Old Post Promoter



Randomly choose an old post and reset the publication date to NOW. Promote older posts back to front page and RSS feed.


== Installation ==

1. Upload Old Post Promoter Plugin to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Click OPP Settings or Configure and Complete Options Setup


Wordpress Plugin

Old Post promoter Plugin


You should make desired selections from the above OPP Settings options screen, and click “Update OPP Settings” to save the selections made by you. Details of available options have been given below.

OPP Settings / Options

  1. Minimum interval between old post promotions. Allows you to determine how often the plugin will automatically choose and revitalize a blog post for you.
  2. Randomness interval.  This will be a contributing factor in – when the posts are randomly chosen and revitalized in your WordPress Blog.
  3. Post age before eligible for promotion.  This option allows you to designate, how old a post must be at the very least in order to be eligible for the post promotion process.
  4. Promote post to position. Selecting the 2nd position will leave the most current post in first place.
  5. Show original publication date on the post. Will add the original publication date to the bottom of your revitalized posts if you choose to.
  6. Show original publication date at the top of the post. Will add original publication at top.
  7. Categories to omit from Promotion. Posts from omitted categories, will not be republished.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Isn’t that duplicate content? =

Ans. No. The original post has the publication time stamp changed. There remains only one copy of the post.

Q. If you change the time stamp won’t that affect my pretty permalinks which include dates? =

Ans. Yes it will. Did you read the warning? This plugin should no be used with permalink structures that include dates. This is yet another reason why you should not use such a structure.

Q. Your plugin is so cool. I want to get rid of dates from my permalink structure, how do I do it?

Ans. Glad you asked… Remove Dates from Permalink Structure

What is the plugin page? Old Post Promoter Plugin (OPP) for WordPress Blog by Blog Traffic Exchange.

Q. Do you have other plugins?

Ans. We are working on updating below plugins. When released, you will find them on WordPress Plugins by Blog Traffic Exchange

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One of the important responsibilities that a blogger needs to understand is how they can ensure that their WordPress blog post continues to live on. And having old WordPress blog post doesn’t mean that it has to die or that it has to be taken for granted. However, if you are planning to promote an old blog post instead of creating new content, you must have the knowledge on how to give excellently old blog post with a new life that will generate constant traffic and will create a strong online exposure for you.

Here are some of the few ways and tips on how you can get readers and online visitors to head over your blog site and promote old blog post effectively.

Promote Old WordPress Blog Posts, without Old Post Promoter Plugin?

  • The power of Social Media

One of the top and the best way to promote older blogs is with the help of different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stumble Upon and others. Social media is also a primary way for you to keep updated with the Google algorithm. You can either promote it by sharing at least once each post in Stumble upon or Facebook. You can also have your Twitter followers re-tweet your posts to get a better output and maximum exposure. Facebook can also help you promote your old blog posts by joining to various blogging communities or you can also join groups where you can share old blogs to your page.

  • Interlinking

Internal linking or interlinking is another effective way to optimize old blog post for OKC SEO (by means of anchor text) purposes. You can opt to add maximum interlinks to your new post so that you can increase your chance of driving more traffic to your old posts. Try to search for keywords or key phrases in WordPress Blog posts, and then link them. In this way, you can help reduce bounce rate while your visitors enjoy your blogs. Plugins and related posts widget will also help you automate the process.

  • Recycling Your Old Posts

Though this task is somewhat difficult to complete but the end result will surely guarantee you success. What you have to do is to recycle old killer post to your homepage by changing its date. However, this tip is not for all, if you have permalink that already has its date and time, this is not applicable for you. Recycling or updating old post must be implemented/applied occasionally, so that your WordPress blog visitors/readers will not be confused.

  • Do not repost frequently

Reposting your older post again and again, can easily damage search engine rankings. So to get a better place on SEO, make sure to avoid reposting older post verbatim.

  • Roundup Posts

Roundup post works by publishing a post every weekend or every end of the month, thus which comprised of all popular or trending posts of that month or week. The great thing roundup posts offer is that they give you an instant spike on your WordPress Blog regular page view. One of the best way to do a roundup is by posting a category wise content (ex. the latest trend, issues, etc.).

  • Videos/Images can help improve SEO

If your old WordPress blog post lacks the charisma to attract visitors and read its content, then it might be good for you to add or create video to upgrade/optimize your WordPress blog post. Visitors wants to gain a worthwhile online experience when they visit your site, so if they found out that your content is nothing but a plain text without any engaging on it, there is a great possibility for them to leave your site without a doubt and look for another one that is more interesting and engaging. Any video or images that make sense or have an emotional value relevant to your content can help you attract visitors effectively. Thus engaging them to your blog and leaving a positive impression in their minds.

  • Update your old blog post

Aside from internal linking and connecting to social media, another way to promote old post effectively is by means of upgrade. There are numerous ways on how you can upgrade your old posts and this includes the following (WordPress Backup must be performed on a regular basis):

  1. Change the titles of your old blog post: to boost your traffic and have a better page view, make sure to write a headline that will contain a better keyword and good title. Focus on the blog posts that are giving you a good search traffic and create powerful or interesting headlines for them- you can also make use of Google analytics to seek for you most traffic old post and webpages. NEVER change your permalinks (URL) or else you’ll get a 404 error page.
  2. Promoting through Email list: any successful website will not be profitable without the help of email list. Once you got a loyal subscription list for your blog site, rest assured that you’ll not only get more traffic but you can also promote your old post without even looking like a spammer. Another good thing about email list promotion you can send as many newsletters you want just by changing your headlines. No need to write a lengthy newsletter whenever you promote old blog post, just write a powerful or remarkable headline that creates curiosity among readers to open your email.
  3. Commenting to other blog post: giving a comment to other blog post will also give you an instant boost in your traffic, specifically when you have backlinks on whom to follow. You can either seek for a blog that matches the blog content that you have, then add comment with link back to that WordPress Blog post so that they can allow your link in their page.

Promoting blog post is one great way to maximize your exposure online and generate traffic for your site to gain greater revenue. Always remember, your blog’s success doesn’t only depends on the number of blog posts you posted on your blog, instead it is measured by number of people/visitors reading it. So be wise on executing the following ways on how to promote your old blog post and gain positive result that you want for your blogs.