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Boost Your Business Blog with Video Blogging

videoblogAs a result of video sharing websites such as YouTube, the popularity of hosting videos on the internet has really gone right through the roof in recent years. More and more people online are preferring the idea of watching a short video in place of reading a great deal of text when it comes to visiting websites and business blogs.

So if you have a business blog or a blog that you are trying to earn money from, why not consider adding video blogs? Video blogging is a great way to share information with your visitors over video instead of text or any other medium. Video blogging is also known as vlogging or vblogging.

Video blogging is capable of conveying a great deal more information much more quickly as well as in a manner that is much more entertaining than simply reading text on a page. Research has been showing for some time now that people have a much easier time of absorbing and retaining information when there are both visual and audio components that are engaged, and this is the case when it comes to video blogs.

This is especially going to be true on the internet, because most people on the internet skim rather than reading through the entire post, and they may as a result end up missing some of the most important points that you are trying to sell. If you offer your visitors a short video of 2 to 3 minutes instead, and you highlight only the most important information, then this might be significantly more effective in getting a visitor to take the right action.

Video blogging is capable of providing feeling, emotion and a visual aspect that simple words are incapable of conveying. Consider this: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video blog is worth quite a bit more. People love entertainment, and video blogging can provide them with this level of entertainment. You can give them both entertainment and information at the same time, ensuring that they soak up the information you are trying to offer them.

If you are looking for a new way to share information on your blog while bringing more people to your blog in the process, then video blogging is an option that is well worth your consideration. Getting started in video blogging is easy and does not take a lot of skill or equipment, but it can have a very large impact on your blogging ability. You can mix up your blog with video blogging, text blogging and image blogging in order to keep the attention of readers from all over the world.

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Music Blogging

musicAdding music capabilities to your blog, your myspace, or your livejournal can be a really excellent way for you to add atmosphere to the pages, further personalizing them for those who visit. When it is done right, adding music to your blog is something that can make it unique and enjoyable without necessarily putting off any of your visitors. It used to be that adding music to your website meant embedding a single sound file onto your page, focusing your readers and visitors alike to sit and listen without any capability for stopping the sound short of turning their speakers down. Thankfully there have been great strides in music technologies and website technologies that have surpassed this point by far, allowing you to take advantage of a wide variety of different musical options for adding music to your blog website to spice it up a bit.

For starters, there are music players that are intended for being embedded into blogs. These blog music players allow your readers to select from a diverse group of different songs, choosing to pause them at play them at their own will rather than based on the will of the underlying HTML code. This is not only an excellent opportunity to provide your readers with variety, but it is also absolutely necessary so that your reader can make the most important decision: Music or no music? As much as you enjoy your music, there is no telling what your reader wants to hear. Better safe than sorry is an excellent adage for such a situation. Forcing your readers to listen to your music may actually turn them away from your site because it can be irritating to them and can discourage them from staying on the site for very long at all.

In this realm of thinking, there are a number of different options for you to choose from. One such example is Easy Listener web music player, allowing you to put together your own unique playlist. This program is not hard at all for you to set up, and it will allow you to play music from the web using mp3 links. You may also like to try out the number of different radio player widgets that are available on the internet, many of which are designed specifically to integrate fully with your blog platform. Last.fm has a very popular, thriving music community, for example. Other options that are available to you include Finetune, Sonific, RGB and MOG. All of these widgets make it possible for you to add a music player to your website or blog, meaning that your readers can play music while browsing your blog if they choose to.

One of the best music widgets on the web today is Muzicons, which is a relatively new widget with a lot of functionality and potential. It is one of the easiest to use and set up, and only requires that you upload mp3s and choose settings like the color of the player so that you can personalize it.

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Creating a Blog Video Online

videobloggingAbout two years ago, blogging hit a surge that allowed its way into the mainstream, and now everybody is blogging for a wide variety of different reasons. Blogs resemble web-based public diaries of sorts, where the creator can record their thoughts, their opinions, questions and answers and essentially anything else that they like. Blogs initially only contained basic text and the occasional image, but then people started doing audio blogging, and now people are doing video blogging. When audio blogging came into the picture, it became known as podcasting because people would be able to download the blogs into their iPods, playing the audio blogs back as mp3 sound files.

The simplest form of blogging with video is known as vlogging. This type of “blog video posting” entails putting a simple video file online, then embedding it into your blog or linking to it through your blog. Then whoever is reading your blog or subscribing to your RSS feed will know that there is a new video, and they will visit your website to watch it and see what you have to say or show them.

Your readers who are subscribed to your RSS can open up your latest vlog in their RSS feed reader, and they will be able to directly view your video simply by clicking the RSS feed link. There are also more advanced types of blog video posting, including having your vlog blog accepted into iTunes on the Apple Website so that subscribers can easily become subscribed to your video blog, allowing you to reach out to a potential of 19 million more viewers than ever before.

People who post blog video posts use a wide variety of different file types for their videos, including Windows Media files, Quicktime files, Real Media files and MPEG files just to name a few. What you should know, though, is that if you want your videos to be of the highest possible quality, then there are two formats that you should aim to use above all else, and these are FLV, which stands for Flash Video, and SWF which stands for Shockwave Flash Video. These are capable of being read both by MAC computers and PC computers, which means that everyone will be capable of seeing your videos online.

The FLV format for your blog video posts is best suited if you want to do a full motion video, but smaller length video files are typically capable of being handled by both platforms. If you want to do blog video podcasting, then there is a completely different format that you need to use, which is MPEG4, or you can use the Apple proprietary version which is M4V. In order to create a blog video post you will also need a digital camcorder or a webcam, a microphone for sound, software for the production of your video, a blog that you can post to and also an RSS feed that you can syndicate your content to.

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Bring Your Weblog to Life with Video Blogs

vidblogPerhaps you have not noticed that there has been a tremendous explosion in the way of online media, especially throughout the past couple of years. Now that hosting and bandwidth are becoming significantly less expensive, and because publishing tools are becoming better, simpler and cheaper, it has never been easier for people to get online and express themselves via a wide variety of different means, including but not limited to blogging in text, posting images, deciding to post video blog content and audio blogging or podcasting just to name a few. Although it is impossible for anyone to truly know for sure, it has been estimated that there are more than 100,000,000 weblog entities online. Can you imagine this? There are more than 100 million weblog sites online. Are you writing in a weblog yet?

Here are three ways that you can use video to spice up your weblog the right way.

>> Search popular video sites to look for videos that you can post or link to in your blog. If you search for “online video” in Google or MSN, you will find half a billion different results online. You can narrow this search down considerably by typing in different keywords, or you can simply go to some of the big video websites such as YouTube, Mevio and MetaCafe. There are also a wide variety of different specialized video websites specializing in allowing you to post video blog content, such as news videos, music videos or comedy videos for example. Find videos that apply to the concept of your weblog, and post them, link about them or talk about them in your weblog.

>> Subscribe to popular podcasts and video weblog websites and they will give you inspiration so you can post video blog content too. Subscribe to these blogs posting media that you appreciate, and reference them, link to them and talk about them as often as you can. If you refer to them, you may just be able to convince them to reference you back, improving your blog over time.

>> Create your own weblog videos to share with other bloggers and readers when you post video blog content online. It does not require a professional quality studio or a complicating piece of editing software in order for you to make a good video to post in your weblog. Typical webcam setups and digital cameras with video capabilities are usually enough to do the trick, meaning that if you already have a camera, you may be good to go. Just make a video, post it in your weblog and see what people have to say. Many people prefer blogs where they can see who they are conversing with, so posting a video weblog occasionally can do a world of good for you and the success of your blog presence online.

Including media on your blog such as video weblog postings can be great for creating exposure for you online, so if you have camera that has video capabilities, start making a video today and post it in your weblog!

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