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videoblogAs a result of video sharing websites such as YouTube, the popularity of hosting videos on the internet has really gone right through the roof in recent years. More and more people online are preferring the idea of watching a short video in place of reading a great deal of text when it comes to visiting websites and business blogs.

So if you have a business blog or a blog that you are trying to earn money from, why not consider adding video blogs? Video blogging is a great way to share information with your visitors over video instead of text or any other medium. Video blogging is also known as vlogging or vblogging.

Video blogging is capable of conveying a great deal more information much more quickly as well as in a manner that is much more entertaining than simply reading text on a page. Research has been showing for some time now that people have a much easier time of absorbing and retaining information when there are both visual and audio components that are engaged, and this is the case when it comes to video blogs.

This is especially going to be true on the internet, because most people on the internet skim rather than reading through the entire post, and they may as a result end up missing some of the most important points that you are trying to sell. If you offer your visitors a short video of 2 to 3 minutes instead, and you highlight only the most important information, then this might be significantly more effective in getting a visitor to take the right action.

Video blogging is capable of providing feeling, emotion and a visual aspect that simple words are incapable of conveying. Consider this: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video blog is worth quite a bit more. People love entertainment, and video blogging can provide them with this level of entertainment. You can give them both entertainment and information at the same time, ensuring that they soak up the information you are trying to offer them.

If you are looking for a new way to share information on your blog while bringing more people to your blog in the process, then video blogging is an option that is well worth your consideration. Getting started in video blogging is easy and does not take a lot of skill or equipment, but it can have a very large impact on your blogging ability. You can mix up your blog with video blogging, text blogging and image blogging in order to keep the attention of readers from all over the world.

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#1 Video Transcription on 08.04.10 at 5:04 am

Yes, video blogging or vlogging is more effective than simple text. Videos speak a volume within a limited time frame, where as reading mere text is quite boring. Therefore, creating a video along with text in a blog attracts more visitors and ofcourse, more business.

#2 Gerald Martin on 02.02.12 at 11:25 pm

Video blogs are cool, ’cause they can give you not just the video as the content, but also the transcript of the video. If you’re familiar with SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Friday, most of their videos have transcriptions at the bottom of the embedded video. If you’re from one of those businesses that resell SEO services, you should look on how videos are effective when it comes to promoting your business.

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