Hosting your own Blogs Carnival

carniThere are plenty of different ways that you can participate in a blogs carnival in order to increase the traffic to your blog. When you are just getting started, you may want to consider submitting your own posts to the blogs carnival publishers so that you can increase your readership. You also are going to want to consider looking at things from the other side of the spectrum, which means hosting your own blogs carnival so that you can increase your website and blog traffic even more dramatically.

Consider hosting a blogs carnival

This may sound a bit counter intuitive at first, and it may not make a lot of sense if you are wondering why anyone would want to link to other blogs, especially potentially competing blogs. What you are doing are showing the readers for your blog where they can go in order to get more and more valuable information on the subjects they are looking for. What you are doing in the process is becoming an authoritative resource for these people by showing them that you are truly plugged in to the topics and the trends of the specific subject that you are trying to sell.

As far as people just leaving your website to visit the other sites, this is not what your readers are going to do. If your blog has value, then people are going to stick around and read what you have to write. If your blog has no value, then people are not going to stick around no matter what, so do not worry about your blogs carnival stealing your traffic. There are always going to be a percentage of people that come to your blog and immediately click a link and move on. Why not direct these people to the right place where they should be going?

You may be feeling a little skeptical about why it would be a good idea for you to host a blogs carnival so here are some suggestions:

  • First of all, you are going to see other bloggers and authors visiting your blog since they want to participate in your blogs carnival. They are going to want to see the submissions that they made included on your blog. The authors are going to have a difficult time not coming to visit your blog and bringing their friends and colleagues along as well.
  • Second, people are also going to link to your issues of your blogs carnival. They are going to want to show their readers to your blogs carnival issues because you are collecting good, valuable information on a subject that relates to them. So if you are serious about building links and traffic, why are you not hosting your own blogs carnival?

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