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The Key to Blogging for Profit

profitIn the last two blog posts, we talked about identifying and banking on your strengths, and identifying and banking on your sources of traffic. Any time that you find a significant source for blog or website traffic, there are almost always going to be ways that you can build even further on that traffic, which is a key to blogging for profit, or any type of blogging for that matter.

  • When you notice that there is a lot of traffic coming to specific posts in your website from Google, then it could be helpful for you to optimize those specific pages for the types of keywords that people seem to be searching for in order to increase your traffic even further. Look at your keyword density, link to that page from other pages on your blog using good anchor text, and try tweaking your titles as a way to get started.
  • When you are noticing that another blog is linking up to yours, then what you have is an opportunity to create and build up a relationship with that particular blog. You should strive to get to know the writer better, thanking them for their link, and you should submit other blog posts that they may find useful, and make an attempt to link up to them as well.
  • When you are noticing that a social media site is sending you traffic, then this is a signal that you need to get involved on that social media website. Do some analysis regarding the types of content that perform well on the site, and add a voting button on your site so that you can encourage your blog readers to go to the site and vote for your content so that you can perform even better than before.
  • When you are getting a lot of traffic in the search engines for specific keywords, then that can be a hint that you need to write more blog content on that specific topic. You should be paying particular attention to the types of questions that people are searching for in these search engines as you can convert them into post titles and topics that you can write about.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your blog

I have shown only two types of weaknesses and strengths that might be built upon in a blog, but there are plenty more of course. The principles that apply are the same – once you have identified something you are good at, something that people really respond to on the blog, keep at it. This does not mean you cannot look to other areas or improve weaknesses, it means you should spend as much time building on your successes as you do fixing those weaknesses. Do this, and you will be onto a good thing.

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The Opposite of Successful Blogging

failThere is an opposite to successful blogging, which is blogging that drives your readers in the wrong direction. Take a look at this list of things that you can do to drive readers away so that you will have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to achieve truly successful blogging in your blogging endeavor.

1 – Use navigation that is impossible on your website.

If your readers need to read a user manual to be able to maneuver through your website, then something is wrong. People don’t want to have to learn how to use your site- So make it user friendly and intuitive, or don’t bother.

2 – Use more advertising than actual content.

Advertising may serve a purpose, but if there isn’t as much content as advertising, then you’re doing something wrong. When your readers realize it, they’re not likely to stick around.

3 – Forget or refuse to maintain your website on a regular basis.

If your site features information that is outdated or erroneous, it is going to appear as a site that nobody gives a care about. Why should your readers care about something you don’t care about?

4 – Require too much information from your readers.

If you require personal information to give information to your readers, they may actually be convinced not to stick around to read what you have to say.

5 – Attempt to be too “cutting edge”.

While it is good to take advantage of new and innovative technologies, these are actually capable of causing problems with your readers. If your pages are crashing browsers or are too image or technology intensive, they may scare readers away rather than attracting them.

6 – Crash the browsers that your visitors are using.

This one is pretty straight forward. If your website is crashing people’s browsers, they’re NOT going to stick around.

7 – Use sound or automatically loading video on a professional blog site.

If you want people to take your site seriously, then you need to take it seriously too. Videos and sounds that play automatically are a huge no-no if you want people to think you are professional.

8 – Use too many images in your blog.

Images are going to slow down the loading of your page, so too many images is going to spell disaster no matter how you look at it. If you have to have a lot of images -Make them small!

9 – Do not pay attention to any of your readers.

You need to pay attention to what your readers want, and deliver, if you want them to take your blog seriously. If you don’t pay attention to what readers are saying, then why are you even blogging?

10 – Embed entirely too many tables into your blog, or embed frames into your blog.

These things are messy, they slow down browsers, and they’re completely unnecessary. Find a better way to set up your blog.

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Blogging for Money Guide

dimeBlogging for money is quickly becoming one of the more popular reasons for why people blog. Setting up a blog is relatively easy and straight forward, and turning that blog into a money maker does not take much effort either. By monetizing your blog, you can make it possible to earn money when you write blogs through various different means. The following is a basic guide to blogging for money, including how you can get started doing it and which methods will best address your needs and your individual blog as well.

- * Affiliate Marketing:
Bloggers are capable of blogging for money by way of affiliate marketing. When you sign up with an online affiliate marketing program, you are given a unique link that is yours and yours alone, and you use this special link to promote the affiliate products. If any sale is made through your unique affiliate link, then you earn a commission from the affiliate program. This is a really popular option for bloggers that are looking into blogging for money because there are thousands if not millions of different affiliate products out there in every niche under the sun.

- * PPC Ads: Bloggers are capable of blogging for money by way of Pay Per Click or PPC advertising. Bloggers are more than capable of generating a lot of income through PPC or Pay Per Click advertising, which is provided by major advertising networks including Yahoo and Google. Applying for an account is easy, and money is generated through advertising in your blog, which makes it relatively simple to participate over time. Contextual ads are placed on your blog and relate to the keywords used in your blog, meaning they are targeted to your readers for better results.

- * Bloggers are capable of blogging for money by way of product reviews. Many merchants are actually looking for bloggers that are willing to review the products they are selling. Providing reviews on products in your blog can earn you between $25 and $200 dollars for every review, and even more if your blogs earn more traffic, making this an excellent opportunity for blogging for money.

- * Bloggers are capable of blogging for money by way of membership programs. Memberships are a great way for you to generate regular income online on a repeated basis. You can charge visitors to visit your membership. If you want to charge money for a membership, you should have a separate membership website in addition to your blog and you should offer something truly unique that your readers will be interested in signing up for. By integrating a membership into your blog, you will increase the conversion rate between visitors and members, helping your blog to earn a repeated or residual online income, which is a great way to go about it if you can.

There are only some of the ways you can blog for money. What other ways can you come up with to earn money through blogging?

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Tips for Improving Blog Popularity

pricklypearThere are a number of different things that you can do to increase your blog popularity. Here is a look at some of the tops that you can’t pass up.

Include an Author Biography

People who are reading your blog will enjoy being able to put a face to the writer, and giving them a biography to read will allow them to get a sense of who you are and what you are all about. Unless you are writing exclusively about your own self and your life, then you should not really be putting out too many personal details about yourself, because once you put information out there on the internet, you cannot take it back. Still, don’t be afraid to describe a little bit about who you are, and include an image too if you can.

Eliminate Bad Links

Nothing is more annoying or frustrating to a visitor to your blog than clicking on a link that does not take them anywhere, or that takes them someplace other than where they were intending to go. Make sure that you are eliminating bad links, dead links and wrong links before someone clicks on them.

Stay Focused

You cannot be everything to everyone, so do not even try. Choose a targeted audience instead, and focus on meeting their needs by writing a focused blog on the subject.

Utilize RSS

Make sure that you have an RSS button and that it is easy for your readers to find. Don’t be afraid to include an RSS button with every post so that readers can easily sign up to receive RSS updates from your blog.

Links and Sidebar Content

You are going to want to make sure that everything in your links and your sidebar content is completely relevant. If you offer too many choices to your readers, it will become confusing for them and they may be less likely to click on any of the links you are providing, rendering them useless.

Own your Own Domain

There are a number of different services that are designed to give you a blog host and a domain name for free, and this is definitely a great beginner opportunity. Down along the line, however, owning your very own domain name and paying for real hosting is going to be better for you. This way you will have complete control over your content, rather than someone else being in charge.

You should begin by following these basic tips for blogging and then improve on them over time. If you want your blog to be successful then you need to start off with the basics and then continue to learn beyond that point. These basics will get you started, but improving on your blog time and time again means constantly learning what it takes to meet the needs of your readers.

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Related Tweets

tweetUsing your blog as the seed, find quality content from the Blog Traffic Exchange and tweet it automatically. Provide your followers with interesting and relevant content within the niche of your blog. Supplement your twitter account with quality content related to your blogging niche using the our powerful content search engine.

There are setting to control the frequency and regularity of the posts. Other than that simply run the plugin and tweets will begin. I am now running this plugin and pointing it at the Blog Traffic Exchange twitter feed.

How does it work? After setting your Twitter username, password, tweet frequency, and tweet regularity the plugin will run on a schedule. Each time the plugin executes it will select a public blog post from your blog at random. Then it will use the post as the search seed of the Blog Content Exchange repository. The content repository will return a tweet containing the most relevant website, famous quote, or other content in the repository.


  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Upload Folder to WordPress Plugins Folder
  4. Activate Plugin
  5. Adjust Options to Style as desired

Download the Related Tweets Plugin

Change Log

  • 10/31/10 – 1.6 – Updated for Twitter oAuth.
  • 09/21/09 – 1.5 – Added Befriend code from GeekLad.
  • 09/03/09 – 1.4 – Added RT code from GeekLad.
  • 08/31/09 – 1.3 – Added more options for interval and randomness.
  • 08/12/09 – 1.2 – Added #RTW adn #quote Hashtag to tweet.
  • 08/04/09 – 1.1 – Release to public.

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5 Tips for Popular Blog Posts

popularityThe internet may be a fast paced environment, but there are some blog strategies that remain the name even when it becomes harder and harder for average bloggers to keep up. Here is a reminder of some of the tips that don’t change when it comes to blogging.

When posting, avoid large blocks of text.

Your articles should be broken up into easy to read bites. Most people that use the net are scanning and skimming rather than reading everything. Make sure that you are using descriptive headers so that your post will catch their attention. Make sure that things are focused and kept short. Use images whenever possible to make your blog posts even more appealing.

Edit, Proofread and Check Spelling

Even the pros can misspell a word every now and then, and there is some leeway in the world of blogging. If you are an unknown writer, however, then your credibility really matters and making errors can harm that. If you do care about your blog and building a reputation for yourself as a good writer, you need to proofread and edit, eliminating spelling and grammar errors as you go.

Post Often

You should try and create a regular rhythm for posting in your blog. Not only is this going to interest your regular visitors, but it will also keep search engines interested, allowing their spiders and robots to return time and time again. Fresh content always equals a better search engine ranking, which leads to more readers and visitors.

Use Accurate Post Titles

The search engines read your titles, and they sort and rank your posts accordingly. The same is true for readers, who use your titles to know what your posts are about. This means that if you want to give search engines and human readers what they are looking for, your post titles need to be accurate.

Include a Date and Signature

Your posts are not always going to be timeless, and in these instances, you are going to want to let readers know when you made your posts. This will also let them know how long you have been posting, which can help you build more credibility in the long run. Posting a signature at the end of each of your blog posts is going to let your readers know exactly who wrote each of your posts, so make sure that there is a signature and a date for every post that you make.

To some, these blog tips are common knowledge. But still, it’s good to have the occasional reminder. These are the most basic blog tips that you can employ when it comes to posting for the benefit of your readers and the search engines that regularly spider your blog. Keep this list of tips handy, and consult it every time you make a post until you get the hang of it. This is the best way to make sure that your blog posts are constantly accommodating your readers in the best possible way.

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Must Have Blogging Tools

toolsBlogging has developed a serious place for itself in the internet community for many different purposes including personal use and business uses. As a result, it has evolved into becoming a truly essential tool for people who want to build communications, deliver up to date news and information and otherwise bring information and conversation to the masses quickly and easily. Choosing the right blogging tools, as a result, has become vitally important in making the world of blogging easier and straighter forward.

So what are blogging tools all about?

Blogging tools are different types of software that make it possible for users and bloggers to create and publish their entries more fluidly or easily. Some blogging tools make it simpler to add photographs to a blog while others are designed to make uploading video run more smoothly. There are also blogging tools that make posting widgets, tickers and other unique gadgets easier, or to completely personalize the look of a blog. Blogging tools, in other words, allow the blogger to completely and fully customize his or her blog in order to get more out of it.

Different blogging tools are capable of employing a variety of different types of features depending on what they are meant to do, and who they are specifically meaning to target. Some software blogging tools are only meant to include basic features because they are designed to cater to beginning bloggers with only a little bit of experience. There are also more advanced blogging tools that offer more complicated instructions but a myriad of additional features that bloggers can take advantage of.

Here are some must have features of blogging tools:

  • The ability to create and publish posts, which is the most essential of all features for blogging since the main and most important purpose of blogging is to post content,
  • The ability to upload videos, photos and sound, which is good for more advanced bloggers that want to bring their blogs to life,
  • The ability to display content in a unique user interface, which makes a blog more easily readable and more visually appealing,
  • The ability to customize the design and the layout of the blog, allowing the user to customize their own unique theme,
  • Blog statistics, so that the blogger can tell who is visiting, where they are visiting from and what they are doing while on the site. Blogging statistics are vital for keeping track of the performance of the blog, allowing the blogger to see how much traffic is actually being generated and there are numerous blogging tools that are capable of providing this information and much more.

These blogging tools are vital for the success of any blog, regardless of what its purpose is.

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Tips for Writing a Successful Blog

thesisOne of the biggest keys when it comes to keeping a successful blog is to provide content that is perceived to be exceptional. The following five tips are designed to ensure that the blog posts that you write are getting read, and also that they are encouraging your readers to come back time and time again for more. These five tips are absolutely essential in helping you to write a successful blog.

Successful Blog Tip #1 – A successful blog is one that utilizes the right tone for the niche and audience.

Every blog is going to have a target audience that it is written to suit. Before you begin to write blog posts, you are going to want to figure out what your audiences are. Who is going to want to read your blog and why are they going to want to read your blog? Identify the goals you have for your blog, as well as the expectations that your audience is going to have for your blog, and choose a tone that is going to be appropriate for both of these ends.

Successful Blog Tip #2 – A successful blog is an honest blog.

Blogs should be written in a truly honest voice in order to show who you are as a writer. These blogs tend to be those that are the most popular. A critical component to the success of your blog is the community developing around it. If you represent yourself and the content of your blog in an honest manner, your loyal readership numbers will grow.

Successful Blog Tip #3 – A successful blog is more than simply lists worth of links.

Blogging is a time consuming endeavor, and so it might be a bit tempting for you to link to other people’s content and be done for the day – You need to avoid this trap. Readers do not want to follow a trail of breadcrumbs in order to find something that is interesting for them to read. Bring them the information that they want, don’t give them a scavenger hunt to find it.

Successful Blog Tip #4 – A successful blog is one that provides attribution when attribution is due.

Do not risk being accused of violating a copyright, stealing content or plagiarizing – if you find information elsewhere, make sure that you provide a link back to the source, referencing them for the information you received.

Successful Blog Tip #5 – A successful blog is one that utilizes short, concise paragraphs.

The content and the visual appeal of the blog are both just as important as one another. Write in short paragraphs for visual relief because nobody likes a text heavy website. Most readers skim anyway, so make it easier for them to find the information that they are looking for.

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Blogging – You’re Doing it WRONG! (Pt 1)

hodgepodgeThat’s right, I said it. You’re not blogging correctly. This two part article series will expand on my previous post, 4 Things Bloggers Do WRONG!

There are a ton of blogs that are already established and a ton of new blogs getting started every single day. You won’t stand out by making the mistakes other blogs make. Below are some things that I see wrong and avoid like crazy because they drive me crazy and I’m sure you’ll agree:

Hodgepodge Blogs

This is why you niche out your blog. Pick a topic. Write on that topic. End of story.

Do not post about your life unless your life has to do with that blog topic. If you’re a fishing blog I don’t want to see Project Runway on your blog unless you ran into a cast member fishing and they caught something or did something silly and you have proof of it (e.g. a photo or video clip). If you’re not a political blog I don’t want to read about Obama and what you think of the latest happenings in Washington D.C. Why? Because I simply don’t care, and neither do your readers.

You are not a lifestyle magazine. You are not a newspaper. Let me repeat – stay on topic! That’s right, no off topic posts for you. Keep your personal opinions on life in general and random thoughts off the blog unless your blog is about those things… and honestly, unless you’re somebody famous it shouldn’t be. Personal blogs are not something I subscribe to. I want information and clever articles about the topics that interest me from the people who write them.

Blog Article Titles

Even though you’re not a newspaper, you’re not excused from bland titles. You lose more readers than you know with generic titles. Why do you think headlines are so important? The bigger font isn’t there to just look pretty it’s there to grab your attention.

I skip right by a lot of posts in my Google Reader because nothing in the title made me think it was worth spending two seconds clicking the link to go see the post. That’s right I view my blogs rss feeds in List Format. You have to when you subscribe to as many blogs as I do.

So what are bad titles?

For example, I hate seeing posts entitled: SOMEBODY’S NAME Guest Blogs or some variation of the same. I have no idea who that person is and why would I care if they guest blogged? Why don’t you give me a title that refers to the topic of their guest blog?

Similarly don’t get cutesy. If you’re reviewing a product, give me the product in the title of the post not the name you would have called it yourself if you were on the naming committee. How will I ever know what you’re really talking about at a glance?

Keira runs a book review blog for readers by readers on romance novels entitled Love Romance Passion. She’s been reading romance since she was in her teens and began blogging about romance so she could share her passion for her favorite genre. She loves reading paranormal, Regency, historical America, and highlander most of all and completely adores blind and wounded heroes.

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Publish Blog Posts More Successfully

scribbleBlogging is about more than just putting your thoughts down in words, because blogging is capable of sharing news, spreading messages, facilitating conversations and so much more. Learning how to publish blog posts more successfully is one of the best things that you can do if you want to get the most out of your blogging experience. The following is a connection of tips that will help you improve your blogging capability, because when you publish blog posts more successfully, everybody benefits.

- * Post Titles: Your post title needs to be capable of grabbing the attention of readers, and it may also be able to help search engines find you as well. Every blog post needs to have a title, and yours should be strong and concise and keyword oriented as well.

- * Post Introduction: You should start the actual entry of your blog with the same keyword or keyword phrase as you put in your title. This will help to reinforce your theme, helping your readers know exactly what you intend to talk about.

- * Information: Your blog needs to be informative, you need to be teaching the people that are reading your blog. Share your knowledge with them, help them make decisions that are educated and informed, and do not just advertise in your blog when you can teach instead.

- * Be a Resource: Through blogging effectively on a consistent basis you can establish yourself as being an authority or an expert in your area, no matter what your area happens to be. You should be presenting all of your blog posts in such a way that they facilitate conversation and discussion so that readers can contact you. You should be a resource for information online.

- * Make Your Blog Dynamic. You should be encouraging feedback, because a blog that has discussions, comments and feedback is going to create more visitors. It will also establish your blog as being interactive and dynamic, which will interest more people in what you have to say. Blogs that are static and never changing are far less effective as marketing tools even when they do have good things to say, so make sure that your blog is dynamic and constantly evolving as a result.

- * Think Search Engines. When you are blogging, make sure that you are keeping search engines in mind because your content should be keyword oriented in nature. You should make sure to have plenty of fresh content, and your fresh content should be rich but not overbearing in keywords in order to keep search engines in mind while you are blogging for the best possible results.

Keep these things in mind and you will be able to publish blog posts more easily and more effectively than ever before, increasing traffic to your blog as a result.

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