Best Ways to Find WordPress Related Posts

One of the best and most popular ways in order to increase the visitor engagement on your website or blog is to offer contextually related posts and content in a very attractive way through website builder and plugins. The professional bloggers are often using related posts section in order to fulfill this condition. There are many ways in displaying related content and some publishers prefer the plain link texts while others prefer it along with alluring thumbnails and images too. Obviously, using thumbnails and images works better than the plain text links.

Today, we are going to search for the best solutions that will let the blog visitors to easily find related posts on your WP post pages. One doesn’t need to be a techie in order to create this kind of page section. All that is needed is to have a powerful and flexible website builder and plugin that will do the entire job for you. Lots of plugins were tested and few are only selected which can provide us the best related post section for WP platform. Although the power users can have this section without having any of the plugins, the generals users need to have this one in order to provide their readers some related content. If you have a very small blog archive, then it would be best not to use these awesome plugins first. In order for your visitors to find related posts easily, then you should have these following plugins. It would be helpful, if you can do WordPress Backup on regular basis.

Top Related Posts WordPress Plugins

Related Posts

This website builder or plugin is very easy to use and works really well with the entire responsive WordPress themes designs. This also support thumbnail and images as well as the text snippets for every entry made in the section of related content. By using a handy short code, you can easily enter a related content in the section whenever you want in your current design. This plugin is lightweight and seamlessly work on different types of server environments. Aside from its appearance customization, any user can also customize the number of posts to be posted in the section.

Contextual Related Posts

If you have a very large, text rich blogging archive then it is strongly recommended to try this plugin. As what the name implies, this website builder or plugin can intelligently scan contents and posts as well as find the most relevant posts based on the actual analysis of content. This is many advanced features that are very suitable for the power users in order for them to customize their related posts section completely. The custom CSS support style can allow you to change the standard appearance easily. It’s available both in short code placement and widget form. Also, the bloggers are allowed to exclude contents based on different criteria in order to have the best results.

YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin)

Perhaps, this is the most popular plugin or website builder for related pots with a large user base. It can make related contents from the pages, posts, and custom posts too. This plugin supports both regular listed and thumbnail related content section. This also includes numerous supports for template customization in order to match the section with your current design. Users are also allowed to customize it matching algorithm for content in order to have a fine tuned results. The bloggers can use this plugin and enjoy its numerous awesome features in displaying the related posts in the blog feeds too. This plugin or website builder is also offered in PRO version where you can find more advanced features for a better section for related posts.

Related Posts for WordPress

This plugin has an impressive, lightning fast related posts section. It both support widget and short code in order to ensure that the users can embed the entire related content anywhere in their blog. One can possibly override its automatic selection process of content and manually specify posts to be previewed in the section. Even though you have a huge post archives, this will still work efficiently and effectively behind the scenes in order to lessen the burden on the server resources with its own cache. This website builder or plugin is also available in premium version here it can work seamlessly on multi network site without having any issues and problems.

CP Related Posts

CP Related Posts is a versatile related post plugin extension with lots of options for customization in order to acquire a highly relevant section for related content. This supports automated and manual post option selection for the blog posts. The related posts can possibly be previewed on custom types of post along with custom thumbnails and images. The content matching algorithm of this website builder is quite good and can easily fetch the matching contents. The users are allowed to suppress or remove some content parameters for matching from the selective pages in order to have a find-tuned, better results.

Yuzo Related Posts

Yuzo Related Post has one of the best developer supports available today. It has the entire awesome premium features of other premium plugins and works efficiently with every theme used. This is one of the plugins that has the RTL out of the box support. This also has a useful option for visit analytics in order to see how your related post section is performing. This website builder has both horizontal and vertical option alignment in order to make it fit in any kind of website design. The users are allowed to customer almost all elements of related post section in order to fit your personal needs. This also offers exclusion of blog post categories where the related content is needed to be hidden.

WordPress Related Posts

This has a little similarity with YARP. WordPress Related Post is one of the most popular plugins that is used by numerous WordPress bloggers. When composing your posts you are allowed to manually choose the best posts from your archives suggested by this plugin. The customization appearance support of the related post section is supported by the website builder or plugin itself. This also includes support for caching for a much better performance in a shared-hosting environment. WordPress Related Posts include many styles of previewing related posts that can be implemented depending on your own preference. This also works perfectly with responsive templates and web designs.