Should Casual Bloggers use WordPress Blog or Blogger?

“Should I use WordPress or blogger platform for my website?” is a frequently an asked question especially from newbies. Blogger and WordPress are two of the well-established content publishing platforms. This article will help you to distinguish which one is best suited to you.


Blogger is a Google owned blogging platform. Over the years, blogger was among the most primitive blogging services and was influential to bring blogging to the mainstream. Many platforms have been created, but blogger still remains popular.

What are the advantages?

  • Since blogger has been around for long time, the stability issues have been cleared up.
  • Thanks to fixed Google AdSense modules, because the monetization is just so easy.
  • Even a caveman can do it, since blogger is easy to get started.
  • If you are a curious type of person, you will not harm the site by fiddling with the backend code.

If you are a casual blogger or a business person who wants to have a simple blogging solution mostly for internal audiences, then blogger may be the right choice for you.

WordPress Blog

In every five websites, there is one running as WordPress Blog. It is the most popular blogging platform available around the world. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for self-hosted blogs through and a free publishing tool through Having a large free themes and plugins library, WordPress offers a full range of blogging solutions for full-fledged businesses and also for casual bloggers. TechCrunch, People Magazine and Wall Street Journal blogs are some of the most well-known blogs that run on WordPress platform.

The Advantages

  • WordPress blog is very flexible and can run everything whether it is an ecommerce store or a video-focused blog.
  • It is free. Domain costs and server are the only expenses that are associated with operating a WordPress blog.
  • It has been around for many years and has also gone through limitless updates.
  • Includes thousands of plugins, in courtesy of its open-source vibrant developer community.
  • The huge theme library will give you access to customize the appearance of your blog to the content of your heart.

For professional bloggers as well as media businesses and companies that needs professional and stable blogging solution, WordPress will match your requirements.

WordPress and Blogger: What Do They Have In Common?

  • Whether you choose WordPress or blogger for your blogging solution, both will need certain working hours to have unique and sharp looking blog.
  • Look great on a mobile device with a dedicated mobile themes
  • Allow to create a static website
  • Visually pleasing

When talking about the advantages of SEO between WordPress of blogger, both are nearly very similar with default installation. The WordPress default installation isn’t SEO friendly, however you can make your WordPress blog SEO friendly constantly using plugins like Yoast SEO.

To sum it up, blogger platform is great for those who are only looking for a simple blog, while WordPress platform is an amazing option if you are opting for a professional blogging, planning to earn from your blog or creating a business blog.