7 WordPress Blogging Tools to help Bloggers

Many bloggers look for new tools in order to help keep their blog functioning and look better, from the tools that make their images attractive to the apps that help trigger some inspiration. As a blogger, there are different blogging tools that bloggers should utilize to have a successful business.

A Few WordPress Blogging Tools for Bloggers

Bloggers and other individuals have lots of questions about the things one should use to have unique and successful blog. There are certain blogging tools that can make your life much easier. The following are some must have blogging tools that you can use and apply.

  • WordPress – WordPress is most popular and number one tool for the bloggers. This is the most popular blogging platform.
  • Business Plan – Most businesses have their own plan, and you should have also one too. If you do not know where you like to be, then how will you know to get there? This is the basic, yet important thing you need to consider. If bloggers will observe, there are some business owners who start their business, but failed in the end. Not because they did not have an amazing talent, work ethic or ideas, but because they did not have a plan. Make your goals and write down steps in order for you to reach those goals. This will help you to focus your time and energy, as well as keep you on the track. Also, this is how you can reach full time salary in just one year of blogging. By planning wisely, bloggers can undoubtedly do it.
  • Planner – Every person needs a certain tool for tracking their goals, business plan and create an editorial calendar. There are lots of people who use things such as spreadsheets, editorial calendar plugin and Google. Whatever bloggers prefer, you need to have one where you can see at glimpse what series you’ve planned, due dates for the sponsored work, to-dos, goals and many others.
  • Set a budget – When you already have an idea of your expenses and income, bloggers should set a budget. If you earn more, chances are you can be able to adjust the percentage you have putted back in your business. In such cases, you can have a good idea which methods and sites work best for monetizing and which to set loose. Also, set a budget for your investment. Emergency fund is also recommended in case your site gets hacked or other related issues.
  • Camera – Beautiful images on your blog is one of the important things that set you apart from other competitors and helps to make your site look professional. Clearly, a good DSLR camera is very ideal. However, not all people have the skills or budget to purchase this immediately. There are many brands of camera with lots of filters, settings and capabilities to choose from.
  • Plugins – Bloggers need plugins, the one which will be most valuable to you that depends on the kind of blog you have. When looking for the best plugin, find one with many good reviews and that is updated.
  • Yoast SEO

Those are some of the must have tools for blogging. By knowing and applying them, you can be a successful blogger that you want.