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nookAre you beginning a brand new blog? One of the first decisions that you are going to want to make is where you want to put your blog, and then you are going to need to choose a blog niche. One of the best ways to get your blog started is by using the WordPress software, but hosting it on your own website is a lot more free and open than if you were to host on the WordPress website. You can literally get your blog set up in a few minutes when you use the WordPress software. If you want to host your WordPress blog niche website on another website besides then what you need to do is to find a domain name and to find an appropriate hosting company. Both of these things are capable of being sourced at really low costs if you know what to do and where to look.

Domains – There are a number of different registrars that are available when it comes to registering your own domain name so make sure that you do your research so that you can choose the one that is going to be best for you. Choosing a domain registrar means choosing one that has an interface that is easy to use and also a low or affordable cost. When choosing a domain name, make sure that it relates to your blog niche and make sure that you are using one of your most valuable primary keywords in order to get the best results. In some niches this may not be as easy, but when you consider how vitally important it is, it should make sense why you should take the time to achieve this. Choosing a clever name doesn’t hurt, but don’t spend too much time setting this part of your website up – You need to get to the good stuff!

Hosting - Just as there are a number of different domain registrars, there are also plenty of hosting options for you to choose from. Make sure that you are conducting good research and look to see what other people say about the option that you do decide to go with. Once you have your hosting and your domain name, find out about installing WordPress on your site. Many hosting companies offer a one-click option for word press, meaning that it will be installed automatically for you with the click of a button and only a little bit of required information, such as where you want your posts to go.

Choosing a blog niche and setting up your WordPress blog doesn’t have to be hard in any sense of the word. Once you know what you are doing you can really allow your blog niche to take off.

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