How to Create a Killer Landing Page

Are you planning to promote or sell a product using your WordPress blog, but don’t know how to create a killer landing page?

A Killer Landing page is needed if you want to direct your readers or potential customers to more information. It is widely used by many online businesses to promote their product and/or service. Why? Because landing page is highly effective, displays high conversation rates and what’s more? It is easy to make. A well-made and professional landing page can absolutely bring you LOTS of sales in just a short period of time!

Here is How to Create a Killer Landing Page

Well, that is what this article will tackle about. Whatever product you are going to promote or sell, success will rely on the effectiveness of the content and layout of your landing page. Generally, each marketing effort done online is a grouping of technical stuff matched with the unique practices appropriate to the effort. It also applies to a custom landing page.

So, get started and use the following simple process to create a powerful landing page.

Start with a Goal

Purpose or goal of a landing page is the first thing that needs to be paid attention with, but most landing pages failed to do.

  • What particular service or product you’re going to promote or sell?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How does your landing page solve the most common issue of your prospects?
  • How are you going to direct them to your landing page?

These information and research will serve as a basis for building your business generating page.

Be Concise and Make Them Short

Avoid using lengthy content that will only fall your readers asleep. In short, make it concise and write a killer headline that will attract their attention. Have a clear call-to-action and use a bulleted list for the benefits. That’s it.

But when including bullet lists in your landing page, use custom lists which contains image as the bullet. Similarly, white space and typography greatly helps in designing a killer layout that does not repel the reader. The fonts used for titles, headlines, sub headlines, key sections alignment and margins should be designed with a great care.

Testimonials Can Make a Big Difference

Although there are many active landing pages converting very well even with no testimonials, adding them can definitely give a big improvement to your current squeeze page. Presence of testimonials can become more important if your product is new and includes a decent price.

Eye-catching Graphics or Image

In this case, a picture is certainly worth a thousand words, since it communicate the ideas faster and easier than text. Knowing internet visitors, most of them don’t like to read, especially a long content.

Social Endorsement

Generally, people carve for social proof, that’s why endorsement is very powerful.

Benefits, Not the Features

It is not about what you do or sells, but how can make the lives of your visitors becomes better.

Social Endorsement

Generally, people carve for social proof, that’s why endorsement is very powerful.


There’s no way to determine what calls to action should be used? Headlines and marketing approaches will work best if you test them. Use website optimizer to test the important elements of your landing page.