Blogging – You Might be Doing It Wrong

Blogging is not a form of a rocket science, and may be easier to do than you think. Blogging is not that difficult to do, as some people think. But it does need a lot of repetitions of curating, basic stuff-brainstorming and writing things. If you are not able to get the basics, the chance of your blog in becoming successful is going to be close to zero. There can be times when you will be able to get successful posts, but it does not mean that it is going to happen always.

 Blogging – How You Might be Doing It Wrong

  • Blog Content 

So many times people are blogging in a wrong manner, wherein they come up with unpopular content ideas. Bloggers can only be successful, if they are generating relevant, informative, fresh web content /Blog Posts.

  • In Terms Of Categories

One of the mistake bloggers do is: not categorizing their blogs as well as not breaking their blog posts down into several relevant useful categories. You should always remember that categories are very important for your readers, to break your posts down by each topic in order for them to read more number of blog posts on a subject.

  • Proper use of Tags?

So many bloggers forget the importance of tags because of the fact that they are not intuitive in writing basic posts. But if you are going to leave tags out, it would only make the readers have a difficult time in scrolling on the blog feeds and read items that you have written on your site.

  • Proper use of Links

Another mistake bloggers do is that, they are not making proper use of links. Bloggers must create links to Authority Sites, for the Keywords they are using. At the same time backlinks creation is very important. The best thing to do in this situation is, to read the blogs of others and complement their posts. Blog Post as a guest at other blogs for related topics can create useful backlinks and more traffic.

  • Leaving Comments

Most of the time, new bloggers are disabling comments because of the fact that they get tons of spam comments. Plugins like Akismet can be used to filter out spam comments. But getting proper comments, can be extremely beneficial. Turning off commenting can drop the incoming blog traffic. Visitors should be allowed to comment on your blog, at the same time you should find relevant niche blogs and comment on those.

  • In Terms Of Images

Most of bloggers are providing a lot of videos and photos than contents inside their blog posts, which is a wrong thing. Providing moderate images in your blog is a good thing, and can be very helpful to catch the attention of the readers – but you should still keep in mind, that your content is still the thing that matters to them the most. Over doing videos or images can be harmful for a blog.