How to Break 2 Year Blogging Curse

Blogging activity has its vital role in people’s different aspects of life. As the technology became more advanced, blogging in different parts of the world became one of the most important things that people have ever engaged with. People usually come up with ideas and will make sure that this will be a WordPress blog that can lead them to a result which they are expecting as an outcome. However, this thing may quite be easy only during the part of topic ideas generation as when it comes to the process, there are some rules that always demands to be followed. As we know, most of the blogs are bound to doom with in 2 years.

Not all of posted WordPress blog out there can easily catch up the attention of online visitors and can be on the center of attention especially on their first year  of being posted on the website. In fact some of them didn’t make it again on its second year. This can already be a curse when the blog doesn’t get on the top during its first year and even exceeded the expected year. This kind of phenomenon made bloggers in the field of having a 2 year blogging curse. It may sound a bit weird, but yes bloggers in the field of having such kind of experience.

The idea of 2 year blogging curse may really be one of the ideas that somehow give the chance for many bloggers to have their blogs be good again upon the race. Once they were able to break the 2 years curse, the good flow of blogging will be back. But then, this is something that lead people only to a belief that would nothing really something that can be called as a curse. It is for the reason that predicting people’s wants for a topic of  blogging can be really hard to predict and not just all about the curse.

It will always depend upon the person if either he or she believes that the result of the blogging is because of the curse or not. Meaning, literally or not, the person does really have the right o think whether the result is an outcome of a curse. People have different beliefs especially about the outcome of their work and it is something that defines what really a blogging curse is. There are people who are afraid to end up being on the curse while there are some that are thinking that the curse doesn’t really exist and it is just always the result of lacking something during the time of doing the blogging.

In case you too believe that you are cursed with your blogs, it’s a good thing that there is this breaking the 2 year blogging which will give you the best way to break the curse. This will give you the idea of focusing on the part wherein you have first to get the attention of your readers through introducing yourself. It is for the purpose of letting your readers to have trust on the blog post that you are doing.