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spiceA web log is a collection of journal posts that follow a particular theme. These blogs are easily maintained, updated frequently, and do not require any real technical knowledge to run and maintain. A lot of blog owners work to distribute information on their favorite subject. However, many blogs are run for commercial interests, promoting businesses or ebooks, or making revenue off of advertisements. A lot of these blogs are increasing traffic, and their revenue, by utilizing article marketing.

Article marketing is the practice of submitting articles to a repository website, one that hosts a great many articles on a variety of topics. There are other avenues for articles as well, which enable content that you produce to reach a wide variety of people. The purpose of these articles is to direct traffic to your blog, through the promise of further information with in your blog posts. A blog is just like any other website, it needs traffic to survive in the long run. Article marketing will bring to your blog traffic that is geared towards your blogs theme. You will also build links to your site that do not require reciprocity, and will attract those experts who would not have made it to your blog otherwise.

So how does one begin with article marketing?

The first step is to create articles, without which, article marketing cannot succeed. Luckily, a blog provides a good deal of content to begin with. Posts that are at least 200 words can readily be used as articles, and you could find that you already have upwards of 50 articles already. If not, then you can take a couple posts and join them in order to come up with articles that hit the 200 word marks in size. Once a collection of articles has been built up, you should search out directories and niche article sites in which to submit the articles. Over the course of a year, you should have anywhere from 250 to 1000 articles submitted. This daunting task can be made simpler by hiring someone to maintain the blogs and produce articles. While this may seem like an expense, it will pay off in the end.

Your typical article writer is not nearly as internet savvy as the blogger. Bloggers know how to use advertising campaigns to generate revenue, programs such as pay per click. These bloggers know how to enrich articles with smartly chosen keywords, maximizing the traffic benefits to their blog. Once a large number of articles are in circulation, the traffic counter for your website will rise, slowly at first, but increasingly so. The effects will be slow at first, as article marketing is a slow process, but engaging in the strategy will take your blog off the map. Combine with smart ways to generate revenue from your site, such as advertising programs and marketed products, and you will profit from the practice. Article marketing is the easiest way to bolster traffic to your blog and get a strong name for yourself.

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#1 Avelina Marshal on 06.30.09 at 2:26 am

Yes many blogs are running on submitting articles in it people give reviews on it

#2 Clara James on 07.24.09 at 6:11 am


1 )Why writing articles is STILL one of the best ways to get more sales and increase your website traffic as compare to free/ paid submission ?

2) How to choose topics, keywords, and inspiration for your articles?

#3 Dubai Property Portal on 07.27.09 at 2:10 am

Article writing is the best way in marketing because through articles you are conveying knowledge with promotion pf your links.

#4 Dubai Property Portal on 07.28.09 at 1:40 am

@ Clara James

Article writing is an art. You may think of titles by brainstorming. You may come with a spectacular title if you have good knowledge about the area on which you are thinking.

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