Q: Why isn’t my plugin working?

A: Have you inserted the key yet? Please add the API key in your plugin settings and save your settings.

Q: Why won’t the plugin work on my new blog? It is working fine on the first blog where I installed it.

A: Each key is generated for a specific site. Additional blogs require additional key requests.

Q: I have installed the plugin and activated it, but haven’t yet received my key.

A: You must email me at Kevin@BlogTrafficExchange.com with the name and URL of your site in order to receive a key. Keys are delivered within 48 hours.

Q: I keep getting a PHP error message, but am unsure why. It says something about parse and syntax errors

A: You are most likely running PHP4 which has reached the end of its life cycle and is no longer supported. Your host will almost certainly have a method to upgrade your account. You will need to contact customer support.

Q: Why am I seeing a blank page or a php error mentioning the word “curl” ?

A: Your server does not have curl installed. Please install curl, or contact your hosting provider for installation.

Q: Does the Blog Traffic accept any sites that aren’t in English?

A: Unfortunately at the present time, the Blog Traffic Exchange is only accepting sites that are in English, though we do have plans for a multilingual service in the near future.

Q: How many posts does my blog require for eligibility into the exchange? 

A: In order to maintain the blog traffic exchange’s high level of quality, we cannot allow sites with less than 30 posts into the exchange.

Q: Does the Blog Traffic Exchange accept blogs that carry duplicate content?

A: No. BTE traffics only high quality original content.

Q: Does the Blog Traffic Exchange sell links?

A: Absolutely not. The Blog Traffic Exchange offers relevant content to enhance the experience of the reader, while always applying author attribution where appropriate.

Q: What is the difference between a member account and a Pro account?

A: All pro accounts receive full access to link details, enabling them to see the flow of traffic in both directions. Pro accounts are allowed to run at a traffic deficit creating extra traffic opportunities. Pro accounts can black list sites.

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