Effective Ways to Get Traffic to Affiliate Sites

Traffic is one of the most difficult things to get as an affiliate. How do you get it without wasting your money and how do you get traffic that actually converts into sales or leads? One thing is absolutely clear to any affiliate who gets started promoting products: it’s virtually impossible to make money without a substantial stream of consistent and targeted traffic. Some methods and channels are more effective than others. Let’s take a look at the most effective ways to get traffic to affiliate sites, without going crazy in the process.

Method #1 – Web 2.0 Marketing. What are these exactly? It’s a blanket category that includes everything from article directories like Ezinearticles.com to social and informative sites like Hubpages or Squidoo. These sites can be used to promote your site by building valuable and informative content and then linking back to your main site. If all goes well your web 2.0 properties will rank well in the search engines, get traffic and then you can help direct that traffic from your web 2.0 properties right to your “money” site. You can use these web properties to pre-sell the traffic and get them warmed up for a full on sales pitch, so in many ways this is superior to just sending paid traffic straight to a landing page or blog.

Method #2 – Pay Per Click Marketing. This comes in many different forms. You can purchase traffic through pay per click networks like Google Adwords or even purchase banner space on a site that gets traffic related to your audience or demographic. The idea here is to instantly get traffic, but you pay a premium for it. The only way to make this work is to earn more then you’re spending on traffic. The difference becomes your profit. In many ways you’re simply brokering traffic when you get into paid traffic sources but this is arguably one of fastest and most efficient ways to make big paydays online. Some of the most popular pay per click networks is Google Adwords, MSN Adcenter and Yahoo! Small Business Advertising.

Method #3 – Viral Reports. A great way to get more traffic and get attention that draws in even more traffic is to go viral. This is easier said than done, but once it’s done right it works for years to drive traffic. Depending on your niche write up a short PDF report you can give away on your blog or via mailing list and encourage people to give it away and distribute it. Throughout the report include links back to your site and maybe even an affiliate link. If you put effort into making a quality report that answers a lot of questions or solves a problem, you can expect the report to get distributed and draw in more traffic to your site.

About Author: Jason Acidre is a Marketing Consultant for Affilorama, an affiliate marketing training portal. They provide affiliate marketing education and advanced affiliate marketing tools for beginning and advance affiliates. You find Affilorama  on Twitter.

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