may also want to consider paying a blog theme designer to develop a unique, customized theme just for your website or blog, or if you are proficient enough you can design your own blog. If you are really serious about having a well designed blog, then this is the route that you should take.

Blog Improvement Tip #4 – Get a custom logo designed for your blog.

Another way that you can greatly enhance the appearance of your blog is to add a logo or improve upon your logo. Having a logo adds to the branding for your blog, giving readers and visitors an image that they can associate with your blog.

Blog Improvement Tip #5 – Use images in your posts.

One of the ways that you can easily improve the appearance and the visual impact of the blog posts that you make is to include images in your blog posts. You can find images on Flickr that are shared under creative commons, or you can spend a few dollars buying high quality images from places like Stock Xpert and iStock Photo to add images that are relevant to the subject of your blog posts to all of the posts that you make.

Blog Improvement Tip #6 – Change the color scheme of your blog.

Another way that you can offer a fresh new look for your blog is simply to change the color scheme up. This is something that can be relatively simple, and that often only requires making changes in the CSS file for your blog style. If you need help choosing a color scheme, there are a lot of resources on the internet to help you find complementing colors.

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Should Casual Bloggers Use WordPress or Google Blogger?

bestplatOne of the most popular hobbies and past times on the internet today has to do with setting up and maintaining your own blog. Blogging is all about creating an online journal or diary that people can read and comment on, so there is a huge community aspect to it. Blogging is all about writing down your thoughts, opinions and ideas, telling stories, posting pictures, creating videos and so much more. One of the biggest questions that comes up when it comes to blogging is which platform for blogging is better for a casual blog writer, WordPress or the Google Blogger platform?

Some people really only set up blogs to create some basic entertainment. These are people who simply enjoy writing. They sit down and begin to type, and they don’t worry about money or visitor counts or anything else like that. Blogging is a great way to meet people, communicate with people all over the world, get your thoughts out, and let out your frustrations or elations at what is happening in your life.

There are also people, however, that are concerned with earning an income, gaining traffic numbers and other serious matters, and for these people, understanding which platform is the best to use is much more important, especially when the two choices at hand are Google Blogger and WordPress. One platform, after all, may be capable of garnering more traffic than the other, and more traffic translates into increased profits for these serious Google Bloggers.

So what is the difference between WordPress and Google Blogger, and why and to whom does it matter?

Google Blogger - Google Blogger is a free, simple and quick platform to work with, but Google Blogger does not give much control, so serious Google Bloggers cannot have all of their needs met with this type of blogging platform. Also, because Google has control of your blog, it can be shut down or taken from you for pretty much any reason at all, meaning that you are leaving your work in someone else’s hands, and that’s not really the best option for anyone that is serious about their content.

WordPress - WordPress is ideal if you are looking for a situation that is more permanent in terms of blogging. WordPress does have a free service, but if you want a permanent or long term blog, you should host your WordPress blog on your very own server – This is something that Google Blogger has not made possible! Hosting for your own site can be found for $10 or less on many websites, and with some simple installation, you can have your own WordPress blog, completely under your own control without anyone being able to tell you what you can or cannot say online.

If you want easy, choose Google Blogger. If you want slightly more complicated but with a lot more control as a result, then WordPress is the only way for you to go.

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Ways to Improve Blog Traffic

trafficlightsThere are actually an endless number of different ways that you can improve blog traffic if you know what to do and how to do it. Here are some tips to improve blog traffic by making improvements to your blog.

Improve Blog Tip #1 – Improve your content quality and write better overall content.

The quality of your content is going to be one of the most important criteria when it comes to determining how successful your blog is. Great content is going to make it easier for you to market your blog, and you are going to find yourself being able to improve the entire community around your blog so that other people will begin to recognize the value behind the information that you are providing. Writing improved content will not always be easy, but it will be well worth the time and effort investment.

Improve Blog Tip #2 – Set aside time for the purpose of brainstorming.

Your writing skills are not the only requirement for when it comes to creating good blog content. You are also going to need to have ideas that are original as well as interesting. If you do not have good ideas, then your quality of your content is going to suffer, even if you have the best writing skills around. Make sure that you are regularly setting time aside so that you can brainstorm, coming up with as many different ideas as you can.

Improve Blog Tip #3 – Hire other people to help you write in your blog.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with enough high quality content for your blog, consider paying other people to help you out. There are plenty of high quality bloggers out there that are more than willing to write for you if you are willing to pay them to help you out with your blog. If your blog is capable of producing more money than you are spending, then this is a consideration that is well worth making.

Improve Blog Tip #4 – Publish posts from guest bloggers and writers.

There are many bloggers out there that have learned the trick of publishing guest posts from bloggers elsewhere on the internet in order to get more comments when they cannot afford to pay other writers to write in their blogs. Guest posting is something that is great for everybody involved. It gives you free content, it gives the guest blogger increased exposure and a link back to their own blog or website, and it offers your readers more content as well as a new perspective on the same niche or industry.

Improve Blog Tip #5 – Publish more or less frequently.

If you are not posting a lot, start finding ways to post more frequently. Only do this if you think you will benefit from it in some way. On the other hand, if you are posting too often, try increasing your blog quality by decreasing your blog quantity.

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