How to Get Advertisers for Your Blog

advertiseIf you’ve got a blog with enough traffic, you might want to monetize the space by drawing in advertisers. If your blog is new, it’s going to be a hard sell to get people to want to advertise on your blog but you can do it.

Whether your blog is new or established, you’ll want to draw up a pitch. This should include a page that shows where the ad would be and how big it is. Even if you’re brand new, if you pitch to an advertiser they’ll need this information. Don’t worry about setting a price. You have no idea how valuable the ad space is going to be them yet, most likely.

Go to other blogs that have similar content to yours and make a list of the people who are advertising there. These are the advertisers you want to contact and make pitches to. They obviously buy ad space in blogs like yours, so they’re an easier sell than someone who might offer products or services that your readers can use but who don’t advertise in blogs.

You can do one of two things at this point. You can offer them free space for a limited time, say a month or two, or you can offer them ad space at a very low introductory rate.

Free Blog Ad Space: If it sounds crazy to offer an advertiser free blog space, consider how much that space is worth to them. If you’re a blog with high traffic, then just show them your stats and offer them a price. But if you’re new or you have low traffic, offering them a free short-term spot can entice them to try it because they’ve got nothing to lose.

Use a plug-in to track how many hits the ad gets and to track page views and statistics if you’re not doing that already. Then before the free time runs out, if the numbers look good enough then present the advertiser with those numbers and offer them a price to continue the ad.

Low Cost Ad Space: If you’d rather try a very low introductory offer, the principle is the same. You offer low cost ad space, and when the traffic starts to improve and their ad is getting more hits, then you raise the ad space rate. If the traffic is worth it to them, they’ll continue the ad.

You can actually increase your chances of gaining advertisers by really focusing the content toward those advertisers, making good use of keywords. By doing this, you can try one more approach.

Send people to the potential advertiser’s website without approaching them first. Use good keywords and targeted traffic to attract people who would want to click on that link. Track your statistics, and after a month or whenever the numbers are looking good, present the potential advertiser with the business you’ve sent them to show that you know how to send traffic to advertisers (and inherently they know that you could send the blog traffic to their advertisers instead).

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