WordPress Plugins to Get More Readers

WordPress Plugins are essential for bloggers to make their work easier. Using them is a smart and fast way of getting more readers. As thousands of WordPress Plugins are all available for free, there is no reason – why bloggers would not use them. WordPress Plugins make many things possible for the bloggers, and that is why thy love using them.

WordPress Plugins Essential to Get More Visitors

  • Digg Digg

This plugin allows the bloggers to customize the position where they want, to place the social share buttons like – Twitter, Buffer, Facebook, Google+. This plugin provides the bloggers full control, so that the can display social sharing buttons as feel proper on their wordpress blog.

  • Anti-Spam

This is definitely needed by the bloggers for just like what its name states, it prevents and stops spam comments. Moreover, it does not use captcha nor does it ask questions to your reader that would annoy them in any way. Thus, they could leave their comments without getting annoyed.

  • WP Optimize

This WordPress plugins was created to optimize the database of the WordPress blog and prevent the build-up of extra undesired data. This also gets rid of the revisions of the old posts. It cleans all the comments you have not approved, as well as the other things thrown in the trash. This improves systems performance, resulting to your blog running faster.

  • Vaultpress

Having WordPress Backup is very important, even if you have availed of hosting services from provider who runs backup daily. Bloggers should always be prepared about unfortunate situations such as losing their important data or accidentally messing it up. This Plugin performs WordPress Backup and Security scans.

  • Gravity Forms

This allows the bloggers to create forms. What is great about this WordPress plugin, that it has a simple drag-and-drop interface, which makes the creation of forms much easier.

  • Hello Bar

This orange bar welcomes the visitors of the blog. In addition, it is also a great WordPress plugin for collecting e-mail addresses.

  • Frizzly

This is a great plug-in for social sharing especially for images. This places a share button over images that when a reader hovers, they would be encouraged to share it on their social media accounts.

  • Comment Redirect

The plugin allows the blogger to introduce himself/herself and welcome the new reader when they leave their first comment in it. Moreover, it allows them to do it automatically.

  • Commentluv

This is capable of encouraging more comments on the blog by providing rewards to those who have left their comment. The reward is providing a link back to the visitor’s blog or even providing them with the extra links depending on the number of comments they have left there. Thus, this encourages people to comment as many as they can to get more rewards from it.

  • Disqus comments

Disqus comments allows bloggers to manage the comments on their blogs neatly. The whole process could also be done fast so that there would not be any time wasted.

Each one of these plug-ins has their own purposes such as garnering more readers. Some can be used for free while some could be used upon purchase. These were created to be of help to bloggers as well as to their readers.