Blog Plug-Ins to Get More Readers

pluginWordPress specifically has a number of plug-ins for blogging that will allow you to attract more readers to your blog. Some of the best blog plug-ins for increasing traffic to come in three main categories:

  • Social networking and bookmarking
  • Posting across many different platforms
  • RSS feed helpers

BTE Related Websites: For WordPress users the best way to get traffic is to use the plugin that I developed called Related Websites. The more bloggers that use this plugin, the stronger the whole system is. To get your links to show up on relevant posts, you must join and become a full member. This quality control is completely humanized so that the system is never compromised. You get strong related links for your site and in addition are linked to from other sites. What are you waiting for?

RSS Feeds: Lots of people prefer to read blogs in feeds rather than having to visit several different blog sites per day. This doesn’t actually get them coming through as traffic, but they read the post and will follow links and other such information. If you don’t have your blog available as a feed, then you’re missing out on those readers who prefer feeds over surfing to your blog regularly.

Some of the more popular WordPress plug-ins for RSS feeds do different things. Some are designed to allow you to add a copyright to your posts like ©Feed, which also “fingerprints” your feed so you can search for plagiarists who are duplicating your content. Feed Footer lets you copyright as well, and also lets you add advertising in the footer of your feeds.

The type of plug-in that lets you use ads is great for those into monetizing their blogs and can help offset the loss of clicks or advertiser revenue by adding it to the feed. Feedvertiser lets you place ads in your feed, as well. Feed Control lets you exclude certain posts from the feed, while Better Feed lets you ad the © notice, a link and a “read more” link to lead people to your blog.

Feedstats lets you see the stats on your feeds, and SlashComment adds a little note to the end of the feeds about the number of comments on the post.

Social Bookmarking: For social bookmarking and networking within your blog, the one of the best plug-ins is called Share This. Unlike many other plug-ins that will let you social bookmark at Digg, Reddit or, Share This create a drop-down box where the reader can choose from about 14 of the most popular Social Bookmarking sites online. The Social plug-in, however, has the record for offering 61 social bookmarking links to your reader.

The RSS Flashfeeder to MySpace combines the RSS feed help with social networking, by letting you send the last two posts of your feed directly to your MySpace page.

Crossposting: These plug-ins let you make a post in your WordPress blog and recreate in your other blogs without having to copy and paste. One plug-in, Dj-Email-Publish, sends your new post by email to many or your other blogs, like those on MSN.

For those with blogs at popular sites LiveJournal, Vox and Xanga, each has a separate crossover plug-in that allows the content in your WordPress blog to be automatically cross-posted to that other blog. Live Space Sync lets you send your content to all the contacts you have in Microsoft Live.

Getting the word out about your new post is made much easier by using these handy blog plug-ins.

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#1 Bill Vlasak on 08.24.09 at 10:30 am

I use most of these plu-ins in my blog except cross-posting.Excerpts show up on Blog catalog and MyBlogLog and Twitter and several others using a similar plug-in.
I find BTE Related Websites an excellent addition but would prefer the links to open a new tab or window rather than lose the reader.I also have RSS feeds outbound and inbound that have the same annoyance.
I also added a fairly decent translator service that translates any blog page in it’s entirety and stores it in my database for quick retrieval for other readers of the same language.My stats are international viewers, most of whom seem to be newbies that do not yet have themselves registered with any service that would make them show up as a recent visitor in any of my 3 related widgets.
As we know, there are several hundred widgets available for Word Press in particular and some are terrific while others cause compatibility issues.Naturally ,the primary purpose of any blog is to attract and retain visitors and have them coming back again and again.Other distractions,including ads,are somewhat necessary for monetization but if content is of high quality then readers will sign up as members and hopefully request follow-up e-mails for future articles and comments,via plug-ins also.From there a well setup auto responder can do it’s magic for further follow up options and/or monetization.

#2 Jerry Girl on 09.13.09 at 8:11 pm

I love Keywordluv, I use it on my main blog just to get a lot of interaction. I don’t mind giving them a link as long as the comment is not spammy. Heck I even use the do-follow plugin as well.

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