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blogreaderIf you are serious about creating a blog that is productive and earns a lot of feedback, then you need to understand who your ideal blog reader is. Blogs need to be proficient at target marketing in order for them to be successful, and what this is going to mean is that you need to know who you are meant to be targeting in order to reach the right readers. Who is your ideal blog reader? Which blog reader will benefit the most from what your blog has to offer them? These are vitally important considerations for you to make not only while you are setting up your blog, but also while you are writing in your blog, because every post you make is a targeted marketing endeavor whether you realize it or not. So who is your blog reader, and how can you better fine tune your blog to their needs?

The first key here is to know what group of people you are writing for. You cannot write your blog to please everyone, but instead you need to have a specific market or a subset of a specific market that you should be aiming to please, and this is your readership. What are you talking about in your blog? If you are writing about pet care in your blog, then your readers are going to be people that own pets, people who like pets, or people who are planning to own pets in the future.

One you have identified the main market that you are catering to with your blog, the next step in knowing who your ideal blog reader is, is to fine tune your approach toward that market segment. Are you writing about all pets in general, or specific animals? Are you writing about grooming for pets, feeding pets, the care and housing of pets, or all things relating to pets? These questions will help you figure out who your reader is. If you are writing about a specific type of animal or a specific type of pet care, then your readers are likely going to fall into this specific subset of the market. If you change the focus of your blog to another pet, or another area of pet care, you may lose readers because they will no longer be finding what they came for.

Knowing who your readers are is an important part of making sure that you are catering to their needs at all times. When your readers feel as if their needs are being met, that is when you can make sure that they will keep returning time and time again for more valuable information. While blogging should be done on a subject that you feel passionate about, it should also be done on a subject that your readers are passionate about as well for the best results.

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