Misspelled SEO Keywords (pt 2)

speechlessContinued from part one.

While it is true that some websites are going to correct you if they think you meant something else, but this is only if a word you entered is more commonly spelled in some other manner. If the word isn’t suspected to be spelled wrong, how will the searcher benefit?

Here is something else to consider: Even when the search engine knows that a word is being misspelled, it is still going to return results. So it may be saying “Did you mean misspelled?” when you type in “mispelled”, but it is still going to display results with the misspelled word in place. So who knows if there’s a company, a person or a place out there that is spelling their name differently from yours? Your valuable visitors and traffic may be going somewhere else because they were looking for you but they mistakenly found someone else instead. The search engines are going to return results whether they perceive the word to be misspelled or not. Would you rather appear in the search engine results page when the keyword terms are spelled correctly, or incorrectly as well?

While many people using search engines may simply click on the top link and then continue to search using the right spelling of the word, there are also users that are probably not going to do this. They will choose, instead, to forge ahead, and to select whatever site appears first on the list regardless of whether or not the words are being spelled correctly. When all of your words in your content are spelled correctly, and you are only optimizing your content for the words that are spelled properly, then those users are never going to find your content because they only see the results that are spelled improperly. Is this a big deal? Is this going to affect you in any way? The most important question to ask you is this: How many visitors are you losing?

Anyone is capable of making a mistake: This truth has never become more evident than it has online. Casual surfers online are creating misspelled words all the time, to the point where businesses are learning how to capitalize on the most commonly misspelled terms and words. These companies are focusing on common misspellings in order to sweep up all of the traffic that would be accidently diverted away from them. They are enjoying a great increase in traffic as a result of this. Think about how quickly people are surfing online, and you will more than likely realize that there are likely to be misspellings occurring with every passing moment.

People are misspelling product names, city names, celebrity names and even common words, and these misspellings are happening constantly and all over the world. How can you ensure that they help you gain traffic rather than hurting your ability to attract people to your website?

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#1 Matias Leiva on 11.25.09 at 5:56 pm

I have a awesome experience with misspelled words through seo ranking.

It can be very profitable and most people sometimes do not realize they mis-spelled a word they were searching for.

Thank you for this great post.

#2 Home Biz’preneur on 12.31.09 at 2:53 pm

One frequently overlooked method to exploit misspelled words is to purchase a domain name that contains them. That way you don’t have to worry about having your website look unprofessional and sloppy by using misspelled words in either the headlines or body text.

In fact, I use this trick myself with my blog’s domain (Home-Base-Business.net) which is an obvious attempt at exploiting the much harder to optimize for keyword phrase “home based business”.

#3 Concrete Floor Coatings on 03.03.10 at 8:27 am

We don’t go searching for misspelled words, but we do see people misspelling to find us, so we capitalize on this fact.
So for us its not an SEO trick, just pure raw data of a local area, which gives you a true picture of what people are typing into their search query.
btw nice article!

#4 Network Marketing Lead Generation on 02.08.12 at 1:18 pm

Well, maybe the best solution for this problem is to registrate all domain names which contain mispelled words of your company and maybe redirect those domains to your real website.

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