WordPress Blog Visitor Retention

Every website that you see in the internet always wants to gain more traffics and wants to increase the visitors that they have. However, having a lot of visitors does not necessarily mean, that there would be an increase in revenue. A great analogy of this situation can be seen in a shopping scenario. A particular store can have a lot of visitors but not all of them are actually going to buy something that merely depends on the things that the shop has to provide and to offer to the potential buyers. Usually, a visitor is going to visit a store for several times before he/she actually purchase something. Therefore, if you want your website gain a lot of repetitive blog visitor, you can make use of the following helpful tips.

A few Helpful steps for WordPress Blog Visitor Retention

  • Make Your Website User Friendly for Blog Visitor

Always make sure that you are able to include your phone number as well as your email address visible all the time on your site. This way, it would bring a human element on your WordPress Blog and it will indicate that you are a living entity and not just a virtual personality that can find online. When you provide your phone number, it is going to make the number of your visitors increase on a daily basis. You can transform yourself into a person that is real in a world that is digital.

Aside from providing your contact information, you should also offer a visual message that aims to convey a message. Images can speak a lot of words than the actual word and that’s why you should show your visitors the things that you have produce trough photographs.

  • Impress Your blog Visitor with an Approach That Is Professional

The most important thing that you should notice all the time is to make your content free form errors such as grammatical errors, spelling errors, typos and imperfect phraseology. When you leave a single silly mistake on your content, it will make and leave a bad impression to your visitors. In addition, you should also keep your website always up to date. The website that you have should be able to reflect the fact that you are keeping things in a current situation. A site that has not been updated for several years is going to appear dated and already out of touch.

  • Make Use of Statistical Tools

The web hosting will provide you detailed information in terms of how many visitors that you were able to get, what are the most popular pages that you have and so on. Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer are going to help you track all the activities that happens in your website in order for you to easily identify the features that are working very well as well as those that put off the readers that you have. Aside from that, more statistic tools can help you in having in-depth view of your visitors.