Blogging – Steps in Starting a WordPress Blog

The skill you need in order to run or manage a blog is known as blogging. It includes social media marketing, search engine optimization, writing, editing, publishing, designing, maintaining the website design and more. If you want to be in blogging, it is very much necessary that you learn every skill needed. You should also be a good writer so that you will be able to create unique, quality and appealing content for your WordPress Blog.

In the aspect of blogging, you will surely say that it is quite confusing and difficult because of lots of tasks needed. You will surely get confused on how it can be started and how you will become successful with it. While browsing the web, bloggers can find varied “how-to guides” which will surely add confusions to them since some of these are really technical and difficult to follow. Below are easy steps that you can follow if you want to start blogging effectively.

Blogging – How to start a WordPress Blog

Step 1: Choose your WordPress Blog topic

Searching for a category, topic or niche is very much essential in starting a WordPress Blog. Always remember that the centre of blogging is focused on sharing knowledge to readers and to the world. You should a topic which you are passionate and interest you. You can also ask yourself about the topic you love, wish to share with others or care about. It can be about gaming, food, politics, cars, love, movies, business and other interesting topics that will catch the attention of the readers.

Step 2: Select the best blogging platform

Aside from the commonly used blogging platform WordPress, there are other platforms available where you can choose from – including Blogger, Tumblr and others. When you choose WordPress as your blogging platform, expect it to be offered for free, secure, easy to set up and comes with lots of free plugins and themes.

Step 3: Decide whether your blog will be WordPress Hosted or at a Web Hosting Company

Blogs have two types; free-hosted blogs or the blogs hosted on a hosting company. These two blogs are different when it comes to the blog address, customization, monetization, cost, storage and bandwidth. Free hosted are much recommended especially for the first time bloggers.

Step 4: Search for a  domain name and web hosting 

Web hosting will serve as the home of your blog content and address. Without the presence of web hosting, you cannot efficiently use the domain name. Domain name on the other hand, will serve as your personal blog address from which people will be able to find you all over again.

Step 5:  Start your WordPress blog

You can now begin writing and uploading contents for your blog. You can start with about us page, books page, start here page, events page, and more. The blog posts that you have written should be uploaded regularly so that when your readers drop to your blogging website, they can read different and fresh blog posts.