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writtingIn the past, people that were trying to rank their website in search engines would make use of misspelled search engine keywords because they wanted searchers to find them even if they were incorrectly entering certain keywords. Today, most search engines now automatically offer suggestions that are designed to correct these misspellings in search strings, and yet many websites are still trying to focus on ranking for misspelled search engine keywords. Why is this? How is ranking for misspelled search engine keywords going to affect your website traffic?

It is completely common for people to make minor spelling errors when they are searching for things online. When typing in search engine keywords, typing in a misspelling used to mean that people looking for your website would be unable to find it. Luckily, things have changed and now most search engines are making suggested spellings when certain words are spelled in correctly. For example, should someone be searching for “search engine optimization” and accidently type “search engine optimisation”, a search engine like Google would ask “Did you mean “search engine optimization?”

You may spend a of time in the process of web writing, trying to make every single page on your website perfect by ensuring that the phrasing is right and that all of the working is perfect. How long do most searchers online spend when they are typing keywords into a search engine? Misspelled keywords and errors in grammar are absolutely common, and they are actually also the source of many nightmares in search engine utilization. So, what is the nightmare in question? You may end up seeing your website located on the very bottom of a search engine results page, even when your keyword density is spot on.

Within a single region as well as across the globe, you are going to find people that pronounce and spell words completely differently than one another, as well as differently from you. People tend to spell things in their very own fashion as well, and sometimes this is going to skew their search engine results. In many cases, they may not even realize that they are spelling something wrong or making any mistakes while they are entering information in online. Places, names and buildings can be commonly misspelled within a search string, but many additional keywords are also wrongly typed including some that are innocuous. Is your website attempting to cover these keywords as well?

But wait a second – Aren’t many major search engines putting a fail safe in place for just this occasion? Aren’t these search engines becoming so user friendly in this day and age that they can pick up on accidental spelling errors, correcting them automatically?

Continued in part two.

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#1 John Paul Aguiar on 03.24.10 at 5:38 am

Greta tips.. I have done this on some PPC ads with great results..also adding a “.” has worked too

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