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Blog Search Engine Optimization

searchBlogging has become a truly popular form of media for the sharing of ideas, the facilitation of communication and other methods of collaboration on the internet, and as a result it has generated a great amount of interest and buzz traffic to all kinds of different website. When it comes to creating and maintaining a blog from an internet marketing perspective, things like blog search engine optimization become vital because they pave the way to attracting new people to our web pages.

By building a blog and providing readers with informative and useful content, you can gain your own personal following of readers that subscribe to what you write and return time and time again to see what you have to offer. From this readership base you will be able to create all kinds of additional buzz by providing links to websites, services and products and anything else that you wish. However, even if your blog is one of the best in the world, if nobody is capable of finding your blog then you are only going to be writing for yourself because nobody is ever going to see anything that you have to say. So what you have to do in addition to simply writing your blog is that you have to have a strong and sturdy blog search engine optimization plan in place as well.

The goal of a blog search engine optimization plan is to make your blog as findable as it possibly can be. Here are some ideas for how you can make this happen:

1 – Your blog articles need to be search engine optimized as part of your blog search engine optimization campaign. This means you should be using the right keywords without overusing your keywords, and you need to properly utilize HTML links in the resources section of each of your articles as well.

2 – You need to submit your blog articles to other websites as part of your blog search engine optimization campaign. You should join websites like Go Articles and EzineArticles and submit content to these websites for syndication so that you can create additional valuable links to your website while building authority on the web.

3 – Third, you need to make sure that your blog is being indexed as part of your blog search engine optimization campaign. This means that your blog should be pinged as well as crawled by websites that are designed to index blogs. Some examples of these sites are Zimbio, Ping o’ Matic, Ping my Blog and Blog Digger, but there are many others out there. The more you find and ping, the better the results will be.

4 – Finally, as part of your blog search engine optimization campaign you should be registering with blog search engines, checking your rating to see how you compare. This will give you a foundation for improving your blog.

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10 Steps to Start a Blog

bloggingIs this your first time starting a blog? Here is a ten step checklist for starting your own blog.

1 – Choose a subject –

Determine what it is that you want to blog about. You need to have a concept before you can start writing about, so that you can appeal to the right niche. Your blog will die if you do not take the time to come up with a good subject that you can blog about.

2 – Title –

Come up with a title that is catchy, entertaining and easy for people to remember. Make your blog title catchy and interesting if you want it to attract readers.

3 – Buy a Domain Name –

Now you need to buy a domain name that is both easy to remember and related to your title. Domain names really matter in this day and age because they let potential readers know what your site is all about. Once you have a title and a subject, you need to create a domain name that will help readers find your site.

4 – Choose a blogging platform –

Try considering both your needs and your budget when you consider blogging platforms. Some blogging platforms like blogger are free or inexpensive, while others cost a little more but offer greater benefits. Another excellent blogging platform is WordPress, which is free and easy to use.

5 – Find a Web Host –

Unless you are hosting your blog on someone else’s server, the next step is to find an adequate website host. You need to find a web host that is reliable and offers the benefits and level of service that you need in order to get the most out of your blog.

6 – Find a flexible theme –

Not only do you need to find a flexible design theme, but you need to find one that you can easily edit to make your own. The design of your blog is part of your brand and concept. With a little CSS and HTML know how you can take a nice theme and really make it your own.

7 – Sign Up for Web Analytics –

With web analytics, you can figure out if you are doing the right thing, and if you are attracting the right people to your blog. Web analytics give you the stats that you need to determine what’s hot on your blog, what’s not hot, what most people are coming for, and which posts are more useful than others.

8 – Make your first post –

Let readers know what your blog is going to be all about.

9 – Start putting together real content –

The real challenge is creating real content on a long term basis. Research your facts, be sure about your information, and share your opinions, giving real content to your readers.

10 – Socialize, build relationships and readership –

Now that you have content, start socializing, meeting people, building readership and really getting your name out there. This is the fun part! Have fun, make friends, share information and build readers in the process and you will be good to go!

11 – Join the Blog Traffic Exchange

Once you have 30 or so posts the Blog Traffic Exchange will help grow your blog. How?

  • WordPress — Follow the instructions to install the Related Websites plugin.
  • Any other platform? — Coming soon.

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How To Create a Killer Landing Page

landingtestingby John Tumbler, guest blogger

The landing page is the first page of your website where a visitor visits. Each website/company has its own landing page where they are driving all their traffic even if they are unaware of it. A visitor can reach your landing page either from Search Engine Results, online advertisement, email marketing or any other method. Therefore, creating a killer landing page can put a remarkable effect on your conversion rate and can increase your online sales or can help you in fulfilling your other desired goals which you want to attain through your landing page.

Tips to Create Killer Landing Page that Sells:

Custom Landing Page for Each Offer: – You need to create custom landing pages targeting a specific offer. The title and text of the ad which send visitors should be similar to the landing page. Don’t send all your traffic to your homepage or to a page which contains information about other offers too as these things can deviate the user mind and your conversion rate could be low.

Clear Call to Action: - Your landing page should have clear call to action which you want your visitor to take. A call to action could be to purchase a product, providing information or any other thing you want your visitor to do.

No Unnecessary Information: – Your landing page should contain only that Information which is required for your visitor to take decision and to perform desired action. Don’t fill your landing page with unwanted information as it can distract your visitor mind and you won’t be having a good conversion rate.

No Distractions: - There should be no distractions on your landing page as it can put your visitor in confusion and change his decision. Don’t put any distracting navigational links. Landing page is not for browsing the site it’s for conversions.

Keep it Simple: - Keep your landing page simple. Avoid using lot of images and Flash. Tests had shown that such landing pages have poor conversion rate.

Effective Sales Copy: – You need an effective sales copy which can push your visitor to take desired action. The content of your landing page should be short and straightforward. Break big paragraphs to short ones and use effective titles.

Easy To load: - An idle landing page should load in less than 8 seconds. Many people in remote areas are still using the dial up connection. Your landing pages should be able to load quickly even on slow connections.

Test, Modify and Test again: – Testing a landing page is very important to understand the behavior of your visitors and increase the conversion rate. It’s always good to create multiple landing pages for a same campaign and then see which page converts most. After that you can make more improvements to that landing page and test it again.

John Tumbler is a freelance writer who writes on Landing page optimization, gadgets, Technology and Internet marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization Keyword Analysis

keywordsKeyword analysis is an important part of search engine optimization or SEO, because your keywords will play a vital role in numerous different facets of your website design, creation and ongoing development. Before going into the details about what keyword analysis is, you should first understand a little bit about the SEO process, or how it is that SEO works. The main steps that are involved in the search engine optimization process are to map out a keyword strategy, to optimize the structure of the website, to develop the optimized content and web pages, to launch the link building and advertising or promotional campaign, to analyze the results, and then to refine those results to create even better results.

You should understand at this point that the first step in any good SEO campaign is the keyword analysis step, as this helps to map out what your plans are for the entire search engine optimization campaign. You want to analyze your keywords and then map them out in relation to your website theme and website content. There are a number of different tools available on the internet that will make this process infinitely easier, and Google offers several for you to choose from. Some keyword analysis tools cost more than others, so make sure that you shop around and choose an answer that will suit you not only in capabilities but also in price as well.

You can start off by using free tools for keyword analyzation on your website. Two of the best tools to begin with for this purpose are the external keyword tool from Google, and the free Word Tracker tool. Any time that you are planning a new website you should use these tools to come up with a main keyword phrase that represents the entire theme of your website, and then you should break it down into sub keywords and keyword phrases that come with less competition attached to them. This is possible with the external keyword tool from Google. When you load up the web application, you just have to enter your main keyword phrase into the box and click a button and you will get a whole host of different keyword ideas that you can play around with.

You should be brainstorming in order to find out what keywords and keyword phrases best suit the main keyword phrase for your website, coming up with a sizable list in the process. Next you should discover the core keywords that relate the most closely to the theme of your website. Next you are going to want to create a cluster of keywords, using some low profile keywords to dilute them. Finally, you should be adding this cluster in to your articles and web pages in order to improve the keyword ranking for your web site and in order to improve the search engine optimization for each individual web page.

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Increase Blog Traffic with Google Analytics

googleanalyticsAre you wondering if it is really possible to increase blog traffic through the use of an analytics tool? How is such a tool going to be responsible for bringing traffic to your blog? Analytics tools are not actually directly responsible for increasing your blog traffic, but if you use such a utility correctly, you could indirectly boost a great amount of targeted traffic to your blog no matter what stage of development that it is currently in. There is one very powerful tool for analytics that stands out above the rest and is vital for your blog. This incredibly accurate and completely tool has come to become the standard all over the internet: Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics tool will play a vitally important role in the process when you decide to increase blog traffic for a number of different reasons. Most notably, it is going to tell you exactly what type of traffic you are attracting to your website. It will be able to tell you if your traffic is direct traffic, referred traffic or traffic generated through search engine results.

Google Analytics will also give you a lot of truly vital information about the visitors to your blog. It will tell you if they are unique visitors that are arriving for the first time. It will tell you how long they visit the site. It will tell you what your bounce rate is. It will tell you what type of browsers are being used to view your website, and even what countries visitors are coming from. Finally, Google Analytics will tell you what keywords are being used to bring people to your website, which will tell you whether or not your keyword research is paying off.

All of this is going to play a role in increasing blog traffic for your blog. Without a blog analytics tool like the one that Google offers, you really will not have any idea how many people are visiting your blog or how long they are visiting for. If you do not know where they are coming from or how they came to arrive at your blog, how can you fine tune your marketing approach to increase your traffic in the future? The more you know about what drives people to your blog, the better able you will be to fine tune your approach to attract even more traffic.

Without Google Analytics, all of this information is simply lost. Do you want to be flying in the dark, or do you want to effectively increase blog traffic for your website? There is no reason to play guessing games when you can have the information that you need right at your fingertips for absolutely free.

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