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lappyWhy should you have to pay for obtaining traffic to your blog? There is no reason why you should spend a lot of money making your blog friendly for readers, considering that some of the best ways to get blog traffic are free. Attracting free blog traffic can easily net you traffic that is just as high a caliber as paid blog traffic, so spend your money someplace else. Here are two sure-fire ways that you are going to attract free blog traffic, meaning that it will not cost you a penny to bring people to your blog.

1 – Optimize Your Posts for Readers

Simply put, you need to be able to write posts that people are going to want to read. This is something that should come to you as common sense, and yet many people reach out to search engines while forgetting that they have real readers with real interests. You need to use the principles behind writing good online copywriting in order to create headlines and copy that are actually interested to the people that are reading.

If you make a habit out of writing posts that people find to be enjoyable, then these readers are going to reward you in the form of returning to your blog pages on a regular basis.

Your posts should be made to be conversational, topical and pithy. You should make them short and you should stick to a single topic with every post. You should also aim to write regularly and often as well, so that both the readers and the search engines are going to visit and revisit your blog more and more often.

2 – Optimize Your Posts for the Search Engines

Here are some of the most important rules that you need to follow when it comes to getting your posts listed in search engines for the keywords that are most important to you:

1. You need to make sure that the URL of your blog contains the primary search engine keyword that you are looking to optimize for.

2. You need to make use of the primary keywords in the title of every single post that you make, meaning that your titles should always be keyword rich and keyword-driven.

3. You also need to make use of your primary keywords in the body of your post, as well as your secondary keywords. Keep in mind that when using keywords, you want to write keyword-driven content, and keyword-centric content, without writing content that is clearly stuffed full of inappropriate keywords. Write content that centers around the keywords so that the content flows naturally for the best results.

4. Finally, you should use your keywords within the anchor text of any links that you place in the body of your posts. This will give the keyword more emphasis for search engines that spider your website.

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Great post! My problem is with keywords, your post made it more clear to me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Frank Osorio

#2 on 05.11.10 at 2:49 pm

great tips. I needed this reminder.

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