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Go Go Google Gadgets

gadgetIf you use Blogger in order to manage your blog then you have available to you hundreds of gadgets that Google has released; all of which can add features to your blog. A gadget is a widget that adds small programs to a blog, adding features that show off lists of quotes, mini-games, and other functionality that will enhance your site. Here are a few of the new gadgets:

- HTML/JavaScript.

This will enable you to enhance Blogger by adding your own code. This makes Blogger vastly more usable, with features that you control. You can create a mailing bot, add links and images from other pages that you own, integrate with eBay and PayPal, and other features.

- Feeds.

This gadget allows you to add a feed from other blogs, directories, or other forms of news services. This enables your readers to see into what is in your reading list, and direct readers to other sites and content. If you have an account at an article repository, then you can add a feed to new articles as they are written. You can also reinforce a relationship with another blog not only trading RSS feeds, but also guest posts and more, effectively combining your readerships.

- Followers.

This is a way for you to follow other bloggers and for others to follow you anonymously. Think RSS meets Twitter. It is an easy way to generate traffic to your website, as if you start to follow others, they may start to follow you. You can also use this as a form of gauge, counting your readers and followers.

- Google Docs.

If your blog talks about spreadsheets or other documents, you can provide templates that users can copy and use for their own needs. This allows you to provide your readers with much more than plain content. For example, a finance blog could add links to spreadsheets that implement techniques that are described in your blog. The added benefit is that if your templates are publicly listed, then visitors finding the templates will be directed to your blog in order to learn how to use the docs.

- AdSense.

If you are in it to make money, then adding AdSense to your blog is a great way to start. Google’s technology works well with Google’s technology, and adding AdSense to your blog will be seamless. You will need to have an account with AdSense first, and it is good to run the blog for a while to generate traffic before adding the gadget. Then you can just add the code and it will integrate seamlessly. Then you will start to generate revenue from your writing.

Adding a gadget is simple, just go to your dashboard and add it. Gadgets provide a functionality that will enhance your blog and your reader’s experience.

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Why is WordPress the Best Blogging Platform?

There are a variety of reasons for why WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms on the internet. Many people try different blogging platforms, but they end up coming back to WordPress because it offers so much greater functionality. Here are five of the greatest reasons for why WordPress is the best blogging platform to use regardless of whether you are brand new to blogging or have been blogging for years.


1 – The Plugin Functionality –

WordPress has a seemingly endless supply of plugins that can be downloaded, installed and utilized for absolutely free. The installation of these plugins is easy, and involves uploading the plugin to your blog space and simply activating it through the admin section in your WordPress site. Whatever you end up needing in terms of functionality, there is more than likely a number of plugins that can be downloaded and installed to improve the capability of your blog.

2 – The Theme Functionality –

Most people are going to be interested in customizing their blogs. There are literally thousands of completely unique themes out there, offering one column, two columns or three columns, graphics, color combinations and a variety of other details which allow for complete customization of your blog to suit your needs, the theme of your blog and the needs of your readers.

3 – Auto Ping Functionality –

Many scripts may offer this particular possibility, but many free blog hosts do not offer auto ping, meaning that you are going to need to ping yourself after every single post that you make. On the other hand, WordPress can do the pinging for you, which makes your life significantly easier and saves you a lot of time in the process.

4 – The Trackback –

The trackback feature is an important one if you want to know who is reading and responding to your blog, and if you want to be open about who you are reading and talking about in your blog. If you link to a post in another blog using WordPress, WordPress will automatically make a comment in the post that was linked to in order to facilitate communication between the two different blogs.

5 – The Overall Feeling of Simplicity –

WordPress is an extremely user friendly blogging platform. By using cpanel, you can install WordPress in a single click in most circumstances. After the WordPress blog is installed, you are pretty much ready to get going, provided that you do not want to do any tinkering beforehand with stats, themes and other details. You do not have to know anything at all about computers in order to set up a WordPress blog. When it is installed and ready to go, you simply have to log in to your WordPress panel, which is also extremely easy for you to use in most circumstances.

Ready to start using WordPress? I have tried lots of hosting providers and one is without a doubt the best in my mind. Host Gator. Use the coupon code BlogTrafficExchange to receive $9.94 on the package price.

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Driving Traffic to Your Blog

ladderMany blog owners spend a good portion of their time trying to figure out how to generate traffic to their blog. This is especially true when it comes to a brand new blog that is not yet really rich in meaningful and effective content. Generating visitor traffic to your blog is an endeavor that is going to take some basic effort on your part. Thankfully due to modern technology, the task of attracting interested people to your blog is a lot easier now than in the past.

The most common online blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger. Both have hosted blog solutions, but WordPress also has an open source solution for installing the WordPress platform onto your own domain name. If you put the following tips into practice, it is more than possible for you to begin attracting traffic to your blog as early as on the first day. Within 24 hours of creating a blog you can begin to generate traffic, and if the purpose of your blog is to sell a product, you could be making sales just as quickly.

1 – Every blog has an RSS feed.

By submitting your RSS feed to the most popular online feed services, you will be able to attract website traffic very quickly, especially if you are focusing your blog content on specific keywords that have lower competition in search engine ranks. All that you need to be able to do is to submit the URL for your feed to a wide range of different free services as soon as you actually have a live site to promote. Some of the most widely recognized feed sites are:

- Feedage.com
- Feedagg.com
- Feedraider.com
- Feedfury.com
- Feedsubmitter.com
- Feedest.com
- Search4rss.com

2 – Social bookmarking involves creating bookmarks for your blog.

Additionally social bookmarking is meant for displaying information about what your blog centers on and what it has to offer. It is important that you use social bookmarking responsibly rather than spamming these websites. Simply write a short post that explains in a little bit of detail why your site or product will interest the people that you want to visit it. There are a myriad of different social bookmarking websites out there, including but not limited to:

- Digg.com
- YahooBuzz
- Technorati.com
- Del.icio.us
- Propeller
- StumbleUpon
- Reddit
- Mixx
- Fark
- MyBlogLog

3 – Social networking, on the other hand, is a little different.

When you create an account on a social networking website, you put together a profile that allows you to connect with other people, creating powerful partnerships and even a fan following in the right circumstances. These networks and relationships will facilitate the capability for you to promote your sites and protects, although much more subtlety than through other sources. Here are a few of the most popular social networking websites:

- FaceBook
- MySpace
- Classmates Online
- MSN Groups
- Yahoo Groups
- Xanga

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3 Steps to Increase Traffic to Blog

bloggingThis is part one in a three part series on the steps to increase traffic to blog. If you are looking for quick and simple ways to increase traffic to blog, or more involved ways with bigger returns, keep reading for some great information.

1 – Choose the right platform for your blog, or custom build your own.

The right content management system or CMS is going to make a serious difference in how you increase traffic to blog. If you really want to set yourself apart from other people then you need to find a custom blog solution, or one that you can actually make unique. You want something that you can completely customize to suit your users such as WordPress for example. This will suffice for a long time but then the best way to go from here is to completely customize something your own self for the best possible results. This is the best way to make sure that your blog is completely custom tailored to suit the needs of your readers, which is the best way to increase traffic to blog in the long run.

2 – Host your blog on your own site.

Hosting your blog on a site that is not your own is one of the biggest and worst mistakes that you could ever make. A blog that is on your own domain will attract attention, links, publicity, trust and good search rankings. When you keep your blog on a separate domain however, you are really shooting yourself in the foot. From the worst to the best, your options are a hosted blog, a blog on a unique domain, a blog on a sub domain, and then a blog serving as a sub section of your main domain.

3 – Keep two audiences in mind when you are writing your title tags.

First and foremost, you need to be writing your title tag for the people that are visiting your website, or the people that have a subscription to your RSS feed. Title tags should be short, on topic, snappy and catchy, this is absolutely imperative if you want people to pay attention to what you have to say. You are also, however, going to want to think about search engines when it comes to titling your posts because search engines can help you drive additional traffic to your blog as well. One great way that you can do this is to write your post and your title first, then run some keyword searches to find out if there is a keyword phrasing or a specific ordering of keywords that will help you target your blog posts to the right people.

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Should You Use Free Blogging Sites?

howsmybloggingThere are certainly many blogging sites online today. It has become the biggest trend in communications for business and for personal reasons. A blog is a wonderful business tool that allows you to build a presence online as an expert in your field and develop a following of loyal readers. There are a number of free blogging sites for you to use, but is it the correct approach for your business?

A free blogging site will eliminate the need for maintenance costs and the cost of creating your blog site. The free sites that are available will provide you with all of the tools necessary to create your own blog for free. Many of these sites offer the latest development tools so that you can create a professional blog without having to hire a designer or developer to do the work for you. The sites are fairly simple to use and you can have a great looking site in no time.

You won’t have to learn HTML programming with the free blogging sites as well. This is one of the biggest problems that a newcomer to blogging might face when they are trying to create a blog from scratch. Programmers and developers use HTML to create the features that you want on your professional blogging site. The results are a professional and fully functional site.

Many of the free blogging sites allow you to add these great functions to your site with just a few clicks of your mouse. This is a wonderful opportunity for an individual who does not have the HTML experience to create their own site simply and easily.

The free blogging sites also make it simple to update your blog regularly. The key to a successful blog is good relevant information that is updated regularly. With these sites, you can simply type the text right into the site or you can even use additional software to submit new posts to your free blog site.

The free blogging sites also allow for comments by your visitors. This is a good way to interact directly with those who are visiting your site and reading your blog posts. When you can interact with your visitors in a timely way, you will increase the popularity of the blog. Show your visitors that there is a real person behind the site and that you are ready to respond to their questions or comments.

There is no doubt that the online blogging community has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. To be competitive with all of these sites, you must keep your blog fresh and relevant at all times. With the free blogging sites, you will have the ability to regularly post new information and interact with your visitors. The content of your blogging site is the most important part of its success. Visitors to the site are interested in reading the information that you post on your site.

Would you agree that long as you keep the content fresh and relevant, it will not matter if you are using a free blogging site or one created by a web developer?

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How to Relocate your WordPress Blog to a New Domain Name

Making the decision to move my blog from http://www.courseladder.com to http://www.golfballdriver.com was a big one, and a good one, and it taught me a lot about learning how to relocate your WordPress blog to a new domain name under the same hosting provider. Course Ladder suited me for a while, but from an SEO standpoint it was not a good domain name for me to stick with over a long term and I am glad for the change.

Golf Ball Driver is better than Course Ladder because…

  1. “Golf” in the domain name
  2. All domain words are highly relevant
  3. Direct golf product tie in
  4. It makes sense. What am I? A golf ball driver!
  5. The double entendre between the products and the persona.


What You Need to Do:

The first thing that you want to do is to create a new add on domain for the new domain name.

The next step in the process is to copy the entire contents of the old domain folder, which includes your entire WordPress blog, into the brand new domain folder within the same hosting area.

Next, there are a couple of SQL statements that you need to run:

* First, to update your WordPress options with the new location of your blog, the following SQL command needs to be put in:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = replace(option_value, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com') WHERE option_name = 'home' OR option_name = 'siteurl';

Next, you are going to need to fix the URLs of your posts and pages on WordPress. The URL values are stored as absolute URLs rather than as relative URLs, so you need to use the following SQL query to change them.

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = replace(guid, 'http://www.old-domain.com','http://www.new-domain.com');

If you have linked internally at any point within your blog posts or your pages using absolute URLs, then this links are going to be pointing to the wrong locations after you change the location of your blog. You need to use the following SQL commands in order to fix all of the internal linking in all of your WordPress posts and pages.

UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content, 'http://www.old-domain.com', 'http://www.new-domain.com');

Once you have put all of these SQL queries into action, the next step is to browse through as much of your WordPress blog as you can in order to make sure that everything is in good working order. You are also going to need to login to your WP Administration section because the authentication cookie will become invalid when you change domains.

Now you can delete the old folder contents so that your blog is not appearing in two different places.

In order to 301 redirect all old links from the old domain to the new domain, place a single file .htaccess into the now empty folder. You want to be sure to 301 redirect else you will permanently lose any hard earned links you have developed. Here is what the file should contain:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.old-domain.com$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.old-domain.com
RewriteRule ^/?(.*)$ "http://www.new-domain.com/$1" [R=301,L]

Finally, update your WordPress blog to have the new blog name in your title.

The process is relatively simple once you have a feel for what needs to be accomplished. Above all else, it is vital that you avoid upsetting your linking structure in the process. Make sure that all of your links are still valid and working after you make the big move, and your blog should be just fine, and more importantly, better off with an improved domain name.

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8 WordPress Blog Theme Design Considerations

Most blogging platforms offer a wide variety of different themes to chose from, and most can be altered and edited to suit your needs, or left alone exactly as they are. Some themes are plain and dull while others are colorful, modern and inspiring. There are thousands of themes out there for different blogging platforms, and there are more WordPress themes than any other blog themes out there. While there are hundreds if not thousands of WordPress blog theme designs out there, here is a small list of themes that are well worth considering.


- Grid Focus Public

This is a three column style WordPress theme. The navigation bars for the blog can be found both at the top and the bottom of the pages, in order to give visitors an ample opportunity to explore. This theme offers a very clear hierarchy and structure.

- Copy Blogger

The is a really cool WordPress theme that allows you to modify colors, fonts and all kinds of tiny details by utilizing a custom Style Sheet solution that comes included with the downloader for the theme. Thanks to open source development, you can also implement add-on styles as well.

- Jello Wala Mello

This is a news themed or magazine themed WordPress theme that was created primarily to suit multi media sites. Some of the positives include the fact that it has a beautiful color scheme, plenty of subtle design touches, and is easy to implement and begin using.

- K2

This is an advanced template that is only available for WordPress, though it also offers AJAX powered features including live commenting and live search. It also allows rolling archives, a navigation system designed specifically to suit K2.

- Whyte -

Monochromatic themes do not necessarily have to be boring, and Whyte is definitely a testament to this fact. It offers plenty of features including AdSense Ready, Widget Ready, Comments, Recent Entries and pinging separated on post pages. You can also create your own logo, add active navigation and do plenty more with this unique and versatile WordPress theme.

- Vertigo

This is a modern WordPress theme that is available both in two column format and three column formats. It is a widget ready theme, making it easy to implement and even easier to customize to suit your needs.

- Grid Lock

This is a cool WordPress theme because it is designed not to look like a blog, but rather like a standard HTML website. It also has a standard HTML help page which helps you customize your Grid Lock Theme, which is something most WordPress themes do not come with.

- Long Horn

This is a minimalist style two column WordPress theme with a simple design that can easily be used and implemented. This WordPress theme is compatible with a number of browsers including IE 6 and 7, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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What to Look for in Your Blogging Software

blogitThere are so many choices for blogging software on the market, that it can be very difficult to choose the right one. Every software choice has its advantages and disadvantages which means that you will have to make some decisions on your needs. This will help you to determine which blogging software will work for you.

Make sure that the blogging software that you choose is easy to use and install. Bloggers who are not web developers or programmers will find it difficult to use more complicated software programs. For the business blogger, it is important that the software is easy to install and use from day one.

Good blogging software will also allow you to make changes to your blog and regularly update your site. This should not be an overly complicated process. Again, unless you are a programmer, you might find some of the software on the market a little difficult to use. Research the software before you decide to use it for your blog.

Pinging is an important feature to have on your blogging software. Pinging simply means that your software will let others know that your blog has been updated. The search engines are specifically looking for fresh content on the Internet. Your software should let these services know that you have what they are looking for every time you make an update to your blog.

After some time working on your blog, you will become more comfortable with the process. Your blogging software should give you the ability to add new features to your blog to continuously improve your site and the information that is contained on the blog. You will most likely want to add these new features as your blog becomes more and more popular. Keeping your site fresh and friendly for your visitors is your goal and the blogging software that you choose should be able to help you keep your site up to date.

Consumer reviews along with blogging expert reviews will help you to determine which software program will match your capabilities and needs. In the beginning, you will need a software that will be easy to use and allow you to do everything that you want with your blog without all of the technical knowledge.

Blogging has become a communication method that has exploded in recent years. More and more businesses are finding out that their blogs are an important part of the success of the business. It is a simple way to communicate with those who are going to buy your products or read your information. With the right blogging software, it is easy for anyone to take advantage of this great communication tool and speak right to the customers that you are trying to reach. Every aspect of your blogging business should focus on bringing the latest information and content to your visitors on a consistent basis.

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Simple Tips for a Popular Blog

doublesBlogs are, hands down, one of the easiest possible ways for you to publish your thoughts or messages on the internet. Blogs are excellent for spiking search engine enthusiasm, meaning that by writing in a blog you can easily attract plenty of traffic. But are you aware of what you should and should not do when it comes to setting your blog up in order to attract the maximum amount of traffic for all of the effort that you are putting in your blogging effort? Here are some simple tips for how you can significantly increase traffic to your blog, creating a popular blog out of your modest writing effort.

Step 1 – First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are using the right blogging platform.

Do not fall into the trap of using a free blogging platform for your website. These may be an excellent solution for keeping your costs down, but you end up relying on someone else’s computer, and if their server goes down, you could potentially lose everything. So while it may seem wise to start off on LiveJournal or Blogger, just don’t do it! If you want to create a secure blog, you should spend some extra money to make sure that you are in control of your own blogging endeavor.

Step 2 – The second consideration is to absolutely never, ever duplicate your content.

If you are using the default settings on a blog platform like WordPress, then your blog posts are going to appear in a number of different locations on your website, including your main page, your post page, your category page and your archive page. Unfortunately, most search engines are going to view this as duplicate content, and you may end up being penalized if you do not clean it up. Make sure that your settings are not sabotaging your blogging effort.

Step 3 – Finally, and perhaps most importantly, post as often as you possibly can.

Search engines are intelligent enough that they can tell roughly how often you are posting in your blog. Search engines are always on the look out for content that is fresh and new. The more often you are capable of posting to your blog, the better off you will be. Daily is always best, but every other day or twice a week are also acceptable solutions. Make sure that you are posting useful and relevant content when you post, rather than simply posting for the sake of search engine spiders, because your readers and subscribers matter most of all.

These tips may seem simple, but they are extremely important when it comes to preparing your blog for good, long term traffic. The more popular your blog becomes, the more viral it will be in attracting new, unique visitors every day, week and month.

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Should Casual Bloggers Use WordPress or Google Blogger?

bestplatOne of the most popular hobbies and past times on the internet today has to do with setting up and maintaining your own blog. Blogging is all about creating an online journal or diary that people can read and comment on, so there is a huge community aspect to it. Blogging is all about writing down your thoughts, opinions and ideas, telling stories, posting pictures, creating videos and so much more. One of the biggest questions that comes up when it comes to blogging is which platform for blogging is better for a casual blog writer, WordPress or the Google Blogger platform?

Some people really only set up blogs to create some basic entertainment. These are people who simply enjoy writing. They sit down and begin to type, and they don’t worry about money or visitor counts or anything else like that. Blogging is a great way to meet people, communicate with people all over the world, get your thoughts out, and let out your frustrations or elations at what is happening in your life.

There are also people, however, that are concerned with earning an income, gaining traffic numbers and other serious matters, and for these people, understanding which platform is the best to use is much more important, especially when the two choices at hand are Google Blogger and WordPress. One platform, after all, may be capable of garnering more traffic than the other, and more traffic translates into increased profits for these serious Google Bloggers.

So what is the difference between WordPress and Google Blogger, and why and to whom does it matter?

Google Blogger - Google Blogger is a free, simple and quick platform to work with, but Google Blogger does not give much control, so serious Google Bloggers cannot have all of their needs met with this type of blogging platform. Also, because Google Blogger.com has control of your blog, it can be shut down or taken from you for pretty much any reason at all, meaning that you are leaving your work in someone else’s hands, and that’s not really the best option for anyone that is serious about their content.

WordPress - WordPress is ideal if you are looking for a situation that is more permanent in terms of blogging. WordPress does have a free service, but if you want a permanent or long term blog, you should host your WordPress blog on your very own server – This is something that Google Blogger has not made possible! Hosting for your own site can be found for $10 or less on many websites, and with some simple installation, you can have your own WordPress blog, completely under your own control without anyone being able to tell you what you can or cannot say online.

If you want easy, choose Google Blogger. If you want slightly more complicated but with a lot more control as a result, then WordPress is the only way for you to go.

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