Critical Mistakes in Keeping Blog Visitors

Don’t let all your effort, time and money just be wasted by acquiring one mistake that can ruin the rest of your blogs. Just like what you always hear “prevention is better than cure”, knowing your mistakes beforehand can save you and your blog from keeping your blog visitors. Remember that your visitors will determine the success of blogging, so it’s a must to keep them within your reach through avoiding the below enlisted critical mistakes

Mediocre Content

Content is the main factor that will determine whether your blog visitors will visit your blog again or not. Mediocre content might mean having rambling and too lengthy post filled with lengthy paragraphs, sentences and keywords, having content that is too complex, refurbishing the same thing all over again, or just spun contents and any other elements that will not catch viewer’s interest and will just waste their time.

Headlines Writing Mistakes

The headlines have the ability to capture reader’s attention from wide array of the same topic and keep them reading the whole content. Factors such as negative-phrased headlines, curiosity gap, the length, power words and the sub title plays a critical role in the efficiency of writing eye-catching headlines. Some bloggers overlook the power of headlines in keeping their visitors. Pay attention on this and make sure headlines should effectively play their role which is to promote your content.

Choosing a non-reliable Platform and Hosting provider

If you want to constantly acquire substantial traffic, it will help to settle with platforms, which are capable of managing higher traffic volumes and to those which are helpful in maintaining a fresh content with great speed or responsiveness and have adequate storage speed and bandwidth as well as great technical support for not that tech-savvy user. WordPress Hosting is today’s most popular platform that acquires all the qualities of the best platform. Most WordPress bloggers already benefit from the ease, convenience and wide array of advantages it contributes in keeping blog visitors. There is also WordPress Tutorial to assist you regarding technical matters.

Your Website Builder, for beginners is a special case for this will determine the outcome of your blogging. A good website builder, with great features as well as great design can initially grab the interest of viewers and can keep them for long.

Having Platform that is Use for Advertising

Viewers know that blogging is one way to promote products and boost sales, but you don’t have to make this obvious. Your business and your blog are different, however are related things. Too much advertising can give and leave an impression that you are just after the sales, when it must deliver meaningful and high quality content to viewers.

Not asking

Remember that each viewer has their own opinions. Allow them to express their opinions and even ask questions through a comment box and actively respond to each to keep them feel worthy and valued. If you like to take further feedback, you can ask your viewers to take online surveys.

Forgetting images

Visual stimulation often encourages viewers to read your content. This also adds excitement to your content and prevents tediousness on it, but make sure you only incorporate appropriate images that are relevant to the content.