Should Casual Bloggers Use WordPress or Google Blogger?

bestplatOne of the most popular hobbies and past times on the internet today has to do with setting up and maintaining your own blog. Blogging is all about creating an online journal or diary that people can read and comment on, so there is a huge community aspect to it. Blogging is all about writing down your thoughts, opinions and ideas, telling stories, posting pictures, creating videos and so much more. One of the biggest questions that comes up when it comes to blogging is which platform for blogging is better for a casual blog writer, WordPress or the Google Blogger platform?

Some people really only set up blogs to create some basic entertainment. These are people who simply enjoy writing. They sit down and begin to type, and they don’t worry about money or visitor counts or anything else like that. Blogging is a great way to meet people, communicate with people all over the world, get your thoughts out, and let out your frustrations or elations at what is happening in your life.

There are also people, however, that are concerned with earning an income, gaining traffic numbers and other serious matters, and for these people, understanding which platform is the best to use is much more important, especially when the two choices at hand are Google Blogger and WordPress. One platform, after all, may be capable of garnering more traffic than the other, and more traffic translates into increased profits for these serious Google Bloggers.

So what is the difference between WordPress and Google Blogger, and why and to whom does it matter?

Google Blogger - Google Blogger is a free, simple and quick platform to work with, but Google Blogger does not give much control, so serious Google Bloggers cannot have all of their needs met with this type of blogging platform. Also, because Google has control of your blog, it can be shut down or taken from you for pretty much any reason at all, meaning that you are leaving your work in someone else’s hands, and that’s not really the best option for anyone that is serious about their content.

WordPress - WordPress is ideal if you are looking for a situation that is more permanent in terms of blogging. WordPress does have a free service, but if you want a permanent or long term blog, you should host your WordPress blog on your very own server – This is something that Google Blogger has not made possible! Hosting for your own site can be found for $10 or less on many websites, and with some simple installation, you can have your own WordPress blog, completely under your own control without anyone being able to tell you what you can or cannot say online.

If you want easy, choose Google Blogger. If you want slightly more complicated but with a lot more control as a result, then WordPress is the only way for you to go.

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#1 Rebecca on 07.03.09 at 6:27 am

I think it is also noteworthy that doesn’t allow a person to put any kind of ads on their blog. I’m not sure whether or not embedded affiliate marketing is possible (clickbank, for example) but there is no hope with Google Adsense and If someone is looking to have a serious blog they need to host it as well, which means paying for it.

#2 Erik on 07.03.09 at 7:53 am

This is interesting, because I have been working with a couple of friends lately to make the transition from Blogger to WordPress. Their content and blog is TOO good and TOO valuable to be on a domain. So, I have convinced them to pick a domain name and let me do the rest. Sure, they could switch to the platform, but you stiil don’t have the same functionality and freedom of themes/plugins as you do with the full install of wordpress on a dedicated domain.

I think that people like you and me should be helping casual bloggers that are serious about blogging regularly make the switch to wordpress.

#3 Onno on 07.20.10 at 2:16 am

“If you want easy, choose Google Blogger”. Funny, I have come to the opposite conclusion! See my ‘Blogspot vs WordPress’ article on my blog!

#4 Lisa Hill on 08.16.10 at 1:46 am

I agree with Onno. I started out with Blogger but switched to WordPress out of sheer frustration and have since nursed a couple of newbies through startup and it’s much easier, and more intuitive.
The only reason Blogger is so popular is because it is linked to other software like Picasa.

#5 Lora Words on 10.07.10 at 4:01 am

I blog with and recently i made a post about how I was contemplating blogger and wordpress in term of SEO. This is the umpteenth site I’ve visited. Either i blog with or I switch to blogger…I think that; the bottom line

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