Increase Blog Traffic with Google Analytics

When we set our blog up, there are times that we often ask on how we will be able to increase our blog traffic for our blog posts. There are a lot of newbies who does not know why blog traffics and setting up Google analytic on their blog is important. Below are the explanations that can help them understand this thing.

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that is offered by Google in order to give the site owners the information about the visitors that you have in your blog. It includes the new visitors that you have, the length of time that they spend on your blog, the number of pages that they visited as well as the source on how they are able to get an access in your blog. It is free to sing up for this tool but you should have first have a Google account.

It is very important to optimize the old content that you have in order to increase your traffic. Search engine optimization is a practice wherein each bloggers should follow in order to make their blogs friendly for search engine.

Google Analytics is very easy and simple to use because of the amazing statics that it provides. It helps us discover the pages that are scoring the most traffic on the blog. When you sign up in a Google Analytics account, you should click the ‘view report’ of the website that you want to make use. You will see in the left tab the ‘Content Tab’ that you need to access. Google Analytics by default is going to bring you the data from the last 30 days that you can change by just clicking on the date as well as by changing the range of the dates. You will be able to see the ‘top content’ at the screens bottom that have the pages wherein you got the most traffic in the range of the selected date. Click for the ‘view full report’ in order to have an access on all of the pages that have the most traffic.

In case you don’t recognize each pages because they are in their permalink, you can click on the arrow that can be found on the left of the link in order to find out this pages. Click the ‘entrance source’ in order to discover the majority of the traffic that is coming in your blog. You can also see ‘entrance keywords’ that you need to click.

By increasing your blog traffic with the use of Google Analytics, you will be able to see the type of search that your visitor have as well as the length of time that he spend on your blog. Google Analytics is very helpful because of two things—it monitors you blog and it allows you to get the top search engine optimization in Google. This tool is just free so you can register on it easily and have it in your blog in order to monitor the things that are happening in your blog.