Breaking the 2 Year Blogging Curse – continued

 Blogging can either be a hobby for someone or a necessary thing that an individual would always need to have for his or her own career or current field. But either of the two can be the answer, one thing is always for sure and this is the idea that blogging is for everyone at anytime and anywhere it will be generated for a purpose. It also tells that whatever the reasons of the blogger are for generating such ideas of the blog, it will always be essential. This is the same reason why many people are looking at the chance to break the 2 year blogging curse.

The 2 year blogging curse

The 2 year blogging curse is perhaps a belief being thought of those people who are having blogs that caught few interests from people or any reason that made them think that their blog is under a curse.  Breaking the 2 year blogging curse pt 2 can help to effectively break the curse and over the result of the curse and these are through the following:

Turn into New Target Audiences

Changes can be done in the way you deliver your blogs. This can mean that don’t have to stick into the usual target audience of your blog. You take turns and look for new target audiences which you think will give you the chance to be on the top of the competition. In addition to this, you can be more inspired with the new blogs and audience in your niche. Writing with advanced topics will surely be the way to bring back the goodness in your niche.

Strategies to make the Blog

There are many ways on how you are going to make our blogs attract many audiences and this can be through advertising for your guest bloggers, reach out commentators about the making of the blog, do sharing of thoughts with your blog readers, and a lot more. These strategies will help you to get new things with your blogs and finally start a new blogging career.

Promote your Old Post

The idea to come up new and advanced topic for your website will also give you the chance to look forward on the success of generating audiences while being capable to attract them with your old posts.  This can be done through OPP (Old Post Promoter) which is effective an effective plugin to promote your old post while you are away or still working on your new blogs.

Anyone can believe on the curse but it will always depend upon the belief of the person. There is nothing wrong to believe in it yet, it’s a good thing to keep positive attitude towards breaking this. Breaking the 2 years blogging cruse was intended for people who believe that they are also having a hard time to make their generated blogs be on the top of the competition because of the cursed.  But either it is a curse or not, important question should be asked before concluding and it is the question that  will talk about the  way the topic was generated or how was the rule of blogging has been followed.