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How to Get Blog Readers

readerMany people start blogging and just assume their blog will have readers. They don’t promote much, just with a few social networking and bookmarking sites, and maybe with a few comments in forums. They just assume that if their content is interesting, people will come to their blog. Those blogs usually don’t last very long.

First, if no one knows your blog exists, who’s going to read it? Social bookmarking and things of that nature can help, but you won’t be able to attract many readers solely through those channels unless you have thousands of “friends” on each site or you’re famous already.

There are a number of things you can do to attract readers to your blog. Do them consistently while you’re writing good, interesting content and your readership will grow.

You can wait for search engines to index your blog-this happens automatically with search bots-or you can go ahead and submit your site to search engines. It can show up quite a bit faster if you actually submit it.

You’ll want to bring your blog to the attention of people who might be interested (without making it clear that’s all you want to do) so find places these people hang out, and get the word out. Let’s say your blog is about digital photography. You probably already frequent a number of sites and forums related to that topic. If you’ve already been posting or commenting in a related forum, that’s even better.

Make a few knowledgeable blog posts about the topic or reply to some other posts and include a link to your blog. This isn’t allowed on every forum, so know the rules. With most forums, even if linked signatures aren’t allowed you can put a link in your profile which you may be able to direct readers to. Just don’t drop in and post links.

Another top way to get blog readers is by writing articles about your topic and submitting them to article directories with a link back to your site. And don’t forget one of the best free advertising techniques for blogs or any website, your email signature line. Instead of just your name and your email address at the bottom of every email, add a link to your blog and maybe a very short description.

If your signature line is 12 lines long with 9 links, most people will overlook it. But if you have just one link to your blog it’s more noticeable and many people will check it out. You can go into your email program and add the link to your regular signature so it shows up automatically every time you send email.

Be sure that each blog post is title properly and contains some relevant keywords. Never title a post, “My boring Saturday,” and go on about how you couldn’t find anything to photograph. Make sure photography, digital photography, photography hobby or other relevant keywords are in the title and throughout the post. This makes it easier for web searches to find your blog and read it.

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10 Benefits of Hosting your Own Blog

trafficIf you want to create an edge over many of the other bloggers on the web, then one of the best things that you can do is host your own blog. There are a number of benefits of hosting your own blog over having some other service host your blog. Here are ten of the most prevalent benefits.

1 – Professional Appearance –

Hosting your own blog gives your blog a professional appearance, because you can use your own domain name or website name and can host your blog on your own website. If you do not host your own blog, you will have a lengthy blog URL which will make it appear less professional and will make it more difficult for readers to recall the name and website for your blog.

2 – Design –

Another benefit of hosting your own blog is the fact that you have a lot more freedom regarding the design. When you host your own blog, you do not have to follow a pre set design but can design your own blog layout instead.

3 – Recall Ability –

By hosting your own blog, you can make your blog easier to recall among readers. What address do you think is easier to recall, http://www.blogsite.com or http://blogsite.blogger.com/~blogname? The easier your domain name is, the easier it will be for readers to recall it, and this is one of the greatest benefits for hosting your own blog.

4 – Content Control –

While there are not normally really strict guidelines regarding content, when you have your blog hosted by a blogging network, your choices in content can be restricted. By hosting your own blog, you can have much larger control over your content.

5 – Security –

By hosting your own blog on your own website, you can have more control over your security, and will be better able to protect your own blog rather relying on someone else to do it.

6 – Brand Promotion –

By hosting your own blog, it will be easier to develop and promote your own brand. Even if you are not selling something, hosting your own blog will provide greater individuality than what shared hosting can offer.

7 – Revenue Generation –

When you host your blog with someone else, you have less control over generating revenue. When you host your own blog, however, you have much greater control over how you generate revenue online.

8 – Growth –

While starting on a blogging network makes sense, if you want to grow your blog, you need to go independent. By hosting your own blog, you can create a much larger level of growth over time.

9 – Site Integration –

By hosting your own blog, you can integrate your blog with your website, rather than having to create a completely separate website from your blog.

10 – More Traffic –

Hosting your own blog will also allow you to generate more traffic, because your posts will be easier to find in search engines.

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Creating Blog Entries

writingWhen it comes to running a blog, the owner needs to be able to regularly generate content. This task comes easy to some, but for many, it can occasionally happen that the ideas stop coming. Failing to post for a little while can be detrimental to a blog’s traffic, so the site owner needs to be sure to have a steady flow of traffic. There are a number of ways in which the site owner can generate content, below are a few ways to do so.

Learn from others –

Watch blogs that are similar to yours, finding out what they are posting about and learning more about what is interesting and worth are relating to the constituents of your blogs. There is a lot that you can learn from other blogs, so look to industry experts and other bloggers and see what you can glean from them when it comes to creating blog content for your own endeavor.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds –

By subscribing to RSS feeds you can come up with plenty of new blog topics and subjects to write about. Read other blogs and find out about current news, events and other hot topics that will allow you to get a better feel for what needs to be discussed in your blog.

Talk with other Bloggers –

Ask questions to other bloggers as to job information, how they come up with ideas and other similar subjects. Talk with other bloggers and you will get an excellent idea of what is going on out there, and even more importantly, how you can generate more content for your blog. Open yourself up to conversations with other bloggers in your niche or industry and you are bound to come with all kinds of ideas for content.

Visit your past and read your blog history –

The best way to know what to write is to look back in time at what you have already talked about. You can also find entries which are in need of revisions or that you can update. If you have written about something in the past that could be touched on again, reference the old blog post with a link and update your readers with new relevant information.

Invite a Guest Blogger –

It can be a good this to invite a blogger who is an expert in the same or related field as your own. Inviting a guest blogger will allow you to add content to your blog without necessarily having to write it yourself. Expand your blog with content from other bloggers and attract more traffic to your site.

Hire a Professional -

Sometimes, you just need the article written and the best way to accomplish this is to hire a blogger. If you are having trouble coming up with content for your blog, are not sure what to write next, or simply need assistance getting content written on demand, don’t be afraid to hire a professional to assist you.

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Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog

readersIf you have a blog, you want to keep readers coming back. You can attract readers in a variety of ways, but keeping them is a little harder. You may end up high in the search engines for tons of keywords and pull in tons of unique page views. But how do you keep these new blog readers interested enough to come back again?

Many bloggers don’t. They do all the right things to get people there, but fail at engaging people enough that they’ll come back to read some more. What are the tricks, then, to keep readers coming back to your blog?

There are no tricks, which is a good thing. Tricks are hard. The techniques to get people coming back are instead just common sense that many people seem to forget when they’re writing their blogs. The main technique is to actually write something someone wants to read.

Obviously, your blog has to be interesting. If you get tons of unique page views and no comments at all, then the people reading your posts don’t find them interesting enough to comment on, and they’re probably not coming back.

If you’re using SEO in your posts, then you’re blogging correctly for the search engines. But don’t forget to actually make the posts about something, too. A post about shoes that simply goes on to say that you could pick a red shoe, or blue shoes, and there are 800,000 different kinds of shoes without ever offering anything but that kind of fluff won’t get people to come back. If you explain the benefits of choosing the red shoe over the blue one, then you have actual content.

Make sure that your content is actually something people need to know. Really bad SEO writing about those shoes, for example, might manage to get the keywords in a good number of times and still be about more than listing types of shoes. That doesn’t mean it’s good.

A really unimaginative person who doesn’t have anything to say about shoes might write a post about how you could choose red shoes over blue shoes because you like red better. Or that red shoes are different from blue shoes because one is dyed red . . . and the other, blue. This kind of SEO writing is all over the Internet. It might pull in keyword-related traffic, but who will come back for more of that?

To keep readers coming back to your blog you have to engage them somehow. Don’t use a keyword-stuffed post about nothing, making it interesting at the same time-it’s not that hard to do. How-to posts are very popular, as are posts with useful lists like “Top 10 Reasons Red Shoes are Better than Blue.”

Just don’t stop at a catchy title. Actually deliver what you said you would. Give the reader something interesting enough that they’ll want to check back later to see what else you might be writing about in your blog and you’ll keep the reader coming back.

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Increase your Blog Traffic in 3 Logical Ways

typingThis is part three in a three part series on the steps to increase your blog traffic. If you are looking for quick and simple ways to increase your blog traffic, or more involved ways with bigger returns, keep reading for some great information.

1 – Avoid jumping on the bandwagon.

Some memes are definitely worth being talked about by everyone online, but most of them simply are not. Just because there is a huge piece of news in your niche, then that does not mean that you personally need to be covering it in order to increase your blog traffic. Many of the best blogs online are already talking about the big names and the big trends but this is because they are already established and popular. If you are just launching a brand new blog, then you need to show people something that is unique rather than just the same old re-hashed stuff that everyone else is already posting.

2 – Link in an intelligent way.

When you are linking out in your blog posts, make sure that you are using convention where it is applicable, and using creativity when it is warranted. But above all else, make sure that you are being aware of how the links you create are a part of the content that you are providing. Not every single issue that you discuss is going to need a link, and there is a very fine line that exists between under linking and over linking that you cannot cross. The best thing to do is to look at it from the standpoint of a reader that is relatively uninformed. If you mentioned Wikipedia, leave the link out. If you mention a more obscure site than that, leave the link in. It sort of goes like that.

3 – Work with guest bloggers.

If you ask a well known personality within your niche to contribute to your blog, then you can grow the value of your blog as well as its reach for a number of reasons. The guest blogger will find your blog, his or her readers will find your blog, and completely new readers will also find your blog. You will flatter the blogger by acknowledging that they have a certain level of celebrity, you will be guaranteeing yourself a new incoming link from a blog in your niche, and you will be welcoming new traffic to your website by adding more authority to what you have to say. This is one of the best things that you can do when you want to increase your blog traffic. The more that you do this with new guest bloggers, the more traffic you will generate as a result, so this is a great way to really get the ball rolling when you want to increase your blog traffic.

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Blog Plug-Ins to Get More Readers

pluginWordPress specifically has a number of plug-ins for blogging that will allow you to attract more readers to your blog. Some of the best blog plug-ins for increasing traffic to come in three main categories:

  • Social networking and bookmarking
  • Posting across many different platforms
  • RSS feed helpers

BTE Related Websites: For WordPress users the best way to get traffic is to use the plugin that I developed called Related Websites. The more bloggers that use this plugin, the stronger the whole system is. To get your links to show up on relevant posts, you must join and become a full member. This quality control is completely humanized so that the system is never compromised. You get strong related links for your site and in addition are linked to from other sites. What are you waiting for?

RSS Feeds: Lots of people prefer to read blogs in feeds rather than having to visit several different blog sites per day. This doesn’t actually get them coming through as traffic, but they read the post and will follow links and other such information. If you don’t have your blog available as a feed, then you’re missing out on those readers who prefer feeds over surfing to your blog regularly.

Some of the more popular WordPress plug-ins for RSS feeds do different things. Some are designed to allow you to add a copyright to your posts like ©Feed, which also “fingerprints” your feed so you can search for plagiarists who are duplicating your content. Feed Footer lets you copyright as well, and also lets you add advertising in the footer of your feeds.

The type of plug-in that lets you use ads is great for those into monetizing their blogs and can help offset the loss of clicks or advertiser revenue by adding it to the feed. Feedvertiser lets you place ads in your feed, as well. Feed Control lets you exclude certain posts from the feed, while Better Feed lets you ad the © notice, a del.icio.us link and a “read more” link to lead people to your blog.

Feedstats lets you see the stats on your feeds, and SlashComment adds a little note to the end of the feeds about the number of comments on the post.

Social Bookmarking: For social bookmarking and networking within your blog, the one of the best plug-ins is called Share This. Unlike many other plug-ins that will let you social bookmark at Digg, Reddit or del.icio.us, Share This create a drop-down box where the reader can choose from about 14 of the most popular Social Bookmarking sites online. The Social plug-in, however, has the record for offering 61 social bookmarking links to your reader.

The RSS Flashfeeder to MySpace combines the RSS feed help with social networking, by letting you send the last two posts of your feed directly to your MySpace page.

Crossposting: These plug-ins let you make a post in your WordPress blog and recreate in your other blogs without having to copy and paste. One plug-in, Dj-Email-Publish, sends your new post by email to many or your other blogs, like those on MSN.

For those with blogs at popular sites LiveJournal, Vox and Xanga, each has a separate crossover plug-in that allows the content in your WordPress blog to be automatically cross-posted to that other blog. Live Space Sync lets you send your content to all the contacts you have in Microsoft Live.

Getting the word out about your new post is made much easier by using these handy blog plug-ins.

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Smart Steps for Building Blog Traffic

lapyThis is part two in a three part series on the steps for building blog traffic. If you are looking for quick and simple ways for building blog traffic, or more involved ways with bigger returns, keep reading for some great information.

1 – Participate in related blogs and forum websites.

Whatever niche or industry you are in, if you are interested in building blog traffic then you need to participate in blogs and forums other than your own. There are going to be online communities full of people just like you including bloggers and forum posters that are already active. Depending on how specific your focus is, you may need to broaden your horizons a bit when reaching out to other communities in order to find a large community that you can fit in with. A great way for you to find out where these people are is to use a website known as Technorati, which will help you conduct searches. Then you can sort by authority and start participating elsewhere on the net to build some authority for your name, blog and website as well.

2 – Tag all of your content.

Technorati is the first place that you should be using to tag posts. It is recommended that you have the tags directly on your page, pointing to the technorati searches that you are specifically trying to target. There are a number of other good places that you can ping as well including Flickr and del.icio.us as well. Tagging your content is going to be really valuable in giving your website bumps from big name sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. You do not want to submit all of your posts to these websites, but you do not want to offer about one out of every twenty in order to get your name out there in a big way.

3 – Launch without any comments, and then add them in later.

There is something a little sad about a blog that does not have any comments, because it feels really dead and unpopular, but if you launch your blog without allowing comments, then nobody is going to know that you’re not getting any visitors, because your lack of comments is only because you do not want any. When you start to get more subscribers and readers, THEN and only then should you open up the ability to comment, so that you can begin to see some decent commenting. Comments are a way that many readers judge the popularity of a site, after all. If they view your blog and see that you are accepting comments but not getting any, they may take this as a sign that it is not worthwhile for them to stick around, and this won’t be good for you.

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Critical Mistakes in Keeping Blog Visitors

focuslessOne of the most critical parts of your blog is the section that is visible in the browser window without requiring any scrolling on the behalf of the visitor. What this means, in no uncertain terms, is that the most important and most critical elements need to be in this “above the fold” area, because many visitors who come to your blog are never even going to scroll down. Unfortunately, people make a lot of really common mistakes regarding this area of their blogs. Here are five critical mistakes that you need to avoid if you want each blog visitor that comes to your site to find reasons to stick around.

- * You are making a critical mistake if your header is too large. People will be able to tell what your blog is without you flashing it in 128 point font. Your header can be small and professional and speak volumes more than 128-point screaming in an annoying font.

- * You are making a mistake if you have useless things in your sidebars. The tops of your sidebars should be utilized by the most important things to your readers. Give them the most recent comments, links to your best blog posts, links to related websites, your blog roll, anything that has real meaning. If you put a calendar, pointless ads and other stuff in your sidebar, you are going to likely upset your visitors more than gain their interest in your blog.

- * You are making a critical mistake if you are utilizing a poor visual style, bad colors or annoying fonts. Your blog should be visually appealing and pleasant to each blog visitor that comes to see it. If your blog is not visually appealing, especially when it comes to the “above the fold” area, then your blog visitors will not stick around.

- * You are making a critical mistake if you have music or video that starts instantly on your blog. Yes, this is something that can be considered to be an above the fold part of your blog. Music, video and anything else that creates noise absolutely should not begin automatically. Let your blog visitors click on a start button. There’s no telling how loud your visitors have their volume turned up, and you may end up startling someone if they are not expecting music.

- * You are making a critical mistake if there is no focus on your blog. Your blog needs to be about what your blog is supposed to be about. If people come to a blog about a certain subject, and the top post in your blog is about something completely different, do you think they are going to stick around, or maybe never return? This is an important consideration if you want visitors to keep visiting, end of story.

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Do You Need More Blog Readers?

morereadersDo you feel as if your blog could use more blog readers? You are certainly not alone, as most blog authors are constantly looking for an increase in more blog readers, though not everyone is sure quite how to attract the readership levels that they are looking for. If you are in this particular predicament, the following tips will prove to be useful for you. These tips are all designed to attract more blog readers to your blog, and none of them are going to cost you any money. Once you get the hang of these tips for attracting more blog readers, they will become a part of your regular blogging routine and you will be attracting more blog readers in no time at all.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should write keyword driven blog content. Your content should be easy to read and well written, and you should be focusing on writing content that revolves around the keywords people are using to find information on the given subject. Search engine optimized writing is a key to increasing blog readership.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should participate in blog carnivals. Blog carnivals are hosted in one blog, and include links to blog posts all over the internet that fit a specific subject. Participate in these blog carnivals as often as you can to get exposure for your own blog among readers and writers alike. This is a great way to attract more blog readers to your blog posts.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should comment in related blogs. Find blogs that relate to your blog in some way, read the entries that you find there, and communicate. When you leave solid comments in other related blogs, and link back to your blog, you will find an increase in more blog readers in the process because people will be interested in seeing what else you have to say on the matter as well as on related matters.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should facilitate conversation in the comments section of your blog. Ask your readers what they think about a specific subject. Reply to as many of the comments that they leave as you can. The more you communicate with your readers, the more likely they will be to return, as well as to tell other people about your blog, which will lead to more blog readers as a result.

Keep these four tips in mind and attracting more blog readers will not be difficult. What it really takes above all else is the ability to communicate within the niche or industry that you are writing about. The more authority that you build, the more likely you will be to attract more blog readers as a result.

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Turning Blog Visitors into Blog Readers

intensereadersOne of the most important things that you can understand when it comes to your blog and attracting readers is that there is a difference between people who are blog visitors and people who are blog readers. Blog visitors are people that are attracted to your blog for one reason or another, and stick around to see what your blog is about. These people do not typically stick around for some reason or another, and after an initial visit, they may not return. Blog readers on the other hand are people that were attracted to your website for one reason or another and end up sticking around to participate. Blog readers are the individuals that are most likely to return to your blog, leave comments and participate in other ways.

So how do you turn your blog visitors into blog readers, guaranteeing that they will come back time and time again to participate in your blog and everything that it has to offer them? Here are some top tips for convincing your blog visitors to stick around, letting them know that it will be well worth their while to do so.

- * Facilitate conversation in the comments section of each blog post. You can start things off by specifically asking for comments, or you could ask your readers “What do you think about this? Chime in!” By letting your visitors know that you are interested in reading what they have to say, and that you welcome their participation, you will be inviting visitors to become long time readers.

- * Respond to every comment. Perhaps not every comment is going to deserve a response, especially not if you are simply receiving comments like “Good post, man.”, but if your visitors and readers have something notable to say, and they take the time to respond to your blog, then you should take the time to respond to those comments, letting your readers know that you care about what they have to say. This is one of the best ways to make sure that they keep coming back to talk with you.

- * Finally, follow your readers back to their own blogs and comment on posts that are meaningful to you. Visitors that did not intend on necessarily returning may take it as a sign that you would like to keep talking, and it may prompt them to return. This is a great way to essentially invite your visitors back so that they can see the new posts that you have made. Perhaps this is just the trick to keep them coming back for more.

Turning blog visitors into blog readers really isn’t difficult – It is all about facilitating communication to keep them coming back wanting more, and showing them that your blog has value worth sticking around to participate in.

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