Review of WordPress Plugin Development

Review of WordPress Plugin Development

WP review plugin is considered the latest and easier manner in reviewing a content. With the many WordPress themes available in the market today, several users are able to write reviews about a particular company or product. The WordPress community has given another contribution to the society where posting and creating reviews is made a lot easier.

Here are 5 of the Best Reviews for WordPress Plugin.

  1. WP Review

This review for WordPress plugin can help your in creating your site as early as possible. WP review provides visitors the complete freedom in coming or visiting the site and leaving a vote. The job of the WP review is to calculate the average vote according to the rating. Navigating the WP review plugin is very easy. What you need to do after installing is to go directly to the settings menu in the WordPress themes dashboard then click the WP review.  In this section, you have the authority to set the default options in whatever setting you like. However, the default options are only applicable if you are planning to use a single or similar detail for all the products. For products that have the same features, you may activate the default options for this case. This will save your time since you don’t have to on the same process for each product in the inventory.

After setting the default options, go directly to the post and write whatever review you want. Make it almost similar as the previous WP review plugin and then locate the post editing screen where you can make adjustments and corrections on your post. If ever the default options aren’t enough yet for the post you created, you may post for additional things there to suit it need. You can choose from three types of ratings which are points, stars and percentages.

  1. WP Product Review Lite

With this WordPress review plugin, you have the access to several features for free tools. On WP Product Review Lite, you have the advantage of making reviews for individual products and rate diverse details or information about each product. In the review, every product would have a list of advantages and disadvantages with a general description box to give you the overall detail about the products. A special feature of this review lite is an option that will allow user reviews. With that, you can decide whether or not the reviews must be considered or counted for display in the final rating of the particular product.

What you need to do first is to look and study the General Settings panel of WP Product Review Lite. There you will see the main settings that you have to go through before even creating the reviews. You can decide whether to put the review prior or after the primary content of the post it is located. You may also choose whether or not your visitors may participate in voting, then set how much percentage of their vote will matter. You may also set the total numbers of pros and cons that your users will have to see. By making changes on the colors, the restrictions of the purchase button and the typography, you can easily identify if there are other things that you have to add or alter. After doing all these, you may now add any post that you want. By using a plain option box, you may adjust the information about the review and this particular WP review plugin will assist you in getting through all the required fields.

  1. Author hReview

As compared to the other WP review plugin, this one is only applicable for the site owners alone. The visitors are not allowed to meddle in the review. Here, rating the products is very simple you only have to use (stars) as a legend. In the main setting page, you will have to go through several options. After doing all the adjustments on the options, find the individual post section and there, you will see the rating box. There will be some added options in the section giving you more information, which your viewer might want to know in the review. If you are looking for a simple tool that would give you the privilege of showcasing your product then, Author hReview is the one that fits you. There are no hassles in using this WP review plugin.

  1. Rich Reviews

The main feature of Rich Reviews lies on its shortcodes. After you’re done with the default settings, the next thing to do is to copy the given shortcode directly into the post or the page itself. Once the plugin is already installed, you may now go to the Rich Reviews options and accomplish the settings. Afterwards, find the Instructions button and read the descriptions in details to know how the shortcodes works individually. The shorcodes has three main types:

  • “form” – add the form in which the users can write comments and rate your products
  • “show” – shows a particular user’s review
  • “snippet” –displays the whole and complete product ratings and the total numbers of users who voted

You may now go over the post where you want to increase the number of reviews and then copy and paste a particular shortcode required in the post. You can use all the shortcodes are  necessary or applicable. Each of the shortcode has an extended version. The expanded versions are designed for users if ever they want to add a particular review to the product.

Through the default options, the Rich Reviews will only display the first three reviews, which are approved for posting. While on the menu options, you may select the order in which you want the reviews to appear. Through exchanging the order of the shortcodes within the post, you may as well alter the order of the form.  One of the best things about this WP review plugin is that the author has the advantage of creating his own review and places it on the site as part of the user’s reviews. Do this by just clicking the Add New Review.

  1. Comment Rating Field Plugin

This one is designed for visitors only. With this WP review plugin, the users may leave their ratings by writing comments. In the menu options, you may decide where to enable the user comments. Under every posts or page, the user can only have an average rating to submit.