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Welcome to the power of relevant chaos.

The Related Websites plugin is the latest to come from the labs of the Blog Traffic Exchange. The Related plugin has been built by a blogger for the benefit of fellow bloggers everywhere.

There is no advertising present on member blogs – only pure, highly relevant links, that enhance the user experience while increasing traffic. Consider the Related Websites plugin as a related posts plugin for the entire blogosphere.

The Related Websites WordPress plugin is released in the GPL. Any blogger with an API key can now easily utilize the plugin to display relevant links from around the web directly on their site and without the tedium normally associated with the process. This is an unprecedented opportunity to increase traffic in an organic way without using spam tactics or anything that could dilute the quality of a blog.

These unique traffic opportunities exist for members and users of the plugin only. Here is the way it works.

After installing the Related Websites plugin, it will auto-install various links to related posts from other “Related Website” member sites, displaying them at the foot of each previously published post.

This is the most elegant, out-of-the-box, and organic method for building traffic and refining your user experience from anything else currently available.

See it in action now on this blog!

All links are randomly rotated both locally per page load and globally every 24 hours, and though a proprietary traffic balancing algorithm rewards blogs who send diverse traffic into the exchange with more frequent placement, relevancy is NEVER compromised.

Membership requirements: In exchange for displaying the related blog posts of other Blog Traffic Exchange members, your blog posts are also displayed on other members’ blogs whenever possible and relevant.

Not only is relevancy never compromised, but ads (in the form of traffic opportunities) are never sold to member blogs.


  1. Requires php 5 and curl
  2. Download
  3. Unzip
  4. Upload Folder to WordPress Plugins Folder
  5. Activate Plugin
  6. Adjust Options to Style as desired
  7. Email kevin at blogtrafficexchange dot com and request a private key for your blog. Please do not forget to include the blog URL.
  8. Be patient, it may take up to 48 hours to review your blog and respond with your key.
  9. Insert key into the Blog Traffic Exchange key field on the options page and save.
  10. Congratulations! Your site is now a part of the exchange. Enjoy the enhanced traffic and happy readers.

Download the Related Websites Plugin

Download the Related Websites Plugin

Membership Terms of Service:

  1. Original content blogs only
  2. No spam
  3. No porn
  4. No warez
  5. No copyright violations
  6. English only (until further notice)
  7. All users must report duplicate content, spam or porn.
  8. You can cancel your membership at anytime by removing the API key. Removing the API key will cause your posts to no longer be served via the Blog Traffic Exchange.
  9. You must display at least 2 (and up to 10) traffic opportunities per single post page.
  10. You agree that your entire post content, title, tags, and category can be used to determine relevance by the Blog Traffic Exchange.
  11. You agree that up to the first 50 words of your post content can be republished so long as your post title is used along with the post permalink to direct traffic to the original publication.
  12. Traffic opportunities offered and clicks on those opportunities will be tracked.
  13. In order to balance the exchange, traffic opportunities will be limited if a source member blog receives more unique traffic than it produces over a 30 day period.
  14. Traffic opportunities are randomized in order to balance the exchange and allow all relevant traffic opportunities a chance at being displayed.
  15. Only connect to Blog Traffic Exchange from approved clients such as this Related Websites WordPress plugin

Click on the link to sign-up for the pro member account. Start your climb to the top today!

Change Log

  • 12/09/09 – 2.8 – Changed Click Tracking to use
  • 10/07/09 – 2.7 – On a low traffic volume site new link requests where happening too infrequently. This update will keep low volume site’s content indexed within the BTE repository.
  • 09/22/09 – 2.6 – Added default thumbnail and webservice timeout.
  • 08/31/09 – 2.5 – Added Settings link on plugin page and removed extra debugging.
  • 08/25/09 – 2.4 – Fixed tagging to prevent array keyword.
  • 06/27/09 – 2.1 – Statistics in Options page & Pro accounts.
  • 06/26/09 – 2.0 – Better relevancy.
  • 05/14/09 – 1.5 – Now With Images.
  • 04/24/09 – 1.4 – Option to only show on single post page.
  • 04/12/09 – 1.3 – Icons added for branding.
  • 03/29/09 – 1.2 – Synchronized beta and public plugin versions.
  • 03/15/09 – 1.1 – Release to public.

Originally posted 2009-03-15 10:00:06. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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#1 Keira on 01.26.09 at 5:24 pm

I am using the beta version of related websites and stores and I have to say that it is great! This is a wonderful idea and I can see this being of great use for other bloggers as well. Tremendous job! Two thumbs up!

#2 Karin on 03.16.09 at 10:41 am

I can’t wait to try it!

#3 Neil on 03.19.09 at 8:34 am

I will be trying this on my new gaming blog.

#4 ImprintVision on 03.19.09 at 8:05 pm

I am using this plugin too, That amazing plugin for traffic, Thanks Kevin…

#5 Claude Gelinas on 03.20.09 at 8:46 pm

Sounds wonderful ; )

When do you expect French blogs to be accepted, in your network? If and when that happens, will you differentiate between Quebec and France-based blogs?

Many thanks!

#6 Frank on 03.25.09 at 9:22 am

Kevin you have been a big help to me. I can’t believe how quickly you responded to my questions.

I was having a problem with activating the plugin because my hosting still uses php4. (

Kevin took the time to not only answer my question but to give me a link to the solution.

For those of you that have here it is:

I did what they told me to do and it works just great.

Thank you for your support

#7 Rank Higher, Make Money! on 03.26.09 at 5:41 am

I am going to check out this plugin, thanks! – Eric

#8 Ian Fernando on 03.26.09 at 3:29 pm

wonder how google feels about this. btw multiple api key per website?

#9 kevin on 03.27.09 at 1:01 pm


I hope google feels just like Jack Humphrey says they will:

#10 Martin on 03.29.09 at 8:15 pm

Kevin, hi,

Everything’s working perfectly – just one suggestion for a future release:

Would it be possible to add an extra option that would allow us to specify related sites (and posts) to be displaid on single posts and pages only? i.e – to prevent them appearing on the front page or pages where there are multiple posts (e.g. search results pages).

That would be a great addition!



#11 kevin on 03.29.09 at 8:22 pm


I will look into an automated way of doing that, here is a semi manual way…

On the plugin options page (Settings -> Related Websites) is some php code for injecting the sites (and for the posts as well). Add that code to your single post template inside the wordpress loop where you would like the links displayed. Once this is done turn off displaying the links automatically from the plugin options panel.

Settings -> Related Websites ->Automaticaly add Related Websites to the content ? Yes/No

Once you have the code on your page switch to No form Yes.

The plugin is meant to allow styling anyway the blog owner would like.

#12 Roseli A. Bakar on 03.30.09 at 7:27 am

This is a great plugin.


#13 Agung on 03.30.09 at 8:28 am

Hi Kevin,
I’ve installed this plug-in in my site. I think it’s great. Would it possible to find out where this engine put our links in other websites?

Thanks – Agung.

#14 Claudia on 03.30.09 at 1:43 pm

This is great… But can’t you do something similar for spanish blogs? :(

#15 Richard on 03.30.09 at 2:55 pm

Great idea for a plugin. Too bad it is just for english websites. I would love if it would be availible also for german blogs.

#16 Martin Malden on 03.30.09 at 4:30 pm

Kevin, hi,

Many thanks for that display option process! Let me try that and see how I go,



#17 Dimitar Tsonev on 03.31.09 at 3:07 am

I find the plugin useful, but I don’t like the limitation for English blogs only.

#18 newbiesblogger on 03.31.09 at 3:22 pm

goin to try this.. huhu I’m really excited to see the result

#19 Serena Brown on 04.02.09 at 9:01 am

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the great plugin. My traffic has increased by 300 percent.

By the way, I found out about the plugin from one of your followers who is also following Alvin Phang.

Great work.

#20 Damian on 04.02.09 at 3:24 pm

Good job with this plugin, works great.

#21 bmwf1guy on 04.03.09 at 12:24 pm

Love the idea and just installed the plugin.

One problem I see is that I have google ads appear in the left top of each post when the post is opened. When I now look at any post, the google ads show in the related websites as well. Looks like google ads are treating the plugin data as a new post.

#22 Jamie Dunne on 04.07.09 at 9:45 pm

Hey Kevin,

This looks like a wicked plugin.. cant wait to try it out.
Keep up the good work.. im off to blog this plugin now..

-JD (Ireland)

#23 Louis on 04.08.09 at 1:52 pm

Could you tell me the best way to monitor the plugin to get some kind of stats on what it’s doing for your site?

#24 kevin on 04.08.09 at 8:13 pm


At this time all metrics are private. I anticipate that individual blog metrics will be made available in a later release.

For now the best way to track the effect is by watching your weekly traffic numbers and by your technorati rank like so:

#25 K on 04.12.09 at 7:09 pm

I’m excited to try it out but I had a problem. Not sure what’s up?

This is the error I got:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in imconnections/wp-content/plugins/related-websites/BTE_RW_core.php on line 349

When I tried to go to the config options, I got this:

Cannot load BTE_RW_admin.php.

Help please =)

#26 kevin on 04.12.09 at 7:37 pm


You are running php4… php4 has reached end of life and is no longer supported. Your host should have already upgraded, but also almost certainly has a way to upgrade your account…

Who is you host and I will find the instructions for you? (Or google can find them too)

#27 K on 04.14.09 at 2:43 am

Yikes. GoDaddy is my host…shame on them! Thanks for the fast response!!! Excited to try this out!

#28 Topmaker on 04.18.09 at 3:32 pm

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the Plugin, this one made it to WordPress Traffic Generating Plugins:

Please review and comment if you like,
Keep up the good work!

#29 kevin on 04.28.09 at 1:35 am

Super plugin that works a treat.


#30 Adrian on 05.06.09 at 7:53 am

Nice plugin, easy to use, works great, thanks.

#31 scaevity on 05.08.09 at 5:43 am

hi, i really like the idea of this plugin, and installed it on my blog (, which is powered by and hosted at (with php5), but i don’t see any related sites on my blog (i got a key already and the plugin is activated). any ideas?

#32 autosfans on 05.15.09 at 12:57 am

Hey Kevin,
Great job,I just waiting for the api key for my new blog,thanks:)

#33 baron on 05.16.09 at 2:10 am

Works great, thank you

#34 Waterpup on 05.16.09 at 9:25 pm

When I tried to install it I got this error message.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /hermes/bosweb/web271/b2711/ipw.waterpup/public_html/wp-content/plugins/related-sites/BTE_RW_core.php on line 495

What do I do from here?

#35 kevin on 05.17.09 at 9:55 am


You are running php4… php4 has reached end of life and is no longer supported. Your host should have already upgraded, but also almost certainly has a way to upgrade your account…

If you google your host and php4 php5 without success a quick support ticket with them will resolve the issue.


#36 The NYC Hypnotist on 05.18.09 at 5:29 am

I’m going to be setting this up into my blog and will let you know how I make out.
It should be easy to see an improvement in traffic to my site.
Thanks for the advice and the tool.

#37 Rob on 05.21.09 at 1:11 pm

Hi….really love the app….but having a few issues…

1)nI am on and it looks like when the application is activated, the server usage goes way up. Bluehost suspended my blog and when I uninstalled the application, everything went back to normal. Have you heard of this before?

2) Also, when I activate the application, I can no longer see my plugins. When I delete the app via the c-panel, my plugins reappear. Any suggestions?

#38 Holly Powell on 05.21.09 at 2:00 pm

I was twittering; I saw; I downloaded; I LOVE this plug-in! I’m not a big fan of overloading my blog with a lot of plug-ins; however, this one is nice and clean.

I do wish; however, the colors of the black and white icon were editable.
But overall THANKS!!!

#39 kevin on 05.21.09 at 9:07 pm


What colors would you like… Send me 2 colors in the RRGGBB format and I will make an icon option just for you :)

#40 Ella on 06.03.09 at 9:19 pm

This rocks. You rock. Thank you for sharing and helping people out. I send you a virtual beer :)

#41 dennishare on 06.08.09 at 11:13 am

thank you :)

#42 joab Ng on 06.10.09 at 10:05 pm

Blog Traffic Exchange is terrific. have installed it. Looking forward to good traffic to my site.:)

#43 Kaingo on 06.15.09 at 6:13 am

Good job with this plugin, easy to use, works great, thanks

#44 on 06.26.09 at 10:33 pm

I have installed-related websites on today and have seen appear to link the other blog. Benefit of this is what I do to see my items appear on other blogs.

#45 RyoBase on 07.06.09 at 9:21 am

Thank you for a great plugin. I’m very appreciate it. Cheers!

#46 Stuff About Life on 07.08.09 at 8:22 am

I like it, but my biggest concern is that it’s slowing down page loads significantly. :( Is that something that anybody else has noticed?

#47 kevin on 07.08.09 at 8:45 pm

The page load time is only the first page view for each post after activation. From that point on the heavy lifting is done and the page loads are normal speeds.

#48 Giovanni Garinian on 07.15.09 at 8:39 pm

Man, this plugin is so exciting but, my blog is in Spanish so that’s the B I G problem. Let me know by email when Spanish Blogs are available to be aproved to the Related Websites Plugin. Greetings!

#49 Stuff About Life on 07.16.09 at 1:30 pm

I found the culprit – Backtype Tweetcount was causing a 15s page load. “Related Websites” has been ruled out as the web hog! Thanks again!

#50 Grace on 07.31.09 at 12:06 am

My friend told me about this plug in. She loves it. I am going to give it a try.
Thanks in advance!

#51 Rafiki on 08.05.09 at 3:23 pm

Have been using this plugin for several months (i’m a bad boy for not applauding sooner). Today, i started experiencing garbled type in the Related Websites section on my home page over on I’m sure it has nothin to do with BTE, however, it made me even more appreciative of the service this plugin has provided to my sites.

#52 kevin on 08.05.09 at 4:32 pm


Deactivate and reactivate the plugin should take care of the problem. Very rarely I have seen this. I think something is getting corrupted in transmission.

#53 zam on 11.16.09 at 8:49 pm

For so long time i try to find this plugin, now a found and straight i’m proceed to install it on my blog….thanks Kevin

#54 keith on 11.19.09 at 5:34 pm

i love the plugin but i use a sticky post at the top of my page and i’d rather not have related websites underneath that first post. is there any way i can do that for just the top post? thanks again

#55 Patrick Kallie on 01.08.10 at 3:10 pm

Thanks Kevin I will be checking this out in the future because I need the traffic!

#56 garett on 02.06.10 at 6:53 am

would this app be beneficial to a home renovation site like mine?

#57 Patrick Freeman on 03.06.10 at 5:15 am


I have been trying to install the related websites plug-in and every time I do, I receive the message “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /home/content/66/4376366/html/_sites/boutsportsreport/wp-content/plugins/related-websites/BTE_RW_core.php on line 513″. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick Freeman

#58 Kevin Gillett on 03.07.10 at 10:15 am

Q: I keep getting a PHP error message, but am unsure why. It says
something about parse and syntax errors
A: You are most likely running PHP4 which has reached the end of its
life cycle and is no longer supported. Your host will almost certainly
have a method to upgrade your account. You will need to contact
customer support.

#59 photowork on 04.02.10 at 3:57 pm

Thank you for a great plugin. I’m very appreciate it. Cheers!

#60 majin22 @ on 04.07.10 at 12:11 pm

I just sent an email asking for a key, I feel like this plugin will make a difference for my wife’s blog

#61 Arlindo Pinto on 04.14.10 at 3:32 pm

Great, but it would be even better if we could use it in portuguese or else….

#62 Sammy23 on 05.02.10 at 3:18 am

The related site tool is pretty cool. thanks.

#63 Greg on 06.29.10 at 7:29 pm

Great plugin. I’ll verify my hosting account is running php5 and then I’ll give it a go and see my results.

#64 Sandro on 11.04.10 at 2:44 pm

Thanks Kevin, it seems like a good concept. Will likely try it out. Just need to verify if it can run smoothly on Bluehost as a user seemed to have a few problems with it.

#65 Kevin on 11.04.10 at 7:35 pm


Bluehost works great. I have several of my sites on bluehost.

#66 Baja Real Estate on 11.21.10 at 3:30 pm

Hi Kevin,
I’m new to blogs. It sounds like a great tool, but don’t I take the risk of having my competition show up on those related sites? When the related website shows up, is it actually a lnk to that site? do they get “juice” from my site?
Your help is greatly appreciated.

#67 Joe on 06.24.11 at 2:08 am

Sounds good to me. Cant waite to try it.

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