Creating and Hosting Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are meant to round up the contents from various websites. These are beneficial to blog owners for if their posts have been featured in a carnival, then they would be able to gain more exposure as well as traffic. Even bloggers could also host their blog carnivals. Here are the step-by-step process of creating and hosting them.

7 Steps for Creating and Hosting Blog Carnivals

  1. Create a name for the carnival

This is very important for it would be the one people would be using to find it. Moreover, it also serves as a clue as to what topics does the carnival covers. This makes it easier for people to know the essence and the content of the carnival itself.

  1. Register it

Look for a website that allows you to create a blog carnival such as the, which is one of the best places for this kind of blogs and register on it. It would help you organize its contents. With it, you would find it easier to create and acquire all the articles that were submitted automatically.

  1. Create a blog

The blog would serve as your archive to the edition you have created. You should not post the entire edition. Instead, just post links and short abstracts.

  1. Create a guideline and mission statement

Create a guideline stating who are allowed to host the editions. Moreover, it would help people know what kind of articles could be included in it. The mission statement would serve as the goals for the creation of the blog carnival. That way, you would only receive submissions that are within your interest and chosen field. Thus, it could help you save more time later on.

  1. Create a logo

The logo would also help in identifying the field you have chosen and the field you are interested in. This would be like a preview that tells what the carnival is all about. You could be as creative as you can in creating the logo. However, you should remember that the logo would represent the entire. Therefore, the logo should make sense.

  1. Recruit bloggers

You need to recruit individuals who are willing to participate in your carnival. There should be bloggers who are more than willing to submit their articles to you. This one is very important for without them, you would have a harder time launching it because you might need to search by yourself about interesting posts and uploads related to your chosen field.

  1. Wait and work hard on it

Having a single edition is not enough for a reliable carnival needs to have at least 10 editions. However, you should not pressure yourself and rush things just so you could say that your carnival is reliable. You should also be patient and wait until you have enough content for your carnival. You should also accept the fact that it would take time for people to get to know about your carnival.

The main essence of a blog carnival is helping people find the best articles regarding their topic of interest easier. Moreover, by hosting it, you are also helping your co-bloggers in promoting their work.