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Critical Mistakes in Keeping Blog Visitors

focuslessOne of the most critical parts of your blog is the section that is visible in the browser window without requiring any scrolling on the behalf of the visitor. What this means, in no uncertain terms, is that the most important and most critical elements need to be in this “above the fold” area, because many visitors who come to your blog are never even going to scroll down. Unfortunately, people make a lot of really common mistakes regarding this area of their blogs. Here are five critical mistakes that you need to avoid if you want each blog visitor that comes to your site to find reasons to stick around.

- * You are making a critical mistake if your header is too large. People will be able to tell what your blog is without you flashing it in 128 point font. Your header can be small and professional and speak volumes more than 128-point screaming in an annoying font.

- * You are making a mistake if you have useless things in your sidebars. The tops of your sidebars should be utilized by the most important things to your readers. Give them the most recent comments, links to your best blog posts, links to related websites, your blog roll, anything that has real meaning. If you put a calendar, pointless ads and other stuff in your sidebar, you are going to likely upset your visitors more than gain their interest in your blog.

- * You are making a critical mistake if you are utilizing a poor visual style, bad colors or annoying fonts. Your blog should be visually appealing and pleasant to each blog visitor that comes to see it. If your blog is not visually appealing, especially when it comes to the “above the fold” area, then your blog visitors will not stick around.

- * You are making a critical mistake if you have music or video that starts instantly on your blog. Yes, this is something that can be considered to be an above the fold part of your blog. Music, video and anything else that creates noise absolutely should not begin automatically. Let your blog visitors click on a start button. There’s no telling how loud your visitors have their volume turned up, and you may end up startling someone if they are not expecting music.

- * You are making a critical mistake if there is no focus on your blog. Your blog needs to be about what your blog is supposed to be about. If people come to a blog about a certain subject, and the top post in your blog is about something completely different, do you think they are going to stick around, or maybe never return? This is an important consideration if you want visitors to keep visiting, end of story.

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Do You Need More Blog Readers?

morereadersDo you feel as if your blog could use more blog readers? You are certainly not alone, as most blog authors are constantly looking for an increase in more blog readers, though not everyone is sure quite how to attract the readership levels that they are looking for. If you are in this particular predicament, the following tips will prove to be useful for you. These tips are all designed to attract more blog readers to your blog, and none of them are going to cost you any money. Once you get the hang of these tips for attracting more blog readers, they will become a part of your regular blogging routine and you will be attracting more blog readers in no time at all.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should write keyword driven blog content. Your content should be easy to read and well written, and you should be focusing on writing content that revolves around the keywords people are using to find information on the given subject. Search engine optimized writing is a key to increasing blog readership.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should participate in blog carnivals. Blog carnivals are hosted in one blog, and include links to blog posts all over the internet that fit a specific subject. Participate in these blog carnivals as often as you can to get exposure for your own blog among readers and writers alike. This is a great way to attract more blog readers to your blog posts.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should comment in related blogs. Find blogs that relate to your blog in some way, read the entries that you find there, and communicate. When you leave solid comments in other related blogs, and link back to your blog, you will find an increase in more blog readers in the process because people will be interested in seeing what else you have to say on the matter as well as on related matters.

- * To attract more blog readers, you should facilitate conversation in the comments section of your blog. Ask your readers what they think about a specific subject. Reply to as many of the comments that they leave as you can. The more you communicate with your readers, the more likely they will be to return, as well as to tell other people about your blog, which will lead to more blog readers as a result.

Keep these four tips in mind and attracting more blog readers will not be difficult. What it really takes above all else is the ability to communicate within the niche or industry that you are writing about. The more authority that you build, the more likely you will be to attract more blog readers as a result.

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Turning Blog Visitors into Blog Readers

intensereadersOne of the most important things that you can understand when it comes to your blog and attracting readers is that there is a difference between people who are blog visitors and people who are blog readers. Blog visitors are people that are attracted to your blog for one reason or another, and stick around to see what your blog is about. These people do not typically stick around for some reason or another, and after an initial visit, they may not return. Blog readers on the other hand are people that were attracted to your website for one reason or another and end up sticking around to participate. Blog readers are the individuals that are most likely to return to your blog, leave comments and participate in other ways.

So how do you turn your blog visitors into blog readers, guaranteeing that they will come back time and time again to participate in your blog and everything that it has to offer them? Here are some top tips for convincing your blog visitors to stick around, letting them know that it will be well worth their while to do so.

- * Facilitate conversation in the comments section of each blog post. You can start things off by specifically asking for comments, or you could ask your readers “What do you think about this? Chime in!” By letting your visitors know that you are interested in reading what they have to say, and that you welcome their participation, you will be inviting visitors to become long time readers.

- * Respond to every comment. Perhaps not every comment is going to deserve a response, especially not if you are simply receiving comments like “Good post, man.”, but if your visitors and readers have something notable to say, and they take the time to respond to your blog, then you should take the time to respond to those comments, letting your readers know that you care about what they have to say. This is one of the best ways to make sure that they keep coming back to talk with you.

- * Finally, follow your readers back to their own blogs and comment on posts that are meaningful to you. Visitors that did not intend on necessarily returning may take it as a sign that you would like to keep talking, and it may prompt them to return. This is a great way to essentially invite your visitors back so that they can see the new posts that you have made. Perhaps this is just the trick to keep them coming back for more.

Turning blog visitors into blog readers really isn’t difficult – It is all about facilitating communication to keep them coming back wanting more, and showing them that your blog has value worth sticking around to participate in.

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Know Your Blog Reader

blogreaderIf you are serious about creating a blog that is productive and earns a lot of feedback, then you need to understand who your ideal blog reader is. Blogs need to be proficient at target marketing in order for them to be successful, and what this is going to mean is that you need to know who you are meant to be targeting in order to reach the right readers. Who is your ideal blog reader? Which blog reader will benefit the most from what your blog has to offer them? These are vitally important considerations for you to make not only while you are setting up your blog, but also while you are writing in your blog, because every post you make is a targeted marketing endeavor whether you realize it or not. So who is your blog reader, and how can you better fine tune your blog to their needs?

The first key here is to know what group of people you are writing for. You cannot write your blog to please everyone, but instead you need to have a specific market or a subset of a specific market that you should be aiming to please, and this is your readership. What are you talking about in your blog? If you are writing about pet care in your blog, then your readers are going to be people that own pets, people who like pets, or people who are planning to own pets in the future.

One you have identified the main market that you are catering to with your blog, the next step in knowing who your ideal blog reader is, is to fine tune your approach toward that market segment. Are you writing about all pets in general, or specific animals? Are you writing about grooming for pets, feeding pets, the care and housing of pets, or all things relating to pets? These questions will help you figure out who your reader is. If you are writing about a specific type of animal or a specific type of pet care, then your readers are likely going to fall into this specific subset of the market. If you change the focus of your blog to another pet, or another area of pet care, you may lose readers because they will no longer be finding what they came for.

Knowing who your readers are is an important part of making sure that you are catering to their needs at all times. When your readers feel as if their needs are being met, that is when you can make sure that they will keep returning time and time again for more valuable information. While blogging should be done on a subject that you feel passionate about, it should also be done on a subject that your readers are passionate about as well for the best results.

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4 Tips on Retaining your Blog Readers

readersWhen you first create a blog, getting people to visit it is definitely going to be one of the most important considerations that you make. Simply attracting these blog readers is not enough if you are not guaranteeing in some way that they will stick around, or visit more often. As a blogger, it is as vital that you know how to retain blog readers as to originally attract them. Rather than worry yourself with attracting enough traffic, you need to concern yourself with keeping the blog readers that you do attract. The thing that is going to bring life to your blog is the blog readers that are dedicated to returning time and time again. Forget about the fly by night traffic and worry about retaining the right visitors to your website. Here are some tips for helping you retain the most important blog readers:

- * First and foremost, you should respond to the comments that you receive. If someone makes a good point about something that you say, or they ask a question about one of your posts, take the time to respond to them. If you respond well to your readers, you will be letting them know that you are trying to bring value to them, and that you appreciate the value they are bringing to you.

- * Next, you should make a point to visit the blogs of the people that are commenting on your posts. When most people comment, they leave a link training back to their website. If someone is writing valuably in your blog, then you should do the same in turn. Visit their blogs and leave a comment or two to let them know you were there. If you are commenting in their blog, it will be very hard for them to forget about visiting your blog again.

- * Make sure that your readers have an option to subscribe to your blog. Do not hide an offer for subscription someplace on your blog where it cannot easily be found. You should make sure that this subscription button is at the top or near to the top so that it can be easily found. Another great place for you to consider placing the subscription button is right inside each of the blog posts that you make so that it cannot be missed.

- * Finally, one of the best ways to keep your visitors coming back for more is simply to be yourself. If you are a personality that makes people want to read, then simply being yourself will keep people coming back for more. Once these blog readers have a general idea of who you are and what you are all about, they will continue to come around as long as you remain true to yourself.

These four tips can go a long way in helping you to retain blog readers who will continue to return to your website time and time again to read what you have to say.

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Tips for Improving Number of Blog Visitors

newspaperAll bloggers are looking for ways that they can improve the popularity of their blog, in order to increase the number of blog visitors. They work hard to make their blogs popular, and spend most of their spend time doing this. The longer that you blog, the more little tips and tricks you will learn to improve your number of blog visitors. Here are some of the tips and techniques that you can implement when your focus is on improving the number of blog visitors for your blog.

Tip #1 – Use your own domain name. If you are serious about blogging, and about increasing your blog visitors, you should buy a domain of your very own. When you have your own domain name, it will show people that you have a professional approach toward blogging. Choose your own domain name that is short, relevant and easy for blog visitors to remember.

Tip #2 – Update frequently if you want to make your blog truly successful. You should be updating on a regular basis and you should be writing content that appeals to your niche in order to maintain your blog visitors. When you update more frequently, search engines and people will be able to find your blog more easily.

Tip #3 – Contribute within the community. Search online on Google and find forums and other outlets for communication and collaboration that correspond with your niche. Add the URL for your blog into your forum signature so that when you provide relevant and useful information to the community, people will feel inspired to travel back to your blog via that link so that they can see what else you have to say.

Tip #4 – Participate in social media websites at least for an hour a day, including Digg and StumbleUpon for example. Develop a solid profile on these websites and submit popular sites and stories that you find on the internet that relate to your niche. You can submit stories from your own blog as well, but only in the mix with stories from other websites if you want good results.

Tip #5 – Participate in blog directories, especially top blog directories that have a good page rank and get a lot of blog visitors. Submit your blog in the right niche category and the blog visitors will begin to roll in.

Tip #6 – Find the top bloggers that are operating within your niche and read their blogs. Comment in their blogs, leaving not spam but rather informative and relevant comments that work well with the content posted there. Make sure to include a link back to your own blog so that those bloggers can check out what you have to say.

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Turning Blog Visitors into Blog Readers

readers1Bringing traffic in the form of blog visitors to your website is really only the beginning when it comes to creating an effective blog. Many of these visitors may only be stopping by once, never to return again. There are a number of different little things that can be done to make it easier for these blog visitors to find reasons to return. Consider the following methods for turning single time blog visitors into long term blog readers.

- * Highlight the availability of your RSS feed, asking your readers to subscribe. Make sure to mention on your front page and in each of your blog entries that an RSS feed is available, making it easier for people to keep reading. Many people become long time readers of blogs specifically because RSS capabilities make them easy to read and keep up with, so do not pass up this opportunity to let your readers know about your blog’s RSS feed.

- * Add an option for RSS by e-mail, because this will make it possible for more people to read your RSS feed. Some people do not understand how RSS feed readers work, but by using the RSS by e-mail option, they can get your posts delivered directly to them for easier reading.

- * Add bookmarking capabilities. By adding a bookmark button will encourage your readers to book mark their favorite posts so that they can easily return to them. Even if your readers only book mark one of your blog posts, that is typically incentive enough for them to return to your blog at a later date.

- * You need to reply to the comments that are being posted in your blog as soon as you possibly can. Many people will leave comments in your blog to ask a question, and they will likely return in the same day to find the answer to that question. If you take too long to respond to their comment, they likely will not return as often on the second day, third day and so on. If you can turn on e-mail notifications when you receive comments, do so, so that you can respond promptly.

- * Add an option to subscribe to comments for your readers. There are plugins that allow this in most blogging platforms, including Blogger and WordPress. What it does is provides an RSS feed specifically for comments that allows people to be notified about new comments that are added to your post after the user’s comment is posted. This is a great way to make sure that people return to your blog to keep reading even after they comment.

Keeping your visitors coming back for more really is not difficult, but it does take a few steps on your behalf. Do not be afraid to implement these processes in order to keep your visitors returning after their first visit to your blog.

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Why Big Companies Are Blogging?

smallbusinessThere are still some old school business people out there that consider the whole idea of blogging for their business rather ridiculous. Unfortunately for these people, they will never understand that the world is changing and blogging is a whole lot more than just a bunch of people in their pajamas ranting about the world. There are some very professional companies out there that have tapped into this market and are reaping the rewards for recognizing the trends and new approaches to attracting new customers.

This has caused some of the older companies to sit up and take notice. An older company can no longer depend on their tried and true advertising methods and must take up blogging as a part of the overall marketing strategy for their company. This puts some of the largest companies around on the same playing field as a new upstart company.

One of the great advantages to using blogging online is the very close and personal relationship you can build with your customers. The online community is not shy about letting others know how they feel about a product or service and your blog gives them a chance to talk right to you. Your blog can share your products or services with your customers, but you also have a unique opportunity to let them be heard as well. This type of personal attention and service will be appreciated by your loyal customers.

You might be wondering how it could possibly help you to have people complaining on your blogs. Well, there are a couple of thoughts here. First, you give your customers a place to vent their complaints in a location that you control. It’s much better to allow them the chance to complain right to you than putting up awful reviews or complaints about your business all over the web. And if you make these complaints public and address them in a positive way, you will gain the respect of everyone who reads that information.

Many companies are also amazed at the amount of traffic that is generated by blogging. If you have an online website, you simply must be blogging to increase your traffic. It is almost a force unto itself and you might be able to cut your other advertising budget simply because of the increased traffic that you gain from your blog. What’s more, it’s all free and anything that brings you business without costing you a cent must be used, doesn’t it

The simple fact of life today is if you have any kind of business at all, you must be blogging. Those who do not recognize the advertising power of blogs will simply be left in the dust of those that do and no one wants to be that business. Increased traffic, a connection to your customers and a chance to bring some fresh content to your customers regularly are all benefits to blogging for your business. It’s simple to start a blog for your business whether you are an online business or off, there is nothing but gain in this simple and highly effective form of advertising.

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Blog Visitor Retention

retentionToday, having a blog on the internet is just about as common as having an e-mail address. E-mailing and blogging actually share a number of the same purposes, such as that they are allowed to spread ideas, provide people with information and to promote online businesses. Blogs originally served, however, as online journals and diaries. Now that blogs are serving so many other functions, learning how to retain every blog visitor that you attract to your website is more important than ever.

Blogging has absolutely become an essential tool in internet marketing, especially for people that are trying to earn an income online. Learning how to write a blog effectively has taken on more significance and importance than ever before. Blogs that are poorly written simply are not successful, and they struggle more when it comes to blog visitor retention. If you want your blog to be successful then you need to turn it into a blog that is popular and highly inviting. Here are some techniques for better writing in your blog to improve your blog visitor retention.

Tip #1 – Try to keep your blog entries short and sweet. Clear and concise blog entries generally have the best blog visitor retention rate. Many people that read blogs are not looking for length – So say what you have to say in a clear and concise manner and move on.

Tip #2 – Make sure that you are thinking about the audience that you are trying to cater to when you write your blog posts. You should be conducting research based on how well known your particular niche is. Don’t write a blog on a topic that is so obscure that you are only going to have small blog visitor numbers.

Tip #3 – Write in a tone that is light and conversational. You should be writing to your readers as if you were talking to them on a face to face basis.

Tip #4 – Write about topics that are interesting, relevant and informative. You should be entertaining and you should be informative while you are supplying information that is relevant and useful.

Tip #5 – To boost your blog visitor retention numbers you are going to want to make sure that your blog is well designed. Avoid distracting and flashy colors and images and leave out the clutter, it’s just a waste of space.

Tip #6 – Make sure that there are always links included in your blog. Link to products, services and other useful resources, including your own and other people’s websites as well.

Tip #7 – Make sure that you are using search engine keywords on your blog, including in your blog title, your blog posts and links that you create for the maximum amount of search engine optimization.

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Top 10 Tips for Writing a Blog

writing15Most of the rules and tips that are associated with writing for eZines and newsletters also apply to writing blog entries, though there are some truly important differences as well. If you keep these top ten tips for writing a blog entry in mind, you will be creating excellent blog content in no time at all.

1 – Write with the reader in mind.

What is in it for your readers? “WIIFM” is jargon for “What’s in it for me?” in the marketing world, and this is what you need to be keeping in mind with every post that you write.

2 – Make your content worthwhile and valuable.

Do not waste people’s time by posting content that is not worthwhile or valuable. If you do not have anything to say, don’t bother blogging. Review books, share articles, conduct interviews. There is plenty to say, so say it.

3 – Proof read every entry and comment.

Look for typos and for grammatical errors. Don’t publish spelling mistakes. Polish your content to show that you respect your readers.

4 – Keep posts short and simple.

Keep things short and simple, because most people simply skim and scan over material. People do not have a lot of time, so do not burden them with too much information unless you have a really good reason to post lengthy entries in your blog.

5 – Keep your blog lively.

Your blog should be snappy and snazzy, interesting and lively. Write like you are having a conversation with a friend, and get to the point quickly. Make sure to touch on the who, what, where, when and why.

6 – Provide plenty of links.

Building links builds credibility, and it positions you as an expert in the industry or niche that you are posting about. People do not have time to know what everyone else is doing, so you should tell them by sharing links in your blog entries. Link other blogs and websites to build a network of associates online.

7 – Use keywords as often as possible.

Using keywords that are relevant to your niche will keep you on task, help search engines find you, and attract more traffic to your website. Your rankings will go up, and people will find you more easily than ever online.

8 – Write clearly.

Make sure to use short sentences, and touch on only a single concept per sentence. Do not use double speak, do not use jargon, and do not overwhelm your readers by cramming more than a single idea into each sentence. Spoon feed your content to your readers and they will return to your blog for more.

9 – Write in the same way that you talk.

It is okay to use common expressions and to write conversationally. Let your blog be fluid, conversational and friendly, and your readers will keep coming back for more.

10 – Use a headline that is clear, concise and descriptive.

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