SEO Tips for Bloggers on WordPress

peopleThere are several million WordPress blogs that you can find on the internet, but unfortunately the majority of them are not properly optimized for search engines. This article is going to touch on some SEO tips for bloggers using WordPress to host their blog, because with the right tips it is easy for you to make your WordPress blog more search engine friendly.

Here are some SEO tips for bloggers using WordPress:

Make sure that your WordPress blog’s permalink structure is set up to be optimized for SEO. This way, whenever you publish a blog, the URL for your blog post will be optimized for search engines. Every time you publish a blog post, the post will have a permanent URL which is known as a permalink. The permalink option by default is set to something less than optimal, but you can easily change it to better suit your SEO needs. The most ideal website link for your blog posts is http://www.yourdomain/category/name-of-post. This will ensure that your blog post’s category and its title are going to appear in your URL rather than simply a page number.

Make sure that you install the All-In-One SEO Pack, or a similar plugin, which will allow you to better customize your blog posts for the sake of SEO. The All-in-One SEO pack is a plugin that allows you to add in custom titles, custom meta descriptions and custom keyword tags for your blog posts and your home page.

Optimize each of your blog posts for a lower competition longtail keyword. Do a little bit of keyword research before you choose a keyword to write about. Visit the Google AdWords Keyword tool and find a longtail (more than 2 words) keyword that does not have a lot of competition. Choose something with fewer than 10,000 searches per month and write a blog post about this keyword. Use different keyword phrases for each of the blog posts that you write, and make sure that you use the keyword enough times that search engines will rank you for it.

Make use of social bookmarking services in order to bookmark each of the blog posts that you make, such as StumbleUpon and Digg for example. There are a number of other services that you can use as well including SocialMarker and OnlyWire that will make it easier for you to submit your blog site to a number of different bookmarking services all at the same time.

Optimize not only your blog posts, but also your home page as well. Your homepage is likely going to get more traffic than any other one of your blog posts, so make sure that you increase the number of visitors to your home page as well as your individual blog posts in order to achieve the best SEO results.

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#1 Stijn on 10.11.10 at 3:07 am

Also interesting and good for SEO is a breadcrumb plugin. I use the one developped by Yoast. Works fine!

#2 Andrew on 02.06.12 at 9:31 pm

Great tips, will definitely use them when writing for my blog.

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