WordPress Plugins Related Websites

Plugins for related websites, content, or posts for WordPress blogging are very useful, however there’s a numerous of these available nowadays and it would be very hard for you to check them one by one in order to puck the best. That’s why we took on ourselves in order to check them all for you. Here is an overview of the best WP Plugins for related websites, what they offer, and how to get and use them on your WordPress blog.

What are WordPress Plugins Related Websites?

Before anything else, you need first to completely understand what related websites are and also for the sake of those who don’t have any idea at all. Related websites, posts, or contents blogs are the ones you usually notice at the end of almost all blogging articles. Usually, they can be seen in thumbnail pictures that come with article headlines such as “we recommend”, “related posts”, “or sometimes, “you might also be interested in”.

There are many reasons why numerous publishers show their related articles or posts and that’s to make their visitors stay much longer on their website as well as to increase the page view numbers. Some of the previewed articles, posts or websites are not really related but sponsored content. So, aside from increasing the time of the visitor spent in the website, the widget related posts can also actually generate money for the blogging website or bloggers. Sounds good, right?

Now, the question is how would you get those website, article or content recommendation on your blog posts? The normal answer would be manually going through the older posts, search for the matching ones and add the links and thumbnails at end of the new posts. However, this method is quite difficult especially for the beginner. On the other hand, you are lucky enough to know that there is a much simpler solution for this. You can actually install different WordPress related content or post plugin which can automatically link the recommended the blogging articles below your new blog posts that will do the entire work for you. Here are some examples of WordPress Plugin Related Websites.

There are more than thousands of search results for WordPress Plugin Related Websites and it is not easy to compare the plugins one by one in order to identify which is the best suited to your demand and requirements. But, you very lucky to know that we have already sorted out the plugins and present to you the top 10 best WordPress plugin for related websites.

  • YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)
  • Outbrain
  • WordPress Related Posts by Zemanta
  • Contextual Relations
  • Taboola
  • LinkWithin
  • Shareaholic
  • Content.Ad
  • nrelate (outdated)
  • Contextly

Those blogging plugins for related website aren’t ranked from 1 to 10 as they have their own disadvantages and advantages based on your own requirements. This article will present you the key features of each WP plugins and of course the entire necessary information about them in order for you to decide which one best suits for you.

Features Considered

This is a detailed explanation of each feature. Please note that WordPress Backup must be carried out on regular basis.

Custom Positioning – You are allowed to customize where to place the widget not being fixed only at the end of the articles.

External and Self-hosted – The entire blogging plugin for related websites has different algorithms that randomly decide the related posts to be previewed. The computation of this algorithm requires enough knowledge and resource. Depending on the kind of widget you want to use, the computation can either be done on the plugin publisher serves (External) or Self-hosted, which in other words mean using your own server. In addition to that, the thumbnail images can also be hosted externally or on your own server.

Custom Layouts – Let’s say that you are an expert design wizard and want to have the related posts seamlessly blending with design of your blogging website. Then, a custom layout would come in handy for you if that’s what you desire.

Revenue Generation – Since the introduction of native advertising, an increasing number of publishers on related websites WordPress plugins started to offer other options like sponsored posts. The revenues will be shared to you as the owner of the website.

Requirements – Some of the plugins can only be utilized by websites within a certain reach. However, this was only present in some plugins.

Automated Selection of Posts – Do you want the related website plugins to automatically perform the selection of related posts?

Manual Selection of Posts – Linked to the recently mentioned feature, if you do not want an automatic selection of related blogging posts then you can perform it manually by using this plugin.

Thumbnail and Text Links – You need to choose between the thumbnails and text links to be used in your related posts.

Price – This is always a very hot topic. The good news is that only 1 plugin in our top 10 list can cost you money.

Support on Multi language – WordPress plugins for related websites can do their jobs perfectly at least in choosing related blogging content that is based on the language used. Therefore, for the publishers to have added a multi-language support feature is not trivial it might seem. That’s the reason why not all plugins have this feature.

Registration – For some plugins especially with the external hosting, it is required to have some registration. If you offer ads placement in the sponsored posts, then the registration is necessary in order for you to receive a cut.

Now that you have the overview of the features of best WordPress plugin for related websites, we will still give you a more concrete explanation as to what you should expect in the results. How many page impressions do a WP related blogging website plugin can actually generate? Honestly, it depends. Page impression is greatly dependent on the placement of widget, website layout, quality of the content as well as on how good the recommendation algorithm of plugin words with the contents on your site. That’s why the proper selection of the plugins that is best suited in your website is very crucial in order to maximize the purpose of the plugins.