How To Create a Killer Landing Page

landingtestingby John Tumbler, guest blogger

The landing page is the first page of your website where a visitor visits. Each website/company has its own landing page where they are driving all their traffic even if they are unaware of it. A visitor can reach your landing page either from Search Engine Results, online advertisement, email marketing or any other method. Therefore, creating a killer landing page can put a remarkable effect on your conversion rate and can increase your online sales or can help you in fulfilling your other desired goals which you want to attain through your landing page.

Tips to Create Killer Landing Page that Sells:

Custom Landing Page for Each Offer: – You need to create custom landing pages targeting a specific offer. The title and text of the ad which send visitors should be similar to the landing page. Don’t send all your traffic to your homepage or to a page which contains information about other offers too as these things can deviate the user mind and your conversion rate could be low.

Clear Call to Action: - Your landing page should have clear call to action which you want your visitor to take. A call to action could be to purchase a product, providing information or any other thing you want your visitor to do.

No Unnecessary Information: – Your landing page should contain only that Information which is required for your visitor to take decision and to perform desired action. Don’t fill your landing page with unwanted information as it can distract your visitor mind and you won’t be having a good conversion rate.

No Distractions: - There should be no distractions on your landing page as it can put your visitor in confusion and change his decision. Don’t put any distracting navigational links. Landing page is not for browsing the site it’s for conversions.

Keep it Simple: - Keep your landing page simple. Avoid using lot of images and Flash. Tests had shown that such landing pages have poor conversion rate.

Effective Sales Copy: – You need an effective sales copy which can push your visitor to take desired action. The content of your landing page should be short and straightforward. Break big paragraphs to short ones and use effective titles.

Easy To load: - An idle landing page should load in less than 8 seconds. Many people in remote areas are still using the dial up connection. Your landing pages should be able to load quickly even on slow connections.

Test, Modify and Test again: – Testing a landing page is very important to understand the behavior of your visitors and increase the conversion rate. It’s always good to create multiple landing pages for a same campaign and then see which page converts most. After that you can make more improvements to that landing page and test it again.

John Tumbler is a freelance writer who writes on Landing page optimization, gadgets, Technology and Internet marketing.

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#1 Oli Gardner on 03.23.10 at 2:31 am

Hi John,

I like your simple and clear approach to the subject of landing pages. It’s a rapidly evolving concept that’s been missing from every marketers toolbox for a while.

You cover most of the main points here nicely, but I’d another quick point in there:

Message Match
Your landing page can be beautifully designed with excellent copy, a stunning hero shot, a lead gen form the exudes brevity and a free eBook giveaway that’s nicely written. But stepping backwards up the funnel, if your upstream ad isn’t closely connected to your landing page USP (Unique Selling Proposition) then you’ll lose a lot of prospects through message mismatch. This is critical as failing at this point wastes your PPC spend and makes you feel like your landing page is inadequate.

Always work on your advertising and your landing pages together as every misdirected lead is money wasted.

Lookig forward to your next post.

#2 John Paul Aguiar on 05.24.10 at 5:01 am

Great tips. Where were you few mnths ago when I made my Twitter book landing page lol

#3 Ben Myers on 06.21.10 at 8:10 am

This is a great, general how-to for building a new landing page and you control the URL, but what about when you don’t control what the landing page is, such as for organic search?

Sometimes, writers focus on SEO content and forget about the other aspects like converting visitors once they arrive. It’s difficult to take all these factors into account and produce something that reads nicely and converts.

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