Do You Need a Blog Sitemap

There are 2 types of sitemaps: the HTML and the XML. The first one is your blog’s page that lists all the other pages of your blog. On the other hand, the XML is the one that can only be seen by the search engine. The only difference between the two is that the latter contains additional information. Sitemaps are very helpful for it is capable of keeping even the pages that buried deep to just a few clicks away from the blog’s homepage.

The XML sitemap contains the list of the URL as well as some additional metadata about these URLS. This helps the webmasters in informing the search engines about the pages available for crawling. That way, they would be able to crawl the site intelligently. The web crawlers then discovers the pages from the links in the site. The sitemap then supplements the data in order for the crawlers to pick up all the URLS. The use of the protocol of sitemap does not guarantee things such as the web pages being incorporated in search engines. However, it helps by providing web crawlers with hints that would help them in crawling better to your blog.

What are the situations where you need a blog sitemap?

  • Your blog contains pages that cannot be easily discovered by the Googlebot during the process of crawling. For example, say it contains pages that are rich in Flash or AJAX.
  • Your blog are new. New blogs often contains only a few links and there is a need for it to be well linked. When it is well linked, then the Googlebot would be able to crawl in the web using the links that are found from one page to another. Moreover, it makes it easier for them to discover it.
  • Your blog contains a large archive. If your blogs have large archive of pages containing contents and if these pages are not well linked to one another or if ever they are not linked with each other in any way, then you definitely need a blog sitemap.

The 3 situations mentioned above are just the common situations where your blog might need one. In case it does not fall into any of them, then it might not be of any help to you and to your blog. There are even people who said that it did the opposite for them because they found it to be a cause why the rate of the crawling process has decreased. The reason for this one could be because there might have been no need for Google to crawl into the blog for it to discover the internal pages within.

Knowing when you need a blog sitemap is important for it could have an impact to your blog. Moreover, if ever your blog has the same situation as the ones mentioned above, then you need to have it as soon as possible. Using a sitemap is a great idea if it is capable of helping you as a blogger in any way.