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Adding click to call (click2call) capability to your blog will enable users to call you directly from your website. Clients, buyers, or shoppers no longer need to leave your website or even their computer to initiate a phone call.

There are settings to control the looks and feel of the click to call widget so that it can be aesthetically integrated into your site. This widget is powered by the Ribbit developer API.


  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload Folder to WordPress Plugins Folder
  4. Activate Plugin
  5. Signup for a developer account at
  6. Create a Ribbit “App”
  7. Copy credentials from Ribbit App into admin options for plugin
  8. Adjust Options to Style as desired

Optional Ribbit Voicemail Setup

If you want to send initiate the call to a voicemail box that will transcribe the email to text and then email the transcription. You will need to do the following.

  1. Download Kermit and login
  2. Add an email device with the following flags: notifyvm, mailtext, notifymissedcall, notifytranscription, and attachmessage
  3. Request a purpose number (either us or uk at the moment)
  4. Test the click to call. This will result in an email with the number of the voice mail call in number.
  5. Block your caller id (*67 on sprint) and call the call in number. Default pin is 1234. You can now set the name, message, and voicemail pin.

Click to Call in Action

Enter your number:

Powered by Click to Call

Download the Click to Call Plugin

Change Log

  • 05/11/10 – 1.4 – Added Call Volume Limits.
  • 03/16/10 – 1.1 – Release to public.

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