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To Advertise or Not to Advertise?

advertiseWhen it comes to creating and writing in a blog, one of the most important questions that a lot of first time bloggers find themselves asking is whether or not they should do any advertising. The truth is, there is never really a situation where advertising is bad, as long as you are advertising in the right way. There are a multitude of different ways that you can advertise on your blog, including advertising to bring people to your blog, and advertising on your blog to generate revenue through your blogging endeavor. Both of these forms of advertising have benefits, but they also have a small selection of drawbacks as well.

Advertising to Gain Traffic –

Advertising for the purpose of gaining traffic may mean search engine optimization, posting content to article submission websites, putting your blog link in your e-mail signature and finding other ways to spread the word about your blog. One of the most advantageous ways to attract people to your blog is to socialize, commenting in other blogs and facilitating conversations in a way that will attract people back to yours.

The Advantage –

The advantage to advertising your blog is obviously, as it will attract an increase in traffic and readership to your content, attracting more people to see what you are writing. There are plenty of ways to advertise your blog, and many of them are inexpensive or completely free.

The Disadvantage -

The disadvantage to advertising your blog is the fact that it can take away from the time you need to keep your blog updated. Luckily, many forms of advertising your blog can be done simply by writing in it and socializing through it, so you should not feel like you are limited in how much advertising you can do.

Advertising to Monetize your Blog –

This is another excellent reason to advertise because it allows you to generate money from your blog through advertising. If you want to make a little money back from your blogging effort, find out more about affiliate marketing, AdSense and other forms of advertising for monetization.

The Advantage –

You can make back the costs for your blog website and can even generate some extra money on the side without doing much work. Simply writing relevant content will do much of the advertising for you.

The Disadvantage -

Some readers are put off by obvious advertisements. If your blog pages are overloaded with adverts, you may be overwhelming your readers, which can chase them away. Make sure that your ads are visible, but not overwhelmingly so.

Once you know the ins and outs of advertising through blogging, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each, you can make smart decisions regarding whether or not your blogging endeavor needs a little bit of advertising.

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How to Monetize Your Blog

moneyIf you want to monetize your blog, you have to ask yourself a series of questions, starting with what kind of blog is it, and do you have any readers? If you’re not getting readers at your blog, you might as well put all your money-making plans on hold. Even if you got the greatest pay-per-click program in existence with the highest rates (which won’t happen if you don’t have readers) you can’t make money because there’s no one there to click the ads. Generate traffic first, and then worry about monetizing your blog.

If you have a steady stream of traffic, then the best ways to make money from your blog depend on the type of blog you have. If your blog is a general interest blog, it’s probably harder to make money from that than a specialized niche blog. Of course, if you have thousands and thousands of readers, you can run general advertising for things people typically need like credit cards, mortgages, insurance and very general basic things.

If your blog is general interest, though, no one is coming to your blog searching for cheap insurance, the best way to refinance a mortgage, or a better rate on a credit card. They’re coming to read how you burned the cookies, your thoughts on today’s politics, and the latest celebrity gossip, or whatever you’re blogging about.

But if you pull in thousands of unique visitors over a month, you could still make some money from these kinds of advertisers because a certain percentage of them will click the ads, and a certain small percentage of them might buy. This is a hard way to monetize that requires thousands and thousands of readers.

If your blog is smaller and more of a niche blog, you have many more options. Lots of people use Café Press or other sites that will print custom t-shirts, mugs and items for you. You could have some principle of your blog, your logo, or some great concepts you created printed on these items and link to them from your blog.

You can use the mother of blog money-makers, pay-per-click ads like those through Google and Yahoo. Don’t just sign up and assume it’s all automated, though. You have to watch the ads that show up, the click-through rates, and your pricing. If the ads that are showing up aren’t targeted closely enough and aren’t getting good click-through rates, you’ll get less per click than otherwise .So watch your statistics and make adjustments as needed. These pull off your keywords, so be keyword focused when you write posts.

Affiliate marketing is a top way to monetize a blog, too. If your blog is about how to lose weight, for instance, you can promote a weight loss product or information that has an affiliate program. When people follow your link to that product and buy it, you get a commission. The more narrow your niche, the easier it is to monetize your blog because the people coming there are looking for specific information and products.

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How to Get Advertisers for Your Blog

advertiseIf you’ve got a blog with enough traffic, you might want to monetize the space by drawing in advertisers. If your blog is new, it’s going to be a hard sell to get people to want to advertise on your blog but you can do it.

Whether your blog is new or established, you’ll want to draw up a pitch. This should include a page that shows where the ad would be and how big it is. Even if you’re brand new, if you pitch to an advertiser they’ll need this information. Don’t worry about setting a price. You have no idea how valuable the ad space is going to be them yet, most likely.

Go to other blogs that have similar content to yours and make a list of the people who are advertising there. These are the advertisers you want to contact and make pitches to. They obviously buy ad space in blogs like yours, so they’re an easier sell than someone who might offer products or services that your readers can use but who don’t advertise in blogs.

You can do one of two things at this point. You can offer them free space for a limited time, say a month or two, or you can offer them ad space at a very low introductory rate.

Free Blog Ad Space: If it sounds crazy to offer an advertiser free blog space, consider how much that space is worth to them. If you’re a blog with high traffic, then just show them your stats and offer them a price. But if you’re new or you have low traffic, offering them a free short-term spot can entice them to try it because they’ve got nothing to lose.

Use a plug-in to track how many hits the ad gets and to track page views and statistics if you’re not doing that already. Then before the free time runs out, if the numbers look good enough then present the advertiser with those numbers and offer them a price to continue the ad.

Low Cost Ad Space: If you’d rather try a very low introductory offer, the principle is the same. You offer low cost ad space, and when the traffic starts to improve and their ad is getting more hits, then you raise the ad space rate. If the traffic is worth it to them, they’ll continue the ad.

You can actually increase your chances of gaining advertisers by really focusing the content toward those advertisers, making good use of keywords. By doing this, you can try one more approach.

Send people to the potential advertiser’s website without approaching them first. Use good keywords and targeted traffic to attract people who would want to click on that link. Track your statistics, and after a month or whenever the numbers are looking good, present the potential advertiser with the business you’ve sent them to show that you know how to send traffic to advertisers (and inherently they know that you could send the blog traffic to their advertisers instead).

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How To Create a Killer Landing Page

landingtestingby John Tumbler, guest blogger

The landing page is the first page of your website where a visitor visits. Each website/company has its own landing page where they are driving all their traffic even if they are unaware of it. A visitor can reach your landing page either from Search Engine Results, online advertisement, email marketing or any other method. Therefore, creating a killer landing page can put a remarkable effect on your conversion rate and can increase your online sales or can help you in fulfilling your other desired goals which you want to attain through your landing page.

Tips to Create Killer Landing Page that Sells:

Custom Landing Page for Each Offer: – You need to create custom landing pages targeting a specific offer. The title and text of the ad which send visitors should be similar to the landing page. Don’t send all your traffic to your homepage or to a page which contains information about other offers too as these things can deviate the user mind and your conversion rate could be low.

Clear Call to Action: - Your landing page should have clear call to action which you want your visitor to take. A call to action could be to purchase a product, providing information or any other thing you want your visitor to do.

No Unnecessary Information: – Your landing page should contain only that Information which is required for your visitor to take decision and to perform desired action. Don’t fill your landing page with unwanted information as it can distract your visitor mind and you won’t be having a good conversion rate.

No Distractions: - There should be no distractions on your landing page as it can put your visitor in confusion and change his decision. Don’t put any distracting navigational links. Landing page is not for browsing the site it’s for conversions.

Keep it Simple: - Keep your landing page simple. Avoid using lot of images and Flash. Tests had shown that such landing pages have poor conversion rate.

Effective Sales Copy: – You need an effective sales copy which can push your visitor to take desired action. The content of your landing page should be short and straightforward. Break big paragraphs to short ones and use effective titles.

Easy To load: - An idle landing page should load in less than 8 seconds. Many people in remote areas are still using the dial up connection. Your landing pages should be able to load quickly even on slow connections.

Test, Modify and Test again: – Testing a landing page is very important to understand the behavior of your visitors and increase the conversion rate. It’s always good to create multiple landing pages for a same campaign and then see which page converts most. After that you can make more improvements to that landing page and test it again.

John Tumbler is a freelance writer who writes on Landing page optimization, gadgets, Technology and Internet marketing.

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Niche Marketing and Choosing a Niche

nicheNiche marketing is a type of marketing that falls out of the normal realm of mainstream business, or that involves focusing on one specific product or one specific type of need that allows niche marketing businesses to boom. Niche marketing is capable of meaning different things to different people because the idea of mainstream is something that can have a wide variety of different definitions. If most of the people do not belong to a certain niche, then you can consider it a niche market, and while this is not the general definition among everyone, it gets the job done. So when you are marketing within a niche, you are generally aiming to target a very limited selection of all of the people out there – So why should you do it anyway?

Here are five reasons for why you should choose a specific niche and stick to it!

1 – When you dive into a brand new niche market, you generally will not have a whole lot of competition to contend with. This is one of the biggest reasons for why people choose niche marketing in the first place, because it makes your SEO much more effective and will allow customers to find you much more easily.

2 – Niche markets can really appeal to target customers, and target customers are generally much more willing to drop money when it comes to having their specific needs met, meaning that by catering specifically to a niche market you can generally earn more income through your business.

3 – Some niche markets, despite being small, are actually quite highly sought after which means that identifying a need that no one else has met yet can help you find a literal gold mine. People who have that need will flock to your product if it really does provide a solution for them.

4 – Niche marketing will make it possible for you to really focus your efforts and endeavors as you will become a true expert within your own personal niche, and you will be able to build a name for yourself this way. You can produce a lot better when serving only a single niche rather than spreading yourself too thin.

5 – Most niche markets do eventually become mainstream types of markets, so if you are willing to work at it hard enough you may actually be able to take your niche market to the mainstream, which will allow your business to grow and expand exponentially. You will skyrocket your profits much better this way than if you were to simply jump into a mainstream market from the beginning. Rather than attempt to cover a serious mainstream market where the competition may simply drown you, put your money into a small niche market that you can grow with, and you will be tromping the big guns in the business in no time at all.

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Advertising on Facebook

facebookIf you are not already making use of Facebook as a method of marketing your business or niche, then you are absolutely missing out on a great opportunity to reach out to hundreds of millions of active users. Today, Facebook has become one of the most popular online social networking websites, making it a veritable untapped network for traffic and business. People spend a great amount of time online on the Facebook website looking to make new friends, interact with people, play games and interact within interest groups. When you make it possible for your advertising message to travel to these people through Facebook, you will absolutely see a spike in the amount of website traffic that you attract, and you will also see more members, more subscriptions, more sales and more inquiries as well.

One of the biggest questions that people ask is how it could be possible for a business to leverage Facebook for the purpose of marketing a product or a service. Here are three of the possible ways for you to advertise your business, product or service through Facebook social networking.

1 – Social Ads on Facebook –

This is one of the most straight forward ways that you can promote yourself on Facebook. You can use social ads to target people based on a number of different functions including age group, gender and interest for example. By targeting your ads in this manner, you can increase your CTR, which is your click through rate. This will give you more visitors to your site and also an increase in the number of customers that you are able to attract. Make sure to throw a picture up in your ads because ads with images capture more attention and tend to attract more clicks as well.

2 – Groups and Pages on Facebook –

You can create groups and pages for your business, company or website on Facebook, and then you can get people to become a fan of your page or to join your group. Use the invite function for groups to get all of your friends to join, or tell your friends about your page so that they can become a fan. Both pages and groups are two excellent channels that you can use to gather more potential customers as well as to build more brand awareness on Facebook.

3 – Facebook Word of Mouth –

Selling to a friend is always going to be easier than selling the same thing to a stranger. You should try to get to know more friends simply because there are so many active users on the Facebook site. Join groups with some kind of relation to your product or your business and socialize with the members of those groups to make new friends and acquaintances. When people get to know your business and begin to really trust it, they will be much more likely to buy from you.

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