Is Twitter Account More Important than WordPress Blog

It would be kind of impossible to find whether your Twitter account is more important than your WordPress Blog? Both of these have their own benefits, which are hard to be compared.

Your Twitter Account vs WordPress Blog

Twitter Account or WordPress Blog? If you are a blogger, you are probably searching for best ways to become even more popular in the world of Internet. If that were the case, then social networking sites such as Twitter would be very helpful in increasing the number of readers of your blog. Most people today are looking for blogs that are worth reading because this is the best way for them to find their needed information, and at the same time find some entertainment as well.

Bloggers and users of social networking sties like Twitter share the same question in mind when it comes to one, which is more important. Both are very important and it is up to the bloggers to use the one that they feel convenient, at the same time one that would benefit them the most.

Twitter Account

Followers on twitter do mean a lot. Having great number of followers would benefit the user because this the most powerful tool when it comes to purchasing brand compared to other social networking sties.

Considering that Twitter is a place where everything happens, open account would help the bloggers out there to make the most out of it. They would be given the chance to have a more meaningful and engaging conversation with different people who maybe the potential readers of their blog. In addition to that, the open nature of Twitter would allow you to tweet and at the same time determine the sort of different options for entertainment.

WordPress Blog

Improve the SEO of your website. If you are running a company and having a hard time reaching your target and potential audience, then blogging would be a great help to get what you are aiming for because this would allow you to become more visible in the Internet.

Enforce brand and become an expert in specific field. Compared to social networking sites like Twitter, blogging is more effective in enforcing brand and at the same time help the bloggers become expert in what they are doing. This would let you to enforce stronger connection with your own readers and encourage them to return on your site.

Increase the website traffic by inbound links. This is very much important for the readers to go through the main parts of the website that you have. Together with the SEO, this would allow increase traffic within the website and most of all on the length of the time that your visitors spend on the website. You can also gain numbers of new readers and customers as one of the best results of your WordPress blog.

No matter what the kind of tool you are using to in order to promote, what matters the most is the way you deal with your audience. Twitter and WordPress blog have positive and negative side and it is up to you to choose which would give you more than what you need. Choose the one that would cater what your needs are, because this is an effective way for you to get satisfaction and most of all sense of accomplishment more than what you expect.